Highway 906 (Cateel to Nabunturan)

I had a hard time looking for details about this highway online.

It’s a good thing that we have a client who lives in Cateel and told us, that the road from Aliwagwag Falls going to Davao City via Compostela Valley is now passable. That’s good news right? Specially for people who want to enjoy more time at the falls.

Google map showed that it’s only 149 kms from the falls to Davao. And the travel time – 4 hours. Not bad!  Comparing to the Mati Route, this is a lot shorter. That means , we can save a lot of time going home.

From Aliwagwag Falls, we decided to try this Cateel-Nabunturan Route.  I am glad that we did because this is very pretty.  It’s like going to Cagayan De Oro City via Buda. Less the crowd.  🙂

Plus in some parts, we saw waterfalls along the road. Amazing…

So let me show you the photos I took that day:

This is the only rough (not concrete) road we passed by. It’s about 1 km away from Aliwagwag Falls.

The view reminds me of Highway 955 connecting Gingoog City and Cagayan De Oro City.

Free water along the road. How awesome!!!! 🙂

I was so amazed with the flowing water coming out of the mountains.  I’ve seen the same thing in Kapatagan, Davao Del Sur.  

In the US, at Glacier National Park in Montana to be exact,  they call this “The Weeping Wall” . 

Like I said, spring water coming out of the mountains / hills.

The road looks beautiful with the blue sky, green trees and clean environment.

I envy the people living here. Imagine how beautiful this is early in the morning, when it’s foggy and cold.

The road attractions – other than the beautiful mountain view, that is:


And piglets… hahaha… Cute kaayo! 🙂

If you have a long lens camera and you love “birding”, then this route is a treat for you. There are so many birds here.  This one below was sitting on the wire as we passed by. I don’t know what this bird is but its colors were blue, red and yellow.  Sorry, it isn’t very clear but our vehicle was running when I took this.

Mountain view… So beautiful. Can’t get over it. I know I have repeated the same phrase over and over again. ha ha

Military detachment along the road.

Somewhere in Compostela Valley.

Ricefield near Nabunturan.

I found this trip really short. Maybe because I wasn’t driving. And I was busy taking pictures. But despite the winding road, we had a very safe trip. We all agreed that it was a relaxing and very pretty drive.

This route has just become one of our favorites. Aliwagwag Falls made easy because of this Highway. 🙂

Reminder though – there are no restaurants or rest areas along this route. So bring food, specially if you have children. Gas up in Nabunturan or Tagum City. And use the gasoline station’s bathroom before you continue traveling.

With summer around the corner, make Aliwagwag Falls a part of your itinerary.

Thank you once again for reading my blog. Bye for now!




Lea C. Walker






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