Pensacola Beach

We arrived in Pensacola Beach around dusk. I could see the sky turning yellow and orange. As much as I wanted to run to the beach for the sunset picture, I had to take care of our “home” first – The Hilton Pensacola.

Check in was fast and easy. We were guided to our room immediately after signing some forms. You know, this is what I love about Agoda. Hotel bookings through their website makes it painless and uncomplicated. The staff, upon check-in automatically confirms it and then voila, I’m done. 🙂 Thank you.

Okay, after leaving our luggage in the room, off we went to the beach.

It was windy and cold. I could hear the splashing of the waves. Even at dusk, the sand looked clearly white.

The sunset brought a beautiful ending to an amazing day…


On our second day,  I woke up so early. I got ready and headed to the beach, for the sunrise.

I’m glad I did because there is no other way to describe it… Sunrise in Pensacola Beach is stunning and breathtaking.

It started with this…


And then it just continued to show off its magnificence…



Both humans and animals enjoyed the astonishing view….



And then daylight came….

I enjoyed the peace and quiet. Listening to the waves and watching the sunrise is a perfect start to a beautiful day. 🙂 How can one not thank God for such an awesome display.


When people started walking to the beach, I started my way back to the room so I can wake up the hubby and prepare for breakfast.


The Hilton Pensacola was a great base for us. Our room was very spacious with comfortable beds. I loved their spacious bathroom too. Hilton, as usual, did not disappoint.

The lobby and the restaurant, aptly named as H20 was fun to look at. I loved their combination of yellow, blue and green interiors. 🙂

Their breakfast buffet consisted of mostly western food – meat (bacon and the likes), pastries, bread, egg counter where they prepare yours the way you want it done, yogurt, hot items (coffee, etc.) and more. It filled me up that I didn’t eat lunch anymore. 🙂

The restaurant opens up to the pool area…



And the beach…



Yep, there’s just no other way but have lazy days when you’re there… 🙂


The sign below gave us a good laugh! ha ha

Whatever you do, do not forget to pay the bill. 🙂


Pensacola Beach is one of the best beaches I’ve been to.

Coming from a tropical country, I have been exposed to the beach all my life. In the Philippines, we have Samal Island , Dahican in Mati, , Boracay and Palawan , to boast of. And then, there’s Bucas Grande in Surigao del Norte. White sand beaches and crystal clear waters are a norm back home.

With Pensacola though, I love the fact that we can drive to restaurants and fast food areas. There are many food options  that we didn’t need to stay in the hotel to eat.

We also walked the surrounding neighborhood and enjoyed it.

Given the chance, I would go back there someday. 🙂

For now, I’ll just say Till We Meet again, Pensacola…