US 2016 – Chicago To Indiana

The distance between Chicago and Indiana is just 200 miles. Driving time is about 4 hours ,  depending on the traffic and the speed limit.

We took I-294 / 94 and I-65 from the hotel to Indianapolis. Since both are interstates, it wasn’t a scenic drive. But there were some interesting things I was able to take photos of. 🙂


Fall was already visible in Chicago. Beautiful right? 🙂


This plane was about to land at Chicago O’hare International Airport.


East 94, the route we initially took. This becomes I-294 eventually.


Windmills along I-65. Hundreds of them. With the global warming, we should use them more to generate electricity.  That’s clean energy right there. img_2740

Billboards along the road. 🙂

img_2730 img_2729 img_2728 img_2726

Indiana finally. 🙂 The sun was so bright! That’s good though because when the temperature is cool, the heat generated from the sunshine helps.



Okay, the reason why I wanted to go to Indiana was to see the Central Canal. This man made canal was dug in the 1800’s to promote commerce in Indiana. But it has been refurbished as part of the White River State Park.

The view of the White River in Indianapolis.


THE CENTRAL CANAL: The water is actually green. But they dyed it into pink supposedly,  (too much dye made it reddish ha ha … )  because of their Cancer Month Celebration. 

Across the park, you will see this building. The NCAA Headquarters and Hall of Champions.

img_2770 img_2777

Ducks , enjoying the water. 🙂


We reached the Indiana State Museum as we continued with our walk.


The Duesenberg Model J Convertible Coupe is regarded as the finest automobile ever made. Built in 1929, this was priced at $15,000.00  . Famous customers included Clark Gable (Gone with the wind),  Mae West, Greta Garbo, Howard Hughes and Eli Lilly.


Mammoths outside the State Museum.


Further ahead, we saw more ducks. 🙂


Behind me are people enjoying their paddle boat. 🙂


As we moved on, we reached the back side of Marriott Hotel. Relaxing view, specially with fall in bloom.

The geese are not afraid of us! How awesome.. ha ha

img_2856 img_2860

More of the Central Canal view.

img_2879 img_2893 img_2887 img_2885 img_2882 img_2880


Notice the clock? It is backwards. Perfect for the History Museum behind it. You know what it depicts right? Going back in time, while you’re at the museum! Of course…. 🙂


At the Military Park.


JW Marriott, near the park.


They had an event at this park when we were there. We were invited for their free lunch. ha ha..  That sort of kindness from people you do not know is refreshing.


Another participant to the event. Found this squirrel looking for food. 🙂


At the Historic Washington St. Pedestrian Bridge.  On our way to the zoo.


Fronting the zoo, is this monument of a large bison.

The zoo would be perfect for kids. We decided not to go inside anymore because I’ve seen these animals in the wild already. I think I prefer them that way.


What amazed me about Indy’s Canal Walk is the fact that it was so clean. Commercial buildings, hotels , shops  were in its surroundings. And yet it was maintained pretty well. Hats off to White River State Park for the protection and works they do to maintain it. The discipline of their people  played a big factor too. Makes me realize that you know, when we put our mind into something, it can really be done.

Indiana’s Central Canal is the only Urban Park in America.

If you ever get to visit Indiana, do not leave the city without walking here. It is worth the time and the effort. 🙂

Okay time to leave.

Before we proceeded to our hotel though, we had a very important stop over at….

Steak ‘N Shake!!!

I love their food and shake here… If you see one, just stop. And try their milkshake. Then tell me if i’m lying. 🙂