Garden of the Gods

As per history, two friends were having conversation about how awesome this place is. One of them said that is fit to be a garden for the Gods. Hence, the name Garden of the Gods. 🙂

The Garden of the Gods is located in Colorado Springs, U.S.A.  It sits below Pike’s Peak. That said, the youngest peak of the Rocky Mountains at 14,115 feet above sea level, stands as a beautiful backdrop to the park.



The park, famous for its red rock formations, is open to the public for free. That is what I love about America mostly. The fact that they have free parks where people can enjoy nature anytime. I’ve said this over and over again, how I wish that we have the same in my country.


This is where we left our car. And this where the trail started too.


IMG_3235 IMG_3233 IMG_3222 IMG_3221 IMG_3217 IMG_3216

Enough of the reading.. hehe   Let me proceed to the beautiful trail.

IMG_3278 IMG_3274 IMG_3271 IMG_3262 IMG_3256 IMG_3251 IMG_3240

I stopped to take photos of the kids who were painting the mountains. Nice huh? I wish I have this talent. 🙂

IMG_3286 IMG_3284

These rock formations were the result of a strong earth movement a million years ago. They came out to the surface after an earthquake, according to the studies made.

IMG_3334 IMG_3326 IMG_3311

The most famous among the rock formations is the one below. It is called the balanced rock.  It amazes me how it is standing like that until now. I hope it will stay the same so our future generation can see it someday. 🙂

IMG_3362 IMG_3372 IMG_3365 IMG_3363

See? There isn’t much holding it. With its weight, it’s a miracle that it has not fallen yet. Awesome display of nature right?

IMG_8487 IMG_8483

That’s me with my silly grin again. ha ha


I look so small compared to the three graces. I wonder why it’s named as such? Maybe because it looked like two palms held together in prayer? Or that’s just my crazy interpretation. ha ha

More selfies… 🙂 Thanks to my husband who patiently takes photos of his crazy wife. ha ha

Seriously though, I take as many photos as I can and compile them as much as I can because they are memories. An important part of our lives which I will treasure for the rest of my life….

This blog post is a proof to it. All the photos here were taken by either me or John 2 years ago during our 2013 Roadtrip. (Obviously I still have tons of  photos to upload and articles to write from that trip. ) Yet when I look at them, the happy feeling is still there. 🙂 It still makes me smile….


Back at the Visitor Center. Thanks to the hubby for this photo.


In fairness, I took picture of him as well. Even if he hates it. ha ha

It looks like a painting huh? When you’re standing at the Visitor Center’s balcony, that’s the view you see. How is that for a stress relief? 🙂


Ahhh… Pike’s Peak , up close. I love the Rocky Mountains. I’ll just say this as it is, I love Colorado and its beautiful mountains. I wish to go back there someday.  Like I always say, dreaming is free. Who knows God will grant such wish again. 🙂


In the meantime, I am going back to sleep. Work’s gonna be hectic again in the morning. 🙂

Ciao for now everyone. See you in Pennsylvania in my next post. 🙂


Lea C. Walker


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