Pearl Farm 2017

My sister and I availed of Pearl Farm’s promo for Araw ng Dabaw (Davao’s Foundation Day) last March 2017, for her birthday celebration.

Since our booking was on a weekend, it came with a lot of freebies such as – free dinner, free food and entrance fee to kids below 10 years old, free breakfast , etc.  You know how expensive Pearl Farm is. So freebies such as the ones I mentioned above are a big saving. 🙂

Okay, this is a late upload. But I will try to take us down memory lane through the photos we took.

From Davao , the trip to Pearl Farm by land is only about an hour. It should be lesser but well, the road in some parts are still under repair.

Most people, would take the ferry provided by the resort. But since we try to pass by our property in the island, we just take our vehicle going there.

Our land in Mambago A with the view of Davao Gulf.

Upon arrival at the resort, we were greeted with free drinks. Check-in didn’t take long. And soon enough, we were brought to our rooms. Oh, before I forget, the parking space is at the back of the resort. But they have shuttles which will pick you up from there going to the reception area and eventually, to your rooms. So it is convenient.

My family and I love their Mandaya rooms. Why? Because 1) it is near the swimming pool. 2) It is very spacious. And 3) It is away from the busy portion of the resort. 4) It is secluded, so there’s more privacy.

Mandaya Rooms:  (Please click on the pictures to enlarge. )


Mandaya’s Porch area:   A duplex type cottage has 2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. But there’s only one shared veranda where the family can get together, talk or eat together. Perfect right? 🙂

Mandaya’s Swimming Pool Area:  Like I said, this is a secluded area. Even if it is surrounded by several Mandaya Cottages, the adult and kiddie infinity pools are covered with bushes and plants. Hence, you have privacy. And since it is not crowded, there is that feeling that you own the place.

The Playground and Recreation Area:  If  you do not want to mingle with the crowd, you have an option to just stay near the Mandaya cottages. Other than the pools, there is a beach front there as well.  There are open cottages where you can sit down, relax, watch the day go by beside the beach. There’s a billiard table also if you want to play a game or two.

In our case, we just hang out near our cottage after swimming for an hour or so.

Then proceeded to the restaurant and bar area before dinner.

While enjoying this side of the resort, we saw Ms. Lani Mercado and family got out of the boat. I was so surprised when she said hello. And smiled at us.

We saw Ms. Regine Velasquez in a restaurant in Davao before but I was so sad because she would not even look at us despite the fact that mama said hello to her. I guess smiling is difficult for her.  After that, I guess I stopped being her fan. It is disappointing to know that she couldn’t even say hi nor smile to a senior citizen. Sad…

My sister was able to have a picture with Jolo Padilla.

My sister and I really had fun here. We found it so funny that we made KC Montero the background of our picture. ha ha


Dinner time came. The whole family proceeded to the restaurant. As usual, Pearl Farm’s food was delicious. I remember someone,  from a brokers’ event given to us by a bank before saying,  that she would like to marry Pearl Farm’s chef. ha ha Because the food was so good.

With Mr. Ronaldo Valdez, singing his heart out. 🙂

Dancing with his wife here. 🙂

Before the night ended, I had the chance to have a picture with Ms. Lani Mercado.  The guests asked her to sing and she gladly sang “I will survive”. 🙂

After a short night cap , we walked back to our rooms. Since the hubby, opted to stay home that time, I stayed in a room with mama and papa. 🙂

It has been a beautiful day. And a very fun night. Thank God…

DAY 2:

I woke up early the next day. But the sky was overcast. Hence, I wasn’t able to get a sunrise photo. So we just prepared for breakfast. And spent most of the morning swimming.

When you decide to go kayaking, make sure that you wear a life vest. The water in some portion is very deep. And when it is windy, it might overturn the kayak. So to be safe always, wear a life vest. 🙂

We had lunch delivered to our cottage. They delivered it by 11am. So we were able to check out a little over 12 noon.

Bye for now Pearl Farm. Thank you for the good memories.

Till next time… 🙂



Lea C. Walker