Real Estate In Samal



This segment of my blog will bring you the properties that are for sale in the Island Garden City of Samal, Philippines.


Samal Island boasts of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. It is called a garden city , not because of its landscape but because of its sea scape. Its waters are filled with beautiful and colorful corals which any divers would love.


Samal is also the home of Hagimit Falls. Its beautiful cascades bring cool and refreshing water that will invigorate and relax your tired body and soul. 🙂


It is also the home of millions of bats that is preserved at Monfort Bat Caves.


For the spelunking and mountaineering enthusiasts, Samal will not disappoint you!


So come and enjoy our island. 🙂


For more details, please contact:


Thank you.



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