Road Trip 2013 – (Colorado Springs to Kansas)


We woke up with an overcast sky.  I couldn’t see Pike’s Peak when I looked up the window.  But with fall colors and the snow, I found the view so beautiful.


IMG_8509 IMG_8506

Checked out at the Marriott was real easy. I found their online facility very convenient. So after breakfast, we just thanked the staff and left.

By then, the sun finally came out. I grinned though when I saw our windshield covered in snow. Glad that it hadn’t melted yet…. 🙂


It gave us time for some photo op… ha ha


By the way, here is  the hotel’s website –


Moving on, the trip continues….

Final goodbye to the Rocky Mountains, as we were going out of Colorado Springs.


Then rain caught up with us as we were entering Pueblo.


I found this train along the road interesting…


The dark sky let up as we were entering Kansas.

Okay, Kansas countryside is beautiful. But I found it boring.  The hubby told me about this before but I guess, I was only able to fully comprehend what he meant when I got there. 🙂 The place is so flat I’m afraid I would fall asleep on the road, if I was driving. ha ha.. I’m glad that I don’t know how to drive. Or I’d probably put our lives in danger.

The clear sky was amazing though….



Found snow again in this part of Kansas.


More farm… And clear skies.


This part of Kansas has oil. So oil pumps are common vista beside the road.


Bales of Hay. This is done during fall season as preparation for winter. The hays serve as animal food during the cold season.


After hours of traveling, we found the need to stop. We decided to rest somewhere near Dodge City.

This room is our home for the night. 🙂


Before I end this blog, let me show you the route we took, through this google map.


Okay, bye for now. See you on the continuation of this roadtrip. Check the Oklahoma page of this blog soon. 🙂




Lea C. Walker