Brown’s Bay Park

We left Ramada Inn after breakfast. It was an overcast day, as it rained earlier. We passed through the Cities of Morrisburg, Iroquis, Cardinal , Prescott and Brockville along Highway 401. The view of the St. Lawrence River was very pretty and fascinating.

After about 2 hours or so, we left H-401 and entered into the Thousand Islands Parkway. The said road is more or less 40 kilometers connecting the Cities of Gananonque and Brockville.

This scenic byway showcases 1,864 Islands /islets along St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario.

We were traversing this road when we found the Brown’s Bay Park. It was a charming place with huge trees lined up beside the river.

Brown's Bay Park (1)

Brown's Bay Park (2)

Its serenity was a welcome respite.


Brown's Bay Park (7)

Fall colors were visible from a distance. Making it all the more beautiful.

Brown's Bay Park (5)

White tables and chairs were ready to use for those who wanted to have a picnic beside the water. The park was devoid of people when we were there though because it was cold. It was a windy 40’f (2’c) that day, after all. So yeah, only crazy travelers like us had  the guts to brave the  cold air. 🙂

Brown's Bay Park (6)

Brown's Bay Park (3)

And of course, any vacation isn’t complete without doing the “selfie” huh! Great smile, even with the cold. he he

Brown's Bay Park (4)Brown's Bay Park (8)

Before we left, I took this photo of a mansion in an island across the park.

Brown's Bay Park (9)

Yes that is one of the thousand islands in the area.

To learn more about the park, check their website here:

google earthClick on the map to see where it is exactly. 🙂

I will be featuring more of the 1000 Islands in my next blog. Hope you join me again in my next destination!

Bye for now everyone. 🙂







Lea C. Walker


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