The Colors of Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake, pronounced as “maleen lake” , is located in Jasper National Park , Alberta , Canada.

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From the town of Jasper, this lake is about 48 kms with travel time of about 1 hour on a two lane concrete road. The signs said 60 kms per hour. But there are switchbacks which will drop you off to a ravine or the river on one side of the road, if you make a mistake. So it is better to be careful and be sure to get there and back safely. Plus of course, you are on holiday! So what’s the rush? 🙂

Visiting the lake is like giving yourself a treat, considering the panoramic vista from start to finish.

The jagged peaks of the Canadian rockies loomed above us. With the rainbow of fall colors and the evergreens beside the road, it felt like I was entering a very beautiful kingdom. It reminded me of the elfin’s kingdom in Lord of the Rings. Ha ha… I know that most of it are just camera tricks, right? But going to Maligne Lake made me think that such view exists. 🙂

My photos fail in comparison to its actual beauty. But hopefully, it will give you an idea of where I’m coming from…..

These are my proof that I’m not crazy after all. And that I just didn’t imagine everything. Ha ha

Seriously though, this place is LOVE.

As we were going out of Jasper…


This elk graced us with her presence… See that regal walk?!  Yan ang walang keber .. hehe… She knows that traffic would stop for her. 🙂


The view en route to the lake.



See, two lane road. So be careful. Enjoy the view.  And if you slow down, you will not endanger the wildlife in the area by hitting them.  🙂






From the parking space, we followed the Moose Lake Trail. I was hoping I would see a moose but didn’t. It’s ok though . The view of Maligne Lake was more than enough reason to enjoy the short walk.


What do you think? 🙂

First color – BLUE.




Then there’s GREEN… Or aqua marine?


IMG_1189 IMG_1196 IMG_1195 IMG_1194 IMG_1193 IMG_1191 IMG_1190

IMG_1173 IMG_1172

And then with shades of black….


Jade and gold? 🙂


And there’s the combination of all the colors above….


It’s as amazing as it can get. 🙂

Maligne Lake has glacial fed water. It is so clear and clean that it reflects its surroundings, depending on the sunray.  Its reflection changes to dark gray or blackish if it’s cloudy. And it gets so blue if the sun is bright. You get a rainbow of colors during fall as reflection of the leaves and the rocky mountains when hit by the shining sun.  Awesome huh?

For those who are into adventure, you can rent a kayak and enjoy the ambiance and the stillness of the lake.

Then you can ride the boat to Spirit Island as well. This is a guided tour for about 90 minutes. We didn’t try this because I still have a hang over from our “1000 Islands Boat Cruise” last year in Kingston, Canada. I thought I will be nice to other people and not put their lives in danger by changing the weather. haha… It seems like bad weather follows us around.

Seriously though, maybe I will get over my phobia of waves as high as a 3 storey boat, one day.  Until then, I will just content myself with photography standing on land. LOL

IMG_1220 IMG_1208 IMG_1203

Like I always say, vacations aren’t the same without photo ops right? ha ha


Thanks to the hubby for the photos below. 🙂

IMG_8539 IMG_8530 IMG_8526

If you are planning of going on a road trip, include in your travel plans Jasper National Park. Maligne Lake is just one of those stunning glacial lakes that you will enjoy. Believe me, this is one of the best trips we have ever done. It is worth the time, the effort, the expense. I’d say, a very worthy life experience one should do (if possible) before we die.

I am writing about the rest of Jasper National Park soon. So come back and travel with me.

Ciao for now everyone! 🙂


Lea C. Walker