The Philippines And Our War on Drugs

I wanted to write about this weeks ago. But with work and family visiting from outside the country, the said thought took a back seat. Until now.

Our President, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, (used to be the Mayor of Davao City, where I live most of the time) is facing the drug cartels head on. With the help of the Philippine National Police and its head, Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, we are winning this sordid fight. It has only been 56 days since the new President gave an order to stop the drug cartels at all cost. And the Philippines has recovered billions of drugs already during by bust operations. Some were in laboratories, some were buried in the ground and some were in a ship docked near our ports. Some were even in the New Bilibid Prison. Yes, inside the penitentiary, where prisoners are supposed to give penance for what they have done. In our country though, NBP became a drug den. Business continues as usual.

This menace has obviously been going on for decades in our country. They have taken their deep roots within the government itself down to the ordinary Filipinos living in the slum areas. Included in the payroll to protect these drug lords are generals, judges, government officials (mayors and the likes) , government employees and other private citizens.

We, the 91% percent of the Filipinos who voted for the President, are behind him all the way. Why?

Because we have seen the effect of how terrible a narco state is. Yes, the Philippines has become a Narco State. Let us not be naive to think otherwise. Our previous leaders have allowed it to be so.

Because we , the Filipino people, who are mostly tired of rhetorics given by politicians , promising us heaven and earth during elections but forget about us when seated in power want peace and order.

Because we do not want the children of this country, to grow up thinking that it is okay to become drug addicts. With one teacher  caught a few days ago having stocks of shabu, imagine the danger that the children face on a daily basis…

Because we do not want our friends and relatives to continuously get raped, robbed and murdered by drugs addicts who are desperate to finance their addiction.

Because we hate fearing for our lives.

Because with the drug monies in our country, it has corrupted our government and our government officials.

Because with the drug monies in our country, proliferation of guns has become rampant as well.

I can go on and on. But I am sure you get the drift.

And now that we are slowly gaining victory over this war on drugs, the Philippines and our President are on the limelight. Some human rights group depict him as a mass murderer and a mentally deranged individual who is on a killing spree.

(Photo Credits to

The pictures below were taken outside the Philippine Embassy in New York. While I respect the rights of these people to rally, I feel disgusted over the irresponsibility of those that are behind this.

Feeding this wrong information to the rest of the world is akin to killing the future of our children. It is unjust and unfair to the Filipino people. 

new york new york2

To set the record straight, let me elaborate:

  1. President Duterte’s order was to go all out on drugs. If the drug addicts, pushers, dealers and their bosses surrender, then they will be rehabilitated. But if they fight during by bust operations and will put the polices’ lives in danger, then they have an order to shoot. To kill. If necessary.

My question is – if you are a policeman and your life is in danger during said raids,  what will you do? Just stand there and wait for the bullets to hit you? I am sure not. So there were few of these drug pushers who died on a shoot out. And there were policemen who suffered the same fate as well.

So how come nobody talks about the policemen that died? Were they of lesser importance? Do the families they’ve left in this world don’t matter?

2. The cartels are cleaning up.  They do not want proof of course. So what do they do? Kill their own so they cannot talk. Sounds like a movie plot. It might be to you. And to the rest of the world. But well, it is a reality that we Filipinos have to deal with.

And so to reiterate, there is no Extra Judicial Killings as what is being reported to the world. NO. NONE. NIL. NOTHING.

With all these media attention we are getting these days, it is imperative that we should speak our mind. We do not care what you think of us. But  we care for our President.

This is the first time in Philippine history when a government leader loves his people enough to give his life literally for his contituents. No one had the guts to face these cartels for decades. Only now.  And we welcome the change.

We do not need those that are looking from the outside , who do not even have an inkling as to how it is to live in a third world country , feeling sorry for us, judging us and worst, pretend to care for us by rallying against our President. In the hope that he is ousted. So the previous government can take the seat of power again.


With your actions, you are doing us a disservice. You are doing us more harm than good.

If indeed our President gets ousted, the Philippines will go back again to the dump it was in. Again.

Have you heard of the billions of donations for Typhoon Haiyan lost? The unexplained donations that didn’t go to the victims until now? The donations that were supposed to rebuild their houses and their livelihood?

Who haven’t heard of ISIS? I am sure all of us do. Well, we have them in the Philippines now. What about the Abu Sayaff Group, have you heard of them? We have them too.

Have you heard of that airport bullet scam? Where foreigners and locals alike are victimized in the airports by getting bullets planted in their luggages to extort monies?

If you have not heard of these things, then google it. Do your own research so you will understand where we are coming from. Don’t just believe what the media is feeding you. Most of them do not care about the people. The be-all and end-all for some of them is the money they get from the top bidder. We are just a pawn to their game, in other words.

Our President is cleaning up our country, which is long overdue.  And we the Filipino people , welcome the change.

This said, I hope that you will heed our request. Leave us alone. Do whatever it is you do with your lives. But please leave us alone.

The Filipinos are intelligent, well educated  , hardworking and mostly honest people. We just got tainted because corruption ruled our government for the longest time.

Now we have the chance to have this changed. Now we have the chance to truly live a peaceful life. Now we have the chance to raise our children in a better environment. Now we have the chance to have the poor , benefit from the government… And more.

But you, who do not know the real score, are jeopardizing the real change that we have longed for. That we are longing for.

So please grant us this. Leave us alone. And allow us to enjoy the change that we want.









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Road Trip – Blue Ridge Parkway

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New President, New Hope….

It has been a grueling journey for our beloved Mayor. But yesterday, 30 June 2016, the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines , Rodrigo R. Duterte, took his oath and gave his simple yet very powerful message.

To be honest, I never cared much for Presidential Ceremonies. But with President Duterte, most Davaoenos , including me, were glued to the TV , computers or gadgets to watch his oath taking event. We are so proud of our Mayor, yes. But more than that, we are happy that finally, someone who really loves the people is given the chance to lead the country.

His brand of leadership has been proven in Davao City. As a father to the largest city in the Philippines by land mass, he is respected and loved. He is a disciplinarian who has a big heart for the poor , the sick and ordinary civilians like me. That is why we Davaoenos, fought for him during the campaign. The 16 million Filipinos that voted for him felt his love for the people and his sincerity to serve equally, both the rich and the poor.

He is the only government official I know, who is ready to die for his constituent.

And so today , at the start of his 6 year term, I thank God for giving us an excellent and honest leader. May he always protect him from harm. And that good health will be upon him as he takes the nation to its new height.

I pray that the people of the Philippines will feel the change that is about to come. That criminality will be stopped. That once again, the peso will be at par with the dollar. That the lives of every Filipino will be uplifted from severe poverty to a better way of life. That real equality will be felt by all of us. And that each Filipino will be proud to be called citizens of the Philippines. As we Davaoenos, have been very proud of our city.

To President Rodrigo R. Duterte, congratulations sir! I know that you will work hard to fulfill your promises to the Filipino people. I know that you will do your best to serve all of us. And so I am thanking you in advance.

Thank you because now I do not have to worry of the airport scam every time I travel. Thank you because now I do not have to wait “forever” for government documents to be released. Thank you because with your leadership, all Filipinos will strive to do better. Hence, creating a better and safe environment for both adults and children. Most importantly, thank you Sir for uniting all Filipinos. This means that real peace has a chance. Thank you.

Before I end this piece, I hope that in the next 6 years , you will give emphasis on the following:

  1. Infrastructure – Fix our highways with high standard. That way, we do not need to repair them often. If these are done right the first time, then that is cost effective and would save the Filipinos tons of money. Build Interstates if we have to. Connect the nation with more roads and bridges.

2. Support our farming industry.  We need to be self-sufficient. So we are not at the mercy of others. Fix our irrigation system.

3. Power and Water.  We are paying top price for electricity despite its terrible services. Sir, I would like to mention specially Emily Homes in Cabantian. My mother doesn’t have water from 6 am to 12 noon everyday since October last year.  The rapid growth in the community has somehow affected the subdivision’s water supply. I have nothing against development. It is a must. And it is welcome. But with this growth, upgrades should be done to ensure that no one suffers.

4. Telecommunications.  We are , again,  paying a top price for a very slow internet connection. The providers should not promise if they cannot deliver.

5. Education. Poverty should never be a reason for a child not to be able to go to school.  And Sir, please include “Finance” subjects starting in  Elementary. That way children at a young age will learn to be more responsible about money.

6. National Parks. The Philippines is so beautiful, we should all be proud of what we have to offer. Please protect our forests and our natural resources. Create an effective National Park Services where the study and protection of wildlife and their habitats are given priority. Teach all Filipinos to respect our nature more. Inculcate in our children’s minds that we need to love our parks for future generation.

7. Tourism. The likes of Bucas Grande Islands , El Nido and Onuk Islands in Palawan, Samal Island in Davao,  are few of the best white sand beaches in the country . They capture the hearts of travelers , local and international alike. Hence it is a must that we upgrade the training and services of our tourism industry. The airports must be ready for the influx of people worldwide. The airport staff should take care of our visitors and our balikbayans, rather than treat them with disrespect by scamming them. The transportation industry ie : taxi drivers should also learn how to deal with tourists. I notice in most places I visit in the Philippines, the hotels are mostly overpriced. I can get a better rate staying at the MGM in Las Vegas than some of the hotels in our country. And you get better service, food , accommodation, etc. from the former. I am hoping that during this term, tourism services will be upgraded. And more affordable for ordinary Filipinos , like us.

8. Transportation.  International Flights from Davao to the US or other major countries in the West would be very nice. Decongest Manila by transferring or adding some airline hubs to Davao.

Once again, Congratulations President Rodrigo R. Duterte!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.🙂







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Road Trip 2016 – Kansilad Beach Resort

Lianga, a beautiful small town in Surigao, is the home of Kansilad Beach Resort. This family owned beach get-away used to be a lumber yard in the 60’s. But has since developed their property into a simple yet very charming home away from home.


Their accommodation includes:

Mangrove Cottages @ P1,200.00 per night  (sea side)

Duplex Bungalow    @ 1,200.00 per night (large room perfect for a family)

Small Cottages          @ P1,000.00 per night (max of 4 people)

Honestly, I wondered how the rooms are gonna be considering the prices. I saw some pictures but you really never know until you’ve seen it in person. I didn’t expect much to be honest, because their prices were cheap. But when we checked in, the rooms were nice and clean. Simply built and needs rehabilitation in some areas, but I loved the space (of the Duplex Bungalow where the hubby and I stayed) and the beds were comfortable.

Those who are looking for a high end resort, this is not for you. It is not a Secdea or a Pearl Farm.🙂 But the place brings calmness and peace. And the view , breathtaking… Specially early in the morning or at nights when you can only hear the sound of the waves and the wind. Perfect for a tired soul…

The photos I took , hopefully, will convey the message. Better yet, try visiting Kansilad and tell me what you think.🙂

This is how early mornings are. The resort has a bridge that ends in a balcony type resting place with tables , benches and chairs. It opens to a 360 degree view of the ocean and another island from afar. The open sky made it more spectacular , specially when its color changes from blue to pink. And to yellow or orange.

IMG_6198 IMG_6197 IMG_6196

As the day continues to unfold, the morning sun would hit this rocky hill making it  shine. And the sea water glisten.

kansilad mountain view

kansilad beach

And then the fishermen start arriving with their catch of the day.🙂

kansilad fisherman

I found the place so relaxing. The owners do not allow videoke or karaoke, so the peace and quiet is preserved through out the day.

Hanging out with the family:

Mama, in pink jacket. My aunt, in a purple shawl.


My sister and her family.


With papa here.



Serenity at its best. Just chillin’ , watching the ocean.


Photo op after some kulitan with the nephews and staff.🙂




Swimming in their pool…


Or the beach…

20160325_081247 20160325_080952 20160325_080948 20160325_080535 20160325_080532_001

More picture taking.. haha

20160325_082916 20160325_082444 20160325_082432

The customary Duterte pose. har har har…


Caving… John and I found small bats in the cave.🙂 This is a small cave, but there are stalactites and stalagmites.

IMG_6093 IMG_6096


Hanging out more…🙂

IMG_6165 IMG_6162

Having fun here with their resident pigeons.


And monkey.


Then back at the beach again… What better way to enjoy the day?!🙂




The resort serves breakfast , lunch and dinner for a very minimal cost. Most viand range from P120 to 180 per order, that’s good for 3 to 4 people. We ordered fried / sweet and sour isda sa bato, ginisang pusit, fried chicken, pancit or bihon, pinakbet , grilled isda sa bato, etc. In other words, there were several choices. So we didn’t get hungry.

Breakfast consisted of corned beef, hotdog , bacon and egg with garlic or steamed rice.


Their restaurant had choices of beer. But to be sure, ask them if they have your brand. In our case we brought Apple beer and wine since they didn’t have those. And the hubby just ordered San Mig Light through them.


Spending time together. Outside our cottage here.🙂


Decided to watch the full moon, before going to bed.

20160324_200156 20160324_195919

IMG_6184 IMG_6183

I woke up to this the next day…🙂

kansilad full moon2

Full moon and sunrise, at the same time.. That’s awesome.🙂



Ahhh life is good… Thank you Lord.🙂


My nephew Blaire, wakes up earlier than me , most of the time. So we get to explore things together.  When we go to places, he usually accompanies me to watch the sunrise.🙂


The pink sky turned to gold a few minutes later…

kansilad sunrise1

After breakfast, we left the resort for a few hours , to do an island hopping at Britania Islands. I will be writing separately about this, so don’t forget to visit my blog again.🙂

The rest of the day was a blur. But one thing’s for sure, we had fun. And we enjoyed our 2 nights / 3 days stay at Kansilad.

Sunset on our last day at the resort didn’t disappoint.🙂 Sitting beside the beach on a hammock was a perfect end to a splendid day.



Kansilad Beach Resort can be contacted through their Facebook page. Or through this number – 09293065401. It is located along the highway, about 15 minutes away from the main town of Lianga on the way to San Agustin, where Britania Islands are.

kansilad map











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Road Trip 2016 – (Tinuy-an Falls to Lianga, Surigao)

From Bislig City, Tinuy-an Falls , is a mere 10 minutes trip. It only takes longer because the road to this water falls from the highway is not paved. I think the right phrase is “not maintained”.

The place is so beautiful , it is a pity that the Local Government seemed to have forgotten the road leading to this very famous  tourist spot in Mindanao. As per conversation with the staff at Tinuy-an, I was told “ma’am, we already requested for maintenance long before the Holy Week and nothing happened until now”.  I find that so sad.  Hopefully, the state of disrepair will be acted upon before Holy Week of 2017.🙂 We have Filipino time, after all.

Kidding aside, this part of Mindanao has a very gorgeous landscape.

Look at Lake 77. You will find this beside the road on the way to Tinuy-an Falls. The first time we went there years ago, there was a nipa hut there where we had our lunch. But like everything else in our country, no one maintained it. So now it’s gone. That would have been a nice spot to  rest for a few minutes and enjoy the lake.


IMG_5901 IMG_5898

Very beautiful right?🙂

IMG_5897 IMG_5895

IMG_5891 IMG_5884


Finally, we have arrived.🙂

Madayaw na Pagkani is the Surigaonon way of welcoming us, the tourists.  Couldn’t help but smile at that. Thank you.


So here are the 2016 Fees. We were there just March of this year. So this should still be the same to date.

We rented the big cottage since there were 23 of us, including our staff.


My model below did not cooperate. ha ha ha


Thanks to the hubby for this picture.🙂


And of course, we came prepared. Yes there are carenderias in the area. But we preferred to have our own food. We just bought softdrinks from the stores there.

Our baon included Ribs Rebusado, Beef Steak, Pancit, Shrimps and Fried Chicken. Thanks to my sister for being the chef.🙂 She also prepared mango float. If not for her, we will all get hungry. haha

My aunt , Nanay Ligaya brought bread and Puto Maya (my favorite and yes I am spoiled.. haha) . My secretary, Emelie , brought Biko. Solve na ang lunch!🙂

After saying grace, lunch was served.

IMG_5859 IMG_5861 IMG_5860


The beauty that is called.. Tinuy-an Falls. It is tagged as the Niagara Falls of the Philippines. Of course, this is the smaller version. A lot smaller.🙂 If you’ve been to Niagara Falls, you will understand what I am talking about.

Still, its untouched beauty is what I love about this place. Void of too much or too many developments, one can see how stunning it is,  in its natural state.


During rainy season, this waterfalls have a stronger volume of water. As it was summer time when I took this picture, there wasn’t much then.



Funny story:

We hired the raft that will take us under the waterfalls. It’s a short ride and the raft was tied in thick rope. So it wasn’t really scary. It’s just me and my paranoia.

The conversation: ( a few minutes later – under the falls)

Me         : Dong, how deep is the water here.

Raftboy:  More or less, 30 meters ma’am.

Me         : Oi, that’s deep.  (If you know how to swim, that is nothing. But if you don’t, you’ll get scared. )

So I told everyone in our group, we should head back. And then I talked to the raft boy again – “Dong, balik na ta. (Dong let’s go back). ”  He did not listen to me. So I repeated what I said. And after the 3rd time, he looked at my secretary. That’s when we all realized what was happening. Let me explain. Emelie holds the money. She was the finance manager for the whole trip. So you see, If I was the raft boy, I would have done the same too. hahaha… Bright kid!  Oh Lea, what were you thinking! ha ha

The one behind me in red shirt is Emelie.🙂


This dragon fly kept on going back to me… Cute!


After the short raft trip , our staff decided to check out the nature trail. It goes up to the highest portion of the water falls.

With pretty lady, Analyn crossing the metal bridge.


The boys with Emelie.🙂


Taken on top. Credits to Rey Velarde for this picture.


Back down below:

Analyn with my nephew, Marco.🙂



Jener, Analyn, Blaire, Me, Tadz and Third , Marco in blue, Rey , my sister (Pearlie) and Wemce.  1689160_10208268482337274_494296429480182254_n[1]

My sister and family.  10274328_10208268489577455_2569599347626056899_n[1]

Cheesy. haha   Hubby and I.🙂 Thank you Rey for this picture.

tinuy-an with John

We left Tinuy-an Falls around 3:00pm. The GPS said that it’s only 96kms to Lianga Bay, where Kansilad Beach Resort ( our home for a few nights) is located.

On our way to Lianga, we found this Bislig signage along the highway.🙂 So once again, we posed for record purposes. ha ha


Regardless of the heat, we had to do our Duterte sign. Seriously!🙂


Okay , what I’m going to say below is very important. So PLEASE TAKE NOTE.

PLEASE USE THE COASTAL ROAD. (The one highlighted in blue).

We took the middle road at first,  that comes out to Tagbina , following the GPS. Since it was supposedly a shorter route. What we didn’t know was that,  the road was so bad we had to go back after 30 minutes of driving there. I got worried too because the road was blocked by a gate. So weird. Why would a government  road be blocked by a bamboo gate?  This route was so eerie. Imagine being in a bad road, no houses and no people in the vicinity after 3kms or so. It seemed like a perfect setting for a robbery movie gone bad.

So take heed of this notice. Do not leave the concrete highway.

tinuy-an to kansilad


Our two hour trip to Lianga Bay turned out to be 3 hours. Because of that supposedly short cut road. I am just glad that we came out fine. Thank you Lord.

We arrived at Kansilad Beach Resort around 6:00 in the evening. There was still daylight when we checked in. That gave us a little time to rest before dinner.🙂

The photo below was taken at the Restaurant of Kansilad Beach Resort.


This has been an adventurous day. We had so much fun, I can’t tell you how happy that made me.

Thank you for the protection Lord. And for this blessing.



Lea C. Walker

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Road Trip Tips – Manila to Davao City

With the 16th President of the Philippines , Rodrigo R. Duterte, hailing from Davao City, I noticed that this blog has gotten a lot of hits on our road trips from Manila to Davao.  Since my previous articles were written based on our daily trip, I decided to compress such stories and come up with a practical tip based on our experiences.

Those who are new to this blog, please note that my travel buddies are my direct family. Sometimes, it’s just me and my husband. Sometimes, with my parents , siblings and their families. And sometimes, all of them with our staff. We are all boring people who take joy in traveling and enjoying places together in a clean, fun way.🙂

In 2014, my family and I , flew to Manila to pick up the 2 vehicles we bought there.  After picking them up from Mitsubishi and Nissan respectively, we visited some places for a couple of days before heading back to Davao.  I was told that this trip can be done in 2 nights. But since it was summer and the nephews are off from school, we made a one week trip out of it. So I guess, this is for those who want to enjoy the Philippines by road tripping.🙂

Our Itinerary included the following:

Day 1 – Arrival in Manila, pick up vehicles.

Day 2 – Manila Ocean Park

Day 3 – Day Tour in Tagaytay. Sleep in Lucena City.

Day 4 – Visit Mt. Mayon. Sleep in Legazpi City.

Day 5 – Travel to Samar , Leyte. Sleep in Calbayog City.

Day 6 – Travel. Sleep in Leyte.

Day 7 – Back in Mindanao. Sleep in Butuan City.

Day 8 – Home.

Okay so I am an O-C traveler. I have a print out of all our schedules, prepaid hotel vouchers, etc. They are neatly filed in an orange clear book. I have been road tripping    here and the US/Canada for years now that I can plan one even when I’m asleep.  :)

So here are the excerpt of that trip:

DAY 1 & 2 – If you’re from Manila, I think you will not need tips on these days anymore. But if you’re from somewhere else and you’re buying vehicles in Manila, this is for you. We took Cebu Pacific from Davao. And stayed in Prince Plaza II Condotel in Makati the first night. I chose that hotel because its entrance is just across Greenbelt. I love that Mall. Plus there are so many restaurants to choose from, so you won’t get hungry. On our 2nd day, I booked several rooms at Rothman Hotel since it is nearer to Manila Ocean Park, where we will be spending the day. You will find the details through these links:

Road Trip Day 1 – Manila

Roadtrip Day 2 – Manila Ocean Park


DAY 3 –  From the hotel, we took the Manila-Cavite Expressway and Emilio Aguinaldo Highway via Roxas Boulevard on our way to Tagaytay. It took us 2 hours or so only to reach Tagaytay using that route.  We had a stop over at Dencio’s Restaurant for lunch. It was my parent’s first time in Tagaytay. And I was glad that they loved the place. The view of Taal Volcano and the lake is very pretty even on a cloudy day. From there, we proceeded to Nuvali so the nephews can feed the fishes.  After buying some take away goodies from Conti’s , off we went to our hotel in Lucena City – the Queen Margarette.  This is a long trip so be prepared.

More details can be found here –

Road Trip Day 3 – Tagaytay


DAY 4 –  I am reiterating this againthe Queen Margarette Hotel –   is a really good option, specially when you’ve had a long day.  The free breakfast that came with our booking was convenient because it saved us time in looking for food before proceeding to Albay.  The trip from Lucena City to Legazpi City is about 7 hours. The view is fantastic, specially the coastal areas of Quezon Province. The mountains and the rice fields in between look beautiful too. Be prepared to be impressed.🙂 Unlike in America though, we don’t have rest areas in the Philippines. So when you buy fuel, use their bathroom if it’s clean. If not, then you’re out of luck. Sorry. Another thing to consider, the restaurants are few and far between. Hence, make sure that you have snacks and drinks in the car. If you have space, bring a cooler.

For more details of this trip, you may check –

Road Trip Day 4 – Lucena City


lucena to albay


DAY 5 – The highlight of this day is our visit to Mt. Mayon.  This is the 2nd time for the whole family except my youngest nephew, Wemce, who wasn’t born yet the first time we visited the place. The thing with family travel is that everyone has the same memory. And that bond will never be broken. I am glad that my nephews love nature as much as I do. So they are great travel buddies, as far as I am concerned.🙂 More photos can be found here –

Roadtrip – Day 5 (Albay to Calbayog, Samar)

Again, this is a long travel. It took us at least 6 hours including the ferry trip of about 2 hours. The fare for each vehicle was about P2,000.00 including one passenger. The rest were charged about P120 per head. I remember paying about P20,000.00 for both the Montero and the Nissan van. That included the ferry fare (vehicle and passengers) and fuel from Manila to Davao.

Reminder – Samar has repair works all the time. So be prepared. Give an allowance for such to ensure that you will be at your hotel before the sun sets. In our case, we stayed at Ciriaco Hotel and Spa Resort.  For more details of this trip , read :

Roadtrip – Day 5 (Albay to Calbayog, Samar)


Albay to Calbayog


DAY 6 –  Was a gloomy looking day. But despite that, it wasn’t able to dampen our spirit. The Philippines is a very beautiful country. Samar and Leyte, are testaments to that. We stayed at Ciriaco Hotel and Spa Resort. I am glad that we did because we loved it.

The travel time from Calbayog, Samar to Sogod, Leyte took at least 6 hours.

Read more of this day’s account here –

Roadtrip – Day 6 (Calbayog, Samar to Sogod, Leyte)


calbayog to sogod


DAY 7 – Ahh.. this was a beautiful  day.  I loved the sceneries from Sogod, Leyte up to our arrival in Butuan City. Sunset in Lake Mainit ,  Surigao was very pretty too. You know, I really hope that you get to experience this trip as well. Yes, it is tiring. But it is worth it. I have been telling everyone for the longest time, seeing the Philippines’ country side is one of the best experiences you could ever have.

Total Land Travel was 5 hours plus sea travel of an hour. Check the details here –

Road Trip Day 7 – (Sogod, Leyte to Butuan City)


DAY 8 – is when we go home. There’s a bittersweet feeling within me. The fun is over. And time for a reality check, so to speak.🙂 It has been an awesome adventure for the family. Specially for my nephews. All thanksgiving to God for this blessing and for his protection.

Butuan City to Davao City is a mere 6 hour trip. And it is safe if you know the road. If not, then I suggest that you travel during day time. There’s a winding road before reaching Tagum City and the ridges there are pretty deep. So you need to drive carefully. And of course, be attentive to crazy drivers on the road.🙂

Check this link for the final story of this road trip here –

Road Trip Day 8 – Butuan To Davao


To enjoy your trip better, I suggest that you book everything in advance. Make sure that all your hotel vouchers are intact. Most importantly, take the trip with people who love to see new things as much as you do. And if at all possible, do it with your family. Specially with the children. If you expose them to nature, they will grow up appreciating the things around them better.

Ciao everyone! I hope that you enjoyed this blog. Thank you for traveling with us.🙂





Lea C. Walker





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Davao City – Life is Here….

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