Road Trip 2016 – Podunk, Kentucky

Wikipedia describes Podunk as –   a term used in the United States to represent an insignificant place.

While Merriam-Webster defined it as – a small, unimportant, and isolated town.

And as I continued to research, I found a comment that said – No, Podunk, KY is not a real place! Podunk means a small isolated town, region, or place that is regarded as unimportant. 

So, does it really exist?!  🙂

You tell me!!! ha ha


The hubby exclaimed “damn, I always thought it’s just a joke! It really does exist!!!”

If you could only see his expression… You would also laugh.  ha ha


The picture below made us laugh for a long time…


At Podunk, that’s what a congested area means. ha ha ha… Gee, congestion is not like that in our city, believe me. ha ha

Podunk , Kentucky is along Highway 381 near the border of Tennessee and Kentucky.


True, it is isolated. But I am sure it is not insignificant.  To the few people that live there, at least. I saw about 10 houses nearby. Seriously. 🙂

There is nothing there, except hay farms. Miles and miles of it. But I found it beautiful, specially with their fall foliage.

The boundary of Tennessee 89 and Kentucky 381.

The boundary of Tennessee 89 and Kentucky 381.

So now we know, Podunk is real…. 🙂  Just follow that road and you will find it nearby…

Happy traveling everyone. 🙂