On Inflation II

On Inflation II

A) How does it affect us?

Let me explain. If a person is earning P10,000.00 per month, his/her income has devalued by 6.4% because of inflation. Devaluation means the reduction of value of a currency. In lay man’s term, we lost (nalugi) by 6.4% or P640.00 pesos per month.

Is it bad? Of course, yes. That P640 means fare money, fuel money or rice money for ordinary citizen.

But look at the chart of the Regional Minimum Wage History. In 2017 the Minimum Wage was P340/ day. And as of this month, it rose to P370/day. That means, a P30/day increase in payroll is equivalent to an 8.8% increase of people’s income. So if we think about it, did we really lose? No. Even if the prices increased due to inflation, we still gained because our wages rose by 8.8% . So the notion and comments that say, the Filipinos are getting poorer because of inflation is not accurate. Because that has been answered by the increase in Salary. If we lost P640 per month because of Inflation. It has been compensated with a P900 peso (rounded off), increase per month now. Numbers don’t lie. So that’s kinda difficult to refute.

Plus of course, let us not forget the Train Law. Our employees earning P250,000.00 below per year has zero tax payable now compared to the 10% Withholding Tax in the past. Is that not savings for ordinary employees? I rest my case.

So If you are poor now, chances are, the reason isn’t inflation. It must be you not working or not budgeting well. Living above your means is worst than inflation, you know. 😊

B) Central Bank of the Philippines:

True, it is the job of our Central Bank to manage our currency. But let me correct those who blame them for not doing their job.

Why? Because the Foreign Exchange (FOREX) market is worth $5 Trillion Dollars per day. These are all the currencies in the world, trading, PER DAY. And you know how much is the Annual Gross Domestic Product of the Philippines? Record shows $313.6 Billion Dollars as of 2017.

Our GDP  rose by 2.8% in 2017 compared to the 2016 record. This is a good economic indicator but not enough to fight the US Dollar.  Philippine GDP is by Billion Dollars. 


US GDP rose by 4.1% , comparing the numbers between 2016 and 2017. Record is by Trillion Dollars.

What is the importance about that? Let me elaborate. All currencies in the world are pegged against the US Dollar. Looking at the chart, US GDP rose to $19390.6 Trillion Dollars in 2017 compared to $18624.48 Trillion Dollars in 2016. This means that from a slump in 2016, it recovered a little bit on 2017. These numbers show that investors have been buying the US Dollars more than the other currencies in the world.
The other side of the coin is = selling of the other currencies. You know, when investors buy US Dollars, they SELL their Peso, Yen, Deutschemark, British Pound, etc.

For example, you want to go to the US. And you need US Dollars, you bring your peso to Aldevinco and exchange it. In effect, the tourism industry in the US gained from your travel. And you just sold your Philippine Peso to buy the dollar. That is trading locally.

Forex is a trillion times larger.

And when speculators all over the world buy the dollar, the US currency gets stronger. And THERE IS NOTHING OUR CENTRAL BANK CAN DO about that. You just allow the Peso to fall or depreciate. Because even if CBP wants to defend the Philippine Peso in the Forex Market, they cannot. The Central Bank of the Philippines cannot afford it. That’s how George Soros broke the Bank of England. He hedged against their currency. The Bank of England defended their money but eventually gave up. This transaction made George Soros the best currency speculator in the world back in the 90’s era.

So think about this, what can a $300 billion dollar economy (our economy) do to a $5 Trillion Dollar per day industry? None. We will go bankrupt if we even try. Do you get my point?

For proper perspective, let me point out this comparison. According to Forbes, the Richest Man in the World is Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon. He is worth $112 Billion Dollars as of 2017.

He is 1/3 of the Philippines net worth. Has that figure sunk in yet? Yes you are right my friends. That just showed how poor the Philippines is.

And Jeff Bezos is just one man. In the trading world, think of George Soros and the other big time traders. The peso does not have a chance against those who prefer to buy the US dollars. None at all.

So yes, when you blame the Philippine Central Bank for the peso devaluation, it just shows how little you know. There are always 2 sides in every story. And this is the other side of it.

Why A Cheaper Peso Is Okay.

Record shows that as of 2017, the largest chunk of the Philippine Income came from the Export Industry. What does this mean for our exporters?

Example: Past Year – P51/ 1 USD
Now – P53 / 1USD
If our exporter delivers worth 1 Million Dollars of goods, the equivalent now is higher than before. Right? If it used to be P51,000,000.00 pesos, now our exporters are receiving P53,000,000.00 pesos. That’s a huge rise of our exporters and their employees’ income. Tell me, is it good or bad? And that’s how the export industry became the largest source of income in our country last year. Next to that is the BPO industry which is also a dollar earner. And like I mentioned in my previous article, our OFW’s is a big part of our income too. I’m sure they are happy with the exchange rate these days.

If your complain is that you are dependent on imported goods, then you are out of luck. Because buying the US dollar is so expensive now against your Peso. The lesson here is, refrain from buying imported goods or traveling abroad if you cannot afford it. Bottom line really is how much can you and can you not afford. If you are complaining, that means you can’t. Afford anything imported, that is.

Or if you have dollar loans, then save and pay it now! Refrain from buying crap you don’t really need. And concentrate of paying your dollar bills. That is simple economics.


There is an upward trend on the Philippine Peso. Meaning, it will continue to devaluate. Initial target is P54/per 1 dollar. Then off to P55/per 1 dollar.

This is bad for our importers and those who buy imported goods. Or to those who love to travel abroad. But like I said, don’t spend if you can’t afford it.

So why does a Cheaper Peso Okay? Consider this:

A cheaper peso means more dollar value for our Foreign Investors. Now is the time to think of investing in the Philippines because the US dollar will go a long way here. Labor is cheap. Raw materials are cheaper than most. Most Filipinos speak good English. And most importantly, the peso is very cheap now. So it is attractive to foreign investors.

If we focus on this rather than dwell on the negative, we can entice everyone to come to our country and invest. That way, our 95.3% employment rate will go higher.

More jobs for the Filipinos mean lower Poverty Rate.

Pero kung tamad ka, aw wa na jud ko mahimo ana. 🤣 Peace. ♥️

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On Inflation

On Inflation:

Inflation in lay man’s term means there’s too much money in circulation. Thereby affecting the people’s spending and the cost of goods. Let me elaborate, when people have money, people tend to spend. And when people spend, the prices go up because there is demand. This is the normal reason of inflation.

Sometimes, it is caused by stimulation done by the government. The government recently gave the people Tax Break, in effect of the TRAIN Law. What we saved in taxes prompted a rise in our income.

Also the Employment Rate in the Philippines rose up to as high as 95.3% . Which is by far the highest in at least 10 years. So yes, the BUILD, BUILD, BUILD program of the President is giving Filipinos more job. Another thing, the BPO Industry in our country has increased a lot of employees’ earnings, it being the highest source of Philippine income in the last 2 years. Not to mention our dollar earners by way of our Overseas Foreign Workers. So yes, there’s too much money in circulation these days.

That’s why our Real Estate Industry is at an all time high. Developers are constructing left and right. And they are selling like hot cakes. Also, our bank loan rates are very low.

Both if you ask me, are very good indicators of a robust economy.

BPI is offering a 4.75% interest on Loan Rates now. Compared to most banks 6 – 12% per annum interest in the past years. Lower Rates mean that our banks have a lot of money to spare.

So should we worry about the rise in inflation this year?

Well, take a look at the Chart. Between 1980 and 1992, the highest inflation rate was 60%. The lowest was 20%. History will tell us why. If you’re not busy, google will explain when you do your own research. 🙂 I will tell you though, this was when President Marcos was ousted. And during the reign of President Corazon Aquino. Enough said.

Since then our inflation rate has declined. Except during President Arroyo’s time when inflation rose to 11.4% . Fundamentals will explain this rise. Just check what happened back then.

Yes, a 6% inflation rate is high. But compared to 60, 20% and 11%, we have a far better rate now than before.

With the stimulation done by the government, coupled with growth in our country’s investments, I believe that our inflation rate is within normal range. For our country, that is.

I would like to say though, the Philippines is far from being rich. Our GDP per capita (income of each citizen) is less than $3,000 per year as per record. But the chart will show you a steady growth since 2016. That is something. At least now, we are seeing where our monies are going.

To all the investors out there, this means that there is a lot of room for growth in my country. So come here and make money with us. 🙂

Good morning everyone!

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Highway 906 and 907 (Mati to Nabunturan Route)

To those who are wondering about Mati – Nabunturan Route, this blog is for you.

Work brought us to Mati, Davao Oriental sometime in March this year.  And from there, we had to proceed to Nabunturan, Compostela Valley for another meeting the next day.  If one had to do such in the past, that would mean going back to Tagum City via Surigao-Davao Coastal Road.  But not anymore. In the recent years, the government opened up a new mountain road connecting both Provinces via Maragusan.

The GPS showed 2 hours travel time. Which made us think that the road must be good. 🙂 I surmised that with the distance and if the road is bad, it would take us at least half day to traverse this route. If possible at all. Now, google wouldn’t lie right? ha ha

Okay, the road was mostly concrete. Out of the 100 or so kilometers,  only 4 kms. of it were in bad shape. The rest was a breezy drive.  Really.

Check the pictures below.

The church was full when we passed by this area.  And then we found this Happy Fiesta sign as we went along. 🙂

Curvy roads, look pretty right?

Okay, so this is one of those bad portions I mentioned above. But you can see that it is being done. Good news, right?

Moving on, I got amazed when I realized that the people below were there to clean up the highway. 

We reached a busy town.  And yes, we found the rain. Or should I say, the rain found us. 🙂

More road works. 

When you go up the mountain on a bad road. Scary, yes. But manageable. 

I love its color. That’s solid mountain rock. 

Don’t worry. This is part of the 4 kilometer unpaved road I mentioned. I’m sure it’s okay when it’s not raining. But with our luck, of course it had to rain during our trip. 🙂

As first timers in the area, we wondered how bad it will go as we continued on.  We’re not just gonna quit and go back. We wanted a shorter route, after all. Plus it’s an adventure.

Yep, this is a high mountain road.  About 900 meters high to be exact. Dangerous if you’re not careful. I am happy to share though that the hubby is a pretty good driver. Thank God.


The picture above shows where we came from.

And the one below is what’s in front of us.

The mountains looked beautiful despite the rain. And the fog made them look ethereal.

At 900 meters above sea level, the temperature was 19’c.

See what I mean? Ethereal….

I love the mountain colors here.  Never mind the small and unpaved road. Like I said, this is still part of the 4 kilometer bad portion. Meaning, there are several portions that are still being done or being repaired. But they total to 4kms only. Not bad considering the view.  And the time you save going this way.

Okay this is when I saw the Highway 906 sign.

The sign below says: Boundary of Montevista, Compostela, New Bataan and Maragusan.

Our Department of Tourism should promote this area and put up a Four Corners Monument, just like in America. Referring to the boundaries of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. 

The four corners above, can be like the one where I am standing at.  Sorry I am so late in my blogging posts that I still have not written about this portion of our US Road Trip. But thanks to John for this memory.

See D.O.T. , people will come if you develop and promote the place. Maragusan and Compostela are two of the most beautiful places in Mindanao that I’ve been to. The hot springs and cold springs alone are more than enough reason to visit them.  I’m sure Montevista and New Bataan have their share of beautiful places as well.

Moving on, we found a passenger van finally near Maragusan. 🙂

Maragusan.  Their LGU should put up a big and colorful signage, to welcome the tourists in the area.

Not this dirty, old thingy in the middle of the road.

Hey guys, this signage does not speak for Maragusan. Believe me, the place is so beautiful with its lush and verdant forests and mountains.

After Maragusan, we turned right and headed towards Nabunturan, Compostela Valley. This is where I saw the Highway 907 sign.

Yep, it rained on us the whole time. But the mountains covered with fog looked amazing. I wouldn’t miss that for the world.

Another short portion of unpaved road below.  (Still part of the 4 kilometer I mentioned above).

We noticed this river beside the road on our way to Nabunturan proper.  


And this rustic bridge. Beautiful right? I would have wanted to stay longer but the rain just won’t stop. Hopefully I get to go back one day without the rain. So I can see more of its panoramic vista.

As we continued with the trip, the fog display wasn’t over yet. 🙂

And here I saw the Metro Bus. I think this came from Davao City. On the way to Maragusan. 🙂

Very pretty mountain side.

The sky was dark that day. But even so, it couldn’t hide the beauty of the place. Imagine how pretty this is when the sun is shining brightly and with blue skies?


Okay, so we’re back to another crowded town in the Philippines.

Welcome to Nabunturan.

It felt like the trip was longer than 2 hours , with all the pictures I took. But it wasn’t. Google was actually right. 🙂

So, was it worth it?  To us, it was. Now we know that it can be done. And it was safe too. Plus with the beautiful landscape and scenery, we’ll do the trip again given the chance.

To give you a better perspective of where we were, check the google map below:

Thanks for traveling with us everyone!

If you try this route, make sure that you do this during day time. I am sure it will be pretty dark at nights because I did not see light posts in some areas. Plus of course, since you’re in the mountains , there won’t be much help if you have an emergency. So be an intelligent traveler.  Be careful and have fun! 🙂

And please, please , please … don’t throw your garbage on the road. That’s just not right.




Lea C. Walker




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Limketkai Luxe Hotel (Cagayan De Oro City)

The hubby and I have been traveling the past weeks for work. And one of the hotels we stayed at was Limketkai Luxe Hotel in Cagayan De Oro City.

Our first visit was sometime in February. We stayed in their King Room then.

The King Room.

Another business trip brought us to this hotel again earlier this month. Both times, I have been so impressed with their staff.  They were very helpful and accommodating. Check in was always fast and easy too. The rooms we’ve tried so far have been spacious, clean and very nice.

The Suite Room was our home away from home, this time. It came with its own small living room. We did not need this kind of space since it was just the two of us. But well, they were fully booked. And only had vacant suite rooms. After a hard day’s work, we thought that we deserved the break.

Right, nice excuse, I know. ha ha


Dining at the hotel’s restaurant,  Ka-ve , is always a treat.  Since we always arrived late, the hubby and I just opt to eat there for dinner. While waiting, the staff served us with bread, butter and cold water. The waiting time for our main course was about 10 minutes. And so far, it exceeded our expectations. The food is simply delicious.



Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin. 🙂

Our booking came with free breakfast. The buffet  consisted of bread, pancake, eggs which are prepared to your liking, main course composed of mostly Filipino food, bacon, ham, cereal, juices and of course rice – both fried / garlic and steamed. Their brewed coffee is good. I had to mention that because there are only 2 restaurants so far that we have been to that serve really good brewed coffee. One at the Almont Inland Resort Hotel in Butuan City and the Limketkai Luxe Hotel. If you’ve been reading my blog, you would know that we’ve stayed in a lot of hotels here in the Philippines. So that says a lot. Also, you can ask for a yummy hot choco from the servers. Several times if you want. And that’s included in your free breakfast. 🙂 I told you, dining with them is a treat.

The Pastry Bar.

The Executive Lounge.  For those staying in the Suite Rooms, there is an Executive Lounge where you can relax , have coffee or snacks while enjoying the view of the Macajalar Bay.

The view from the Executive Lounge. Sunrise is beautiful here. 🙂

Our room at the 21st floor came with a beautiful view. The Executive Lounge is on the same floor too.

Sunset view as seen from our room.

Would I come back to this hotel? Oh yes! I actually, look forward to going back there.  We’ve passed by Cagayan de Oro several times during our previous road trips. And the last two months have always been about work. So we never really got to enjoy CDO that much yet.

So if and when , we will travel back to CDO, our first choice of hotel is gonna be The Limketkai Luxe Hotel.

The Lobby.

What’s not to like? After all, the location is right smack in the City. It is surrounded by malls – Limketkai Mall is connected to the hotel building. Robinsons and Ayala Malls, I saw from our room. Then there’s SM Mall nearby too.

To those with vehicles, they have a 3 storey guarded parking building across the street. So it is very convenient. After parking, just walk towards the hotel using their overpass. It connects to the second floor of the hotel. So you do not need to cross the busy street below.

Like I said, the food is great. And the rooms, well taken care of and comfortable. So no, for now I have no reason to complain about.

For more details of this hotel, please visit their website here –


To clarify, this is not a paid advertisement. 🙂 I don’t accept payments in this blog. That’s to ensure that what I say is based on our experiences. And nothing else.

Thank you for reading my blog again!



Lea C. Walker





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Mindanao – Highway 955

Highway 955  came as a surprise to us. I never even knew that it existed, if not for our GPS.

The hubby plotted a route to Cagayan De Oro City,  after my meeting in Gingoog  last month. Google showed a shorter route compared to that of AH (Asian Highway) 26 . And so we took it, not knowing that we will be traversing on a mountain road all the way to CDO.

Gory picture reminding motorists to travel with their helmets on. Photo was taken at the Boundary of Gingoog , coming from Butuan. 


Gingoog City Proper.


Leaving the City of Gingoog, we followed their Diversion Road.

Diversion Road View.

The weather couldn’t decide that day. It was hot in the morning. And rained in the late afternoon. Hence, the thick fog in the picture.

Mt. Balatukan. from a distance.

A few minutes later, we reached a military checkpoint so we stopped. One of the soldiers asked us where we were going. So I replied. And asked him back, if it is safe to go this way. Which he quickly quipped, yes. Very safe.

With that in mind, we continued with our trip.

And then we started ascending, in a zig-zag manner. Like the “intestine road” in Buda.

At 900 meters above sea level, we could see the tip of one of the foggy mountains.

I remember the hubby asking, when will we reach the top?

The place was very beautiful. But since it was my first time in the area, I had some apprehensions.

Well the news make it sound like Mindanao is a war zone.  So I guess, it’s normal to have some paranoid thoughts about safety.

When I saw several people walking beside the road, I realized that it might be okay. They wouldn’t be walking there if it isn’t,  right? 🙂

The fog got thicker as we arrived on top.

Now, we’re sharing the road with a motorcycle rider. 🙂  If we were on AH 26 (the National Highway), buses and trucks ply that route among others. So yeah, the word “crowded” is an understatement.

At least this way, there’s no traffic. Plus with that view infront of us, this has just become our favorite route.

Despite the remoteness, we saw some houses or nipa huts along the way. There were children coming back from school I believe.

Beautiful , isn’t it?

From what I saw, the main transportation mode in the area are motorcycles. So if you have none,  then you will have to walk for miles.

Honestly, this is one of our prettiest drives. It still amazes me how beautiful the valleys and the mountains are. Plus, it is so clean.

I prefer being with nature, than going to the malls. So this drive,  is an extra treat to me.

Oh another car on the road. 🙂 This vehicle made me smile actually.  It’s like, finally! Another traveler on the road, that’s not a local. ha ha

I am so used to empty highways  in America when we are road tripping. The hubby and I have an inside joke about serial killer committing suicide because of boredom. He’s out of luck if he’s waiting for a victim. lol

But not in the Philippines.

With a concrete highway and the panoramic views,  this should be crowded too. Not to mention the time saved using this route.. There is a difference of an hour compared to here and AH 26.  So it’s a no brainer, really. So I don’t know why only a few,  uses this road.

The questions that came to mind were – are we brave? Or are we stupid for following the GPS? ha ha

My opinion – a little of both maybe? ha ha

The hubby said it’s an adventure. 🙂


The Municipal Hall in Claveria, Misamis Oriental.

We left Gingoog City past 4:00 in the afternoon.

We were hoping to be in Cagayan De Oro before dark. But with the sunset in the horizon, we realized that it will get dark on us while we are on the road.

The sky got dark again. And the fog got thicker over the mountains.

As we continued with our trip, the sky turned more pink.

Dusk is stunning in this part of Mindanao.  Being on top, I felt like the sky was so near.

The view below is that of Macalajar Bay as we started our descent from Claveria  to the town of Villanueva, Misamis Oriental.

We arrived Cagayan De Oro City almost around 7:00 in the evening already, due to traffic.

Yes, we are back in the city , where traffic and road congestion is the norm. 🙂

And the temperature? 30′ celsius.  It was 10’c lower while we were up the mountains.

At 1,100 meters above sea level , the temperature was only 20’c . 

Our final destination for the night is The Limketkai Luxe Hotel. But I will blog about that next time.

For now, the hubby and I will just chill and have dinner in their restaurant before retiring to our room. It has been a very long and tiring day. But I thank God for the safe travels and successful business trip. Thank you Lord.

Now , it is time to enjoy my watermelon daiquiri. 🙂

See you next time guys! Ciao for now. 🙂




Lea C. Walker










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Petrified Forest National Park

No , I am not in the US to date. I am just so delayed in my update on this blog. Sorry.  We visited Petrified Forest National Park in the Spring of 2016. This may have happened two years ago, but the memories seem so real still. The place is awesome. And history is a very good teacher that all of us can learn from. That does not get old. So here’s my story which I think is better late than never. 🙂

Coming from Meteor Crater ,  Petrified Forest National Park is about an hour’s drive only. It is more or less 77 miles via I-40 and Highway 180.

We entered through the Painted Desert Visitor Center, where we got our map and guide to the park. We also bought some food at their restaurant prior to proceeding  with the trip.

Oh before I move on, I would like to thank our very helpful park rangers there.  Nice people! Thank you.

The photo below will explain why it is called Painted Desert.  (Click to enlarge).

An expeditioner ,  Francisco Vasquez De Coronado, passed through this area while looking for gold in 1540 and named this place, El Desierto Pintado  which in english means,  The Painted Desert. 

These badlands can be seen from the East End portion of the Grand Canyon National Park all the way to the South East end of The Petrified Forest National Park. The colors vary depending on the season. But it changes from Orange, red and brown during summer time to Purple, Blue and Gray during the rainy season. Amazing right? We went there during Spring and this is how it looked like. So pretty….  🙂

The Painted Desert Inn is where the travelers spent the night way back in the 1900’s.

The inn overlooked the Painted Desert.  So we decided to have our lunch right infront of this beautiful place. Look at that colored vast expanse of land infront of us. Amazing right!


A portion of the famous US Route 66 can be seen from this National Park.

And of course, a souvenir had to be taken! 🙂 Thank you to the kind hearted tourist who offered to take our picture here.

Behind us is Interstate 40. But there is no access to or from there going to the park. You need to proceed to Highway 180 as mentioned above.


Next stop is the Village on the Rio Puerco. 

The Puebloan inhabited this area between A.D. 1250 to 1380.  

I found this place so amazing because of the petroglyphs carved on the rocks. Imagine the history and the story of those that drew their lives on said rocks. 




A tectonic movement lifted the earth’s crust about 225 million years ago,  which this plateau was a part of.  The lower layer of this formation is made of silt , sand and clay that has fossilized over time. The upper layer came from ash and lava of volcanoes that erupted nearby.

The frames at the site.

My actual pictures. So gorgeous right? I just love their colorful combination.

From the Blue Mesa, we proceeded to the Rainbow Forest Museum. Here, you will find the Petrified Trees. And other fossils that left me in awe.

The simplest explanation I found online for a Petrified Wood is this:

Petrified wood is a fossil. It forms when plant material is buried by sediment and protected from decay due to oxygen and organisms. Then, groundwater rich in dissolved solids flows through the sediment, replacing the original plant material with silica, calcite, pyrite, or another inorganic material such as opal.

Below is a photo of me sitting in a petrified wood.

Look at those colors. Stunning is an understatement….

Jewelries made of petrified wood are sold in some places. The park museum has them too but they bought from private suppliers. Please note that taking petrified wood , no matter how small, from the park is illegal. So the saying ” take only pictures and leave everything behind” applies here.

The other fossils I am referring to are these:


Dinosaurs:  That grew about 1.6 meters long. The first fossils were found in Texas. But same dinosaurs were common in Arizona, specially at the Petrified Forest area back then. These bones were found in Petrified Forest.

Placerias Hesternus:


My reflections on these beautiful plants. They thrive in a harsh environment. Consider how hot it is during summer time. And how cold it is during winter time. And yet, they come back year after year.  They maybe so tiny compared to men, but they are sturdy and persistent. They come back looking beautiful. Always. That is God’s grace. And how nature works.

Ha ha… The “kikay” in me.  🙂

Dear friends, if you haven’t been here or you are nearby, include this park in your journey. Specially if you have children. The thought of dinosaurs roaming in the area millions of years ago will surely excite them.

I wish I can bring my nephews here someday. One of them loves Dinosaurs and the science that comes with it. So I just brought Marco , my nephew, a tshirt from the park. I know it does not compare. But it will have to do for now.

All in God’s time….

Once again, I would like to thank you for reading my blog. And thank you for traveling with me!





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El Savores Davao

We found this two storey restaurant by accident when we were passing by Surveyor St. in Dona Vicenta , coming from our office.

Since it was already late, the hubby and I decided to stop for lunch. We did not know what to expect. But it was something new, so we thought, “why not”?

Glad that we did.

Because I found so far, the best chicken adobo I ever tasted, from this restaurant. There were so many choices. But I chose the adobo since I was already very hungry. And you know, I don’t like experimenting when my stomach is grumbling and I’m about to have a headache due to hunger. One can never go wrong with chicken adobo right?! 🙂

Do you see the thickness of the sauce in the picture?  The richness of the taste and flavor is as good as what the photo implies.

That’s why I was so disappointed when I came back home , thinking I’ll have the same for dinner and found out that the sauce was gone. hu hu… Whoever packed my left over did not include the sauce. I don’t know why.  But even without it, the chicken meat and bones, were so delicious, I ate more than I am supposed to. So if you are dieting, I guess this is bad news for you.

The tagline “sarap to the bones” aptly fits El Savores Davao’s Spicy Chicken Adobo.

Best adobo I’ve ever tasted. 🙂


Another favorite was their Beef , Bacon and Mushroom Pasta.  John was so happy about it, he texted a friend about his new found place and said – their pasta is not filled with sugar! ha ha

One order is more than enough to fill you up. The plate was big and filled with tasty goodness , making you think of coming back , to try the other dishes next time.

For Dessert, he ordered “Mingkie’s Dream Cheesecake“. Sorry I forgot to take a picture. I guess you just have to go there and try it yourselves. 🙂 If you like chocolate and cheese, then you will agree with me when I say, it is bad for those who have diabetes. Seriously. It will only make you sad knowing that you are not allowed to eat more of it.

It is so good that you will be wanting for more. I tasted a little. Wanted more. But I had to discipline myself this time.

Why? Because I ordered their chocolate milkshake.  I know, I shouldn’t have. But I wanted to find out if it was good. And yes, it was. Think of America’s Steak and Shake, milkshake. It is that good.

I do not know who owns this restaurant. Or who their chefs are. But regardless, the food speaks highly of them.

Cost wise? They’re not expensive at all. For the hubby, driver and I , he paid a total of P1,000.00 pesos only.

Oh before I forget, their 2nd floor has a function room that can accommodate 15 to 50 people. So it is perfect for meetings and conference.

Small Function area. 

More tables on the second floor.

To give you a better idea where it is, I cropped this google map to help you out.


Their contact details:

Mobile  :  0917-726-3849                                                                                                                        FB          : El Savores Davao


Okay, so I hope you enjoy your visit as much as we did. 🙂




Lea C. Walker







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Goodbye 2017 , Hello 2018!!!!

It is 3 a.m. in the Philippines as I write this, three hours after midnight. 🙂

And what better way to start the year than greet you all a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!

To be honest, I just woke up. ha ha. Obviously, I slept through the loud noise of our neighbors who welcomed the new year last night with a blast (blowing of car horns, etc.)

And since I cannot go back to sleep yet, I thought I’d write my first blog for 2018. Hopefully, this signifies more articles here this year.

The year 2017 has been good to me and my family. The most significant thing  was that my mom had a stroke and half of her body was paralyzed while I was in the U.S. last fall. But with therapy and lots of prayers, from family and friends, she has recovered fully. YES, FULLY! 🙂  Miracles do happen…. Thank God!


This photo was taken on her 68th birthday the other day in Samal Island, Philippines. 🙂

If there is one thing I realized, it is the fact that life is so fleeting. Things change in a second. So let me share with you what I wrote a few days ago.

My Crazy Thoughts 
3:07 a.m. 12/29/17
Davao City, Philippines

Life is so short.

So love your parents. Love your family. Despite and inspite of. Be kind to others, even if it kills you. Help if you can. Say no if you can’t. Yes, it is okay to say no.

Shut up when you can’t say good things. Be honest. Be responsible. Complain if you must , but be nice about it. Don’t lose your composure. Be classy.

Be true to yourself. Follow your dreams. Don’t give up. Quitters always lose. Get out of a bad relationship, no excuses. Love yourself. Don’t be afraid to cry when the goings get rough. Stop the hate. Forgive. And try to forget. Yeah, easier said than done but well…. it’s a test of will.

Stand for what you believe in. And say something. If you can’t be part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. Don’t spend what you cannot afford. Save. Save. Save. And don’t count the chicken before the eggs hatch.

Invest. In your future. In relationships and people. Believe in yourself and what you can do. And please don’t be lazy. Work hard. Respect yourself. And don’t live for dole outs. People work for what they have. So why won’t you? Why don’t you?

Travel. Enjoy nature. Run barefooted on the beach. Walk the trails. Throw a snowball. Pick up clams. Or pine cones. Smell the flowers. Sing to and/or with the birds. Dance with a love one. Watch the sunset together. Road trip together. Take a deep breath. Listen to the wind. To the sound of the falling leaves. Climb a mountain. Picnic in a lake. Try fishing. It is fun. 🙂 Write a song. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Life is so short. So love your life. Spend it only with the people and the things that matter to you. Stop wasting time.

Start and end the day right. Say thank you to God. Say I love you, to your “John”.

Here’s to a better version of ourselves in 2018… Cheers. 🥂🍾🍷



With John. At the wedding of my nephew.

Family get-away with staff and the rest of Allea Team.

My US Family. 🙂 (L to R) Jonboy, Jane, Lindsey, Joan, John, Darren, Delana, Austin, Me, Mommy, Heather and Seth.

With My Sister. I wish our youngest sister is with us. But she’s out of the country and hasn’t been able to come home this year.


With Friends for Life. 

With best friends, Luzette and Paz.

With High School friends. (L to R) Tess, Desiree, Fely, Me and Joy.


MY TRAVELS: (Click on the photo for a larger copy. Thank you. )




For all of these, thank you Lord.  It has been a beautiful and blessed year.

Praying for a blissful and more blessed 2018 for all of us!

Thank you everyone for making me a part of your life!



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Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS , my family and friends…. 

Thank you for spending time with me. God bless us all!


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Happy Thanksgiving!


It is freezing where I am right now. It was -2’c (28’f) when I woke up. The picture above was taken around 6 in the morning today. I went out and braved the cold to check if there’s frost on the ground. ha ha. That’s the Filipina in me talking. You see, we never have frost nor snow in my country. So this is really a treat on my part. 🙂

So for this chance to spend a frosty thanksgiving, I am grateful to God and the universe.

I have so many things to be thankful for. But number one is the fact that I woke up today. I thank God for the gift of family and friends. For all the blessings, past , present and future, I thank you Lord.

May your thanksgiving be happy and peaceful!

Happy thanksgiving everyone. 🙂

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