Secdea 2016

One of our favorite “go-to” places is Secdea Beach Resort located in Brgy. San Isidro, Island Garden of Samal. We make it a point to visit it at least once a year.  Hence, the latest update here. 🙂

On our last visit, they have added 2 new infinity pools.

img_0615 img_0612


img_0647 img_0644


And the hotels are now open.  It’s a 2 storey building with view of the pool and the beach.  If you’re a small family or just a couple, these rooms would be perfect for you.



In my case though, I usually travel with my parents and my sister with her family. Hence, we need a big cottage. Secdea offers a two bedroom/ 2 bathroom cottage that I find perfect for such purpose.

The cottage. img_0607

The Porch. We love to hang out here at nights. Either to eat or just talk. 🙂img_0606

Dinner and Ice Cream. ha ha

img_0638 img_0635 img_0633

The Living Room. This is where we usually have dinner too if we do not want to walk to the restaurant anymore. img_0603

One of the bathrooms. img_0602

The  bedrooms.  img_0600 img_0599

The Restaurant , where buffet breakfast is served.


Is that not relaxing? Breakfast with view of the sea and the infinity pool? Nice right? 🙂



Secdea is beautiful, night time or day time.

This is how it looks like during full moon. 🙂


I love my sunrise photos there though. Today, these are the ones I got… What do you think?


20160226_060737 20160226_055319 20160226_054035

My nephew and I. 🙂


My parents usually love to swim in the beach early in the morning. It isn’t crowded yet. And the sun isn’t that hot yet too. Being in a tropical country, our temperature can get as high as 36’c on an ordinary day. On summer time, it reaches 40’c sometimes. So yeah, we are careful , we do not get sun burnt while enjoying the beach. Note: please do not forget to put sunscreen okay. When I am in the US, I make it a point to buy an SPF 70 lotion. That helps a lot. Believe me,  you wouldn’t want the pain of having a sun burn.


One of the cabanas beside the beach.


The Food.

They mostly have Filipino food, which is fine by us. But when the hubby is with me , I just order beef steak or chicken for him because they don’t have much western food.

Chicken with fries.


Pancit – Chopsuey is good. 🙂


My favorite. Pinakbet with Kawali. he heimg_0629

I remember ordering pork bbq. But I do not remember how they tasted. So I guess, they didn’t impress me. lol

Oh by the way, they now have a massage area. 🙂


Yes, they are expanding. But the prices have gone higher too. So please call them for bookings and for confirmation of their present pricing here – (082- 2957912 or 0925-8926072).

Okay, so it’s time to go home…. 🙂 It has been a relaxing couple of days, thank God. It’s time to face the world again.


Bye for now everyone! See you again next time. 🙂