Niagara Falls – Day 2

We decided that today will just be spent on a leisurely tour. Ride the Wego bus and end up somewhere we have never been to. Scary? Nah… Exciting. yes! 🙂 The beauty of being on vacation is that, stress isn’t part of the itinerary, specially when you’re traveling in a first world country like Canada. Almost everything works!

The day started with this panoramic vista in front of our window.  Nice right?  The mist looks surreal with the sunrise as its backdrop. 🙂


After breakfast, we walked towards Niagara Falls Visitor Center to purchase our tickets for Journey Behind The Falls.  For more details about this tour, check their official website –


From there, we were ushered to its Welcome Center. And were given a raincoat as protection from the mist of the falls.

Here’s the hubby, while waiting for our turn.


Then, we went down 45 meters below. And was greeted with a fairly large tunnel that’s decorated with frames on the wall, sharing  Niagara Falls stories  and history.


We heard the fall’s thundering sound before seeing it…

Then I finally saw the Horseshoe Falls up close and personal. What a sight to behold! Think of at least a million gallons of water falling behind you. And that’s just one part of the Niagara Falls. The mist looks like a thick smoke rising to the heavens.  Saying that it’s amazing, is an understatement….


So this is me with my silly grin. Again… haha




I would like to go back here on winter, someday. And see the frozen Niagara Falls. 🙂


That’s the Hornblower Tour Boat, behind John.


This would have been an exciting experience. Being in the boat,  be closer to the flowing water and be covered with the mist. But well, our Kingston experience, was still so fresh in our minds that we thought not to go in the water, just yet. 🙂

But here’s the details for those who want to try the cruise –


That’s the American Falls, took this photo before we left.


Okay, so time to ride the WEGO bus. And take another tour. 🙂

The view of the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls beside it, from the bus.


Riding the green line bus  took us to the Souvenir City. And the white water walk area, where people walk the trail beside Niagara River.


The green line passes through the Butterfly Conservatory. And finally the Flower  Clock.


The Flower Clock Center. They have souvenir items like key chains, shirts, ref magnet, etc. And snacks if you’re hungry.


IMG_1122 IMG_1121

Thanks to the Filipino tourist from Manila who took this photo of me and the hubby. 🙂

The Floral Clock behind us.


I wanted to see the 200 year old town called Niagara on the Lake. It’s been preserved due to its history and beautiful architecture. So we stayed behind and waited for the orange line Wego bus that would go there.

Travel time took a few minutes only, passing through vineyards with beautiful homes.

Getting there was like stepping into the past. The house below first caught my attention…


The Prince of Wales Hotel.

IMG_1144 IMG_1138

I had to pose of course. he he


This house was built in 1840. By the way, all of the pictures here can be enlarged by clicking on them.


The Owl and The Pussycat. That’s a store.  What a name! ha ha


I love the bookshop! 🙂 Ka sosyal no? hehe


So here’s the hubby, being his funny self again. LOL



IMG_1137 IMG_1136

Ahh… How could I not? I love Sotheby’s! 🙂


Ok, if you’re wondering, yes this is a walking tour. Hurt our feet, but it was so worth it. It’s so beautiful. Even the landscape.


Being there in autumn was a plus factor. It made the whole place radiant with the leaves’ colorful hues.


Or you can do the tour in style. 🙂

Take the carriage.


I love reading. So I take photos of these things to remind me of its history.


On our way back, the bus driver kindly stopped for a few minutes so the tourists can take photos at the Queenston Park.  That’s the Niagara River as seen from the park.


The Bridge going to the American side of the waterfalls. As we were entering the Niagara Falls area.


Before going back to the hotel, we had dinner at the Niagara Fallsview Resort’s buffet restaurant. If you go there, do not miss this place. The food is great and it is overlooking Niagara Falls.


IMG_1217 IMG_1214 IMG_1209

Walking back to the hotel, we met another tourists , who kindly took this photo of us.

It was a busy day but a really nice one.  Thank you Lord.

To enjoy Niagara and not feel rushed, one needs at least 3 days. Do not go there and just run through it. Plan ahead and savor each moment. Believe me, it is worth your effort and time. It is money well spent too.

Thank you for being with me in this trip. 🙂 We are not done yet. Far from it! ha ha… So come back next time and join me with the rest of our journey.

God bless everyone! Bye for now. 🙂






Lea C. Walker


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