Alorro Beach Resort – Kaputian

I learned about Alorro Beach Resort earlier this month by accident. 🙂 We were inspecting a property nearby and we could see from where we were standing a long stretch of white sand. So we drove towards the area and found several simple cottages facing the beach.

Earlier this week, our workers in Samal informed us that they finished cleaning the area already. And that we can walk on the property  without fear of being bitten by a snake. 🙂 So John and I went back. This time with the whole family.

Yep, we took them along so they can enjoy the beach.  I said “they”,  because after the photo op John and I had to work…  🙂

The white sand beach at Alorro's Resort in Kaputian, Samal Island.

The white sand beach at Alorro’s Resort in Kaputian, Samal Island.

I walked to the beach to take this photo of  the water, sand and the boats. Beautiful right? I think we found a new favorite. 🙂

Pearlie and the kids.. :)

Pearlie and the kids.. 🙂

San Remegio, Samal IslandI sat on the wooden bench when I took this picture…. I  found this so relaxing. 🙂

Like I said above, the cottages are very simple. Hence, the cost is so cheap as well. Entrance fee is only Php10.00 per head. And the day time cottage is only P150.00 . For those who want to stay overnight, they have closed cottages ranging from P350.00 to P800.00 . You can also bring a tent and just camp out infront of the beach. I’m sure the sunrise in this area is spectacular as well.

The daytime cottage at Alorro Beach Resort.

The daytime cottage at Alorro Beach Resort.

There is a sari-sari store in the area where you can buy canned goods, soft drinks, etc. But I suggest that you just bring your own food when you go there. In our case, my sister Pearlie prepared afritada ,  bihon and rice. Then brought fresh pork chop for grilling at the site. Yes, Alorro has a grilling area. 🙂

The most beautiful part I liked was when the neighboring fishermen went to our table and sold us freshly caught fishes! The price was P160.00 only for “isda sa bato”. 🙂 Gee, that’s almost P400.00 pesos per kilo when I buy from SM supermarket. Oh, I really loved that!

Another thing I liked was the boat ride. I rented a motorboat  to access the beach below the property we walked through earlier in the day.

The Mushroom Rock.

The Mushroom Rock.

My work is fun. :) I'm just glad that John is adventurous too! So we both enjoy these things...

My work is fun. 🙂 I’m just glad that John is adventurous too! So he likes this as much as I do.


Manong Osting 🙂

San Remegio, Kaputian, Samal island

My brother inlaw, Ruben.

The water is amazing. It’s so clean and clear. And I could see the corals underneath. With the corals and the rocks, I saw a lot of small fishes in the water.

My verdict? The place is rough but with some development, one can enjoy it to its full potential. During our walk, I saw 3 tall rocks (at least 5 meters high) which is perfect for rock climbing. And there is a cave for spelunking… Nope, we weren’t able to go inside yet. When we do, I’ll share the photos with you in the future.

Time to go back to the resort.. :)

Time to go back to the resort.. :

San Remegio, Samal island

My nephews fell asleep after hours of frolicking in the beach… 🙂

Mama and my aunt :)

Mama and my aunt 🙂

Ahhh.. rest for us, at last! :)

Ahhh.. rest for us, at last! 🙂

Ours was a classic “business with pleasure” trip. 🙂 And believe me, it was fun!

Summer isn’t over yet. So you still have time. Go and explore Samal Island. 🙂,125.776711

Check the coordinates above. Even google will show you how white the sand is… 🙂

Ciao for now my friends. See you next time!

Lea C. Walker


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10 Responses to Alorro Beach Resort – Kaputian

  1. Gm Perez Colend says:

    Hmm,,I am very happy to see this blog” I remember the years that I was just a kid ,I have a lot of good memories in this place with my childhood friends and family.I can’t imagine how big changes in this place ,now u can really explore it because there were already amenities and accommodations. a feeling of being proud as one of the person living in this place..thankful to those people who really make an effort just to make this place known doubts if more tourist people want to visit this beach resort because aside from natural beauty of the beach ,I can humbly say that people living in this place was very accommodating in other word has a value of being hospitable..

    For those who really love relaxation and unwine”i can give u an assurance that u can feel satisfactions in this resort.
    You can feel the essence of nature…how grateful to have this kind of place,,,


  2. Rj says:

    Hello. I would like to ask if how much is the entrance fee of Alorro Beach Resort?


  3. John says:

    gud eve, pwede po mka hingi ng contact number?…balak po kasi nming mg stay dyan…thank you


  4. Hilda says:

    Hello do you have their contact number?


  5. Rona says:

    Hi! I just want to ask, what if I’ll bring a tent do I need to get a cottage or is there fee for bringing a tent like a corkage fee for a beverage? 🙂 Hoping you’ll reply.


  6. Hello. I would like to ask if kamusta po ang byahe. How Was the road? is it that steep or is it rough road?


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