Road Trip 2015 – Wyoming to Nebraska

We left Jackson Hole , Wyoming after breakfast. Our next destination – Lincoln, Nebraska. It is about 876 miles from the former to the latter. So we just took our time on the road and decided to have a stop over somewhere in between. Where? We do not know yet. That would depend on which city has food and nice hotel.

Ahh.. the beauty of road tripping in America. With GPS and an Atlas Map, our adventure of the day begins…. 🙂

nebraska blog google map

The view on the road:

I love Wyoming.  This has been our second visit there. First was in 2013, when the U.S. Government had a shutdown which messed up our schedule. We got to see only a portion of Grand Teton National Park then. Hence, this second visit. To see the rest of it and Yellowstone National Park. (Will write about those sometime in the future.)

The photos below were taken after we left Jackson Hole, where we stayed for a few days.


Beautiful landscape is common in this part of America. Specially during fall.


So does seeing creeks along the road.  IMG_3434


Another empty road. 🙂 No traffic, no crowd means another quiet and peaceful drive…


Cattle ranches are plenty in Wyoming.

There’s a vast empty land in this state. And what you will see are mostly wildlife and cattles being grown/fattened in the ranches. If you are thinking of living here full time, then make sure you understand that this is far from a city environment. The silence  is deafening. And if the thought of that scares you, then this beautiful state isn’t for you.

IMG_3450 IMG_3445

This is what I meant when I mentioned “vast empty space”.

You can walk for days without seeing anyone. 🙂



At 6,590 feet above sea level along Highway 191,  there is a place called Eden. Its population – 281 .  The hubby and I laughed at that. It means that there are more animals in this place than people. For a Filipina like me, that is awesome! Where I live, I get to share the city with a million others. So it is kinda unbelievable for me to see a huge empty place with just 281 people. 🙂


At 6,930 feet above sea level, we found the Continental Divide sign. While road tripping in the US for years now, we have seen a lot of these signs already. So what is it all about? Oxford Dictionary says – it is the main series of mountain ridges in North America, chiefly the crests of the Rocky Mountains that form a watershed that separates the rivers flowing east into the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico from those flowing west into the Pacific Ocean.

During this trip, we found another one inside Yellowstone National Park.

continental divide

Before reaching Laramie  along Interstate 80 , we stopped at Summit Visitor Center.


I read from there that Wyoming was a part of a vast ocean 50 million years ago. Can you imagine how deep the water was back then? It has receded about 8,000 feet since then. Amazing huh?

Thinking about this now reminds me of the Petrified Forest in Arizona.

IMG_3510 IMG_3509 IMG_3506 IMG_3505 IMG_3504 IMG_3503

Around 4:00 in the afternoon, we stopped in Laramie.  And booked at Super 8 Hotel for an overnight stay.  This hotel is very simple. But their King Room is large. I find it cheap compared to others considering the room size and the free breakfast. With its clean room and comfortable bed, what more can I ask for? Oh and before I  forget, it has free wifi. That’s important when you are traveling right? 🙂

For dinner, the hubby and I tried the Chinese Restaurant nearby. It didn’t make that much of an impression. But the food was okay and the owner was nice.

DAY 2:

We had an early breakfast and did our laundry before checking out. Yes, this hotel has laundry facility which we paid with coins. I can’t remember how much but it was cheap.  We finally proceeded with our road trip around 10:00 in the morning.

We stopped at the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Monument to stretch our legs. Walk around for a few minutes before moving on.

IMG_3514 IMG_3512

Found these pronghorns along the way. These are just wild animals beside the road. 🙂


And then the sky got dark. The geese’  V formation  made it look beautiful though. 🙂


Pretty red barn somewhere in Nebraska.


The colorful leaves make an overcast day look better…


Archway in Nebraska. Check the No Parking sign. There is a 100 dollars fine if you do not follow the law.

We should implement laws like these in our country. It would help clear up the road congestions. Right?


It rained most of the day. So I had very limited photos on this trip. Everything just looked blurry starting here.


We arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska late in the afternoon.

There was no trace of rain here. Thank God. I kinda got tired of traveling in the rain. I think it is dangerous because it makes the road slippery.


Glad to be able to rest finally.

Chase Suite Hotels is our home for a couple of nights.


IMG_3580 IMG_3579

I don’t know why we got a room with a kitchen when the reason why we are in Lincoln is to visit Texas T-Bone Steak House. We tried this restaurant the first time in Colorado Springs and it became our instant favorite. So when we were planning our route before this trip, we made it a part of our itinerary. In other words, the kitchen was useless. We never used it after all.


So tell me, does that not look good? Believe me, it was delicious. Makes it worth the trip, really!

20150923_171614 Before we left, we had a conversation with their staff. They asked about the food and where we came from. They were so surprised to hear that we were from the Philippines. 🙂 And that we have just been road tripping since our arrival. One of the servers mentioned that he wanted to visit Alaska. I said, that it is also our dream to do that road trip in Alaska one day. 🙂

And the food?   Oh they grinned when we told them that we specifically included their restaurant on this trip. And I am so glad that we did!

DAY 3:

Our second day in Lincoln (day 3 of this part of our road trip) , was mostly spent lazily.

Had a late breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. That came free with our booking, by the way. Breakfast consisted of coffee, milk, juices, biscuits with gravy, bacon , hotdog, pancake, bread, etc.

From there, we proceeded to Nebraska Crossing Outlets.  Ahh, this is one of my favorite things to do in the America!

Shopping in any of their Outlet Malls is crazy cheap. 🙂 Well compared to shopping in my country, that is…

IMG_3588 IMG_3589


So if you’re thinking of going to Nebraska, I have given you at least 2 things to do there. Eat at the Texas T-Bone Steak House and shop at the Outlet Malls. 🙂

They say that like Kansas,  Nebraska is boring. Well there’s a little truth to it. But if you like to eat and shop, Lincoln is a good place to visit…





Lea C. Walker