Movies and Shows

                         ALPHAS  (This is about a group of people with extraordinary abilities, trying to help FBI.)
AN IDIOT ABROAD (This is about Karl’s travels. His honest comments make the show very funny.. )


BONES (I like Brennan and Booth. hehe )


BURN NOTICE (Ahh.. cool spy stuff with Michael and Fiona. I love her craziness. haha)


CASTLE  (I love the chemistry between Beckett and Castle..)


CHUCK    (I’m sad that the series ended already. I’m gonna miss its action and the fun the whole cast bring. Thank you for a great series! 🙂


COMMUNITY  (You have to watch the show to understand their brand of sense of humor. haha… It’s just so funny!


DOWNTON ABBEY (I’m getting hooked to this period drama series set in an Edwardian Era. When I’m watching it, it’s like I’ve been transported to the past. The cast are so perfect for their roles. Grabe!  🙂


EUREKA  (I’m so happy SYFY didn’t kill off this show. … It’s such an intelligent show, it would be a shame when it ends. )


FIREFLY  (You have to watch it so you’ll understand why I love this series…)


FRINGE  ( I love Agent Dunham.. You just have to watch the show! )


HAVEN – (Is a quaint little town filled with gifted people. I love Audrey. 🙂


HAWAII FIVE O  – (Ahh.. who wouldn’t love this show! 🙂


HOUSE   – is an eccentric but  a “genius” doctor. I wish I know someone like him in real life. hehe


HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (Barney and the rest are awesome! 🙂


MEMPHIS BEAT – (this too was just cancelled…huhu)


MERLIN .. I love Merlin! )


NCIS (Love the show.. 🙂


SANCTUARY   (another syfy show I love to watch)


STARGATE ATLANTIS  (my all time favorite)


STARGATE SG1 (I often wondered how can the writers think of these stories. You just have to be a genius to create shows like the SG series… )


TERRA NOVA – (just started and it’s proving to be interesting…)


THE BIG BANG THEORY – (one of the funniest shows ever! haha.. )


THE GUILD (haha… this is a funny internet show by Codex and her group. Felicia Day, you rock! )


THE MIDDLE – (This is about an ordinary family’s life, funny and real… )


WAREHOUSE 13 – (Syfy, please do not kill this show! )



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