Road Trip 2016 – Podunk, Kentucky

Wikipedia describes Podunk as –   a term used in the United States to represent an insignificant place. While Merriam-Webster defined it as – a small, unimportant, and isolated town. An…

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Road Trip 2016 – Indiana to Mammoth Cave , Kentucky

The drive from Edinburgh , Indiana to  Cave City ,  Kentucky is a short one. It’s only about 3 hours via I-65 . We checked out early from Best Western Hotel because we went back to the nearby…

Source: Road Trip 2016 – Indiana to Mammoth Cave , Kentucky

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US 2016 – Chicago To Indiana

The distance between Chicago and Indiana is just 200 miles. Driving time is about 4 hours ,  depending on the traffic and the speed limit. We took I-294 / 94 and I-65 from the hotel to Indianapolis…

Source: US 2016 – Chicago To Indiana

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US 2016 – Manila to Chicago

I have been remiss on my blog again. The hubby and I am traveling as of the moment. Hence, the late entries. I apologize. We arrived Chicago earlier this month.  The temperature was 15’c (59&…

Source: US 2016 – Manila to Chicago

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Where The Philippine Peso Is Going

Below is the 10 year chart of the Philippine Peso against the US Dollar. In the trading world, all currencies are pegged against the dollar because it is considered to be the strongest currency in the world. Hence, when trading currencies, the basis always is the mighty USD.

So what does the chart below tells us?

If you notice, the trend is upwards. Meaning, depreciation of the Philippine Peso.

History shows that on 2013, it tried to break the 45/dollar mark. And almost touched the P49/dollar mark at the end of 2015.

There are so many reasons why the market moves, but normally, correction happens at the last quarter of the year. Traders are dumping their stocks/currencies valued in Philippine Peso in exchange of the US Dollar. Why, for profit, of course.

You bought the Philippine Peso earlier in the year at a lower price. So you sell it off at a higher price. A few weeks ago, I bought US Dollars at P46.50 and P46.80. Now, the price of the dollar is P48.20 .  If I sell today, I would be earning P1.70 pesos per One US Dollar. Imagine if you are trading in millions. How much would you earn now?

See that’s just how the market works. It is after all, buying and selling of currencies. You buy when it’s cheap. And you sell when you know you are going to make money out of it.


That is what’s happening now. A year end correction. The investors are on a wait and see attitude until January 2017.

The news is making us believe that the Philippine Peso being at P48.00 against the US Dollar is bad. I would say, NO. That is not always the case. Let me explain why I say so.

One, our overseas workers, are happier this way. If they send $1,000.00 to the Philippines, it will now be valued at P48,200.00 which is way better than P46,000.00 in the past few months. This then means that come Christmas, money spending will be higher. The ordinary Filipinos will be able to celebrate more because now they can afford to. The local economy will be bustling with all the shopping going on.

Second, on a larger scale, our exporters will be happier as well. If you are an exporter of let’s say cocoa or banana and you are paid in US Dollars, imagine the difference on your income. For instance, even with 1 ton of local produce costing $10,000.00 – your P460,000.00 has just risen to P480,200.00 . See that isn’t bad right? Ask your exporter friends about this and tell me if they aren’t jumping for joy. 🙂

Third, we are looking for investors. That’s a fact. The Philippines need jobs. Hence, investors are a must. If I am an investor, tell me why would I spend my money on the Philippines when there are other Asian nations like China, Vietnam and Thailand? So, the bottom line is, a cheaper peso plus english speaking Filipino employees, is a win-win situation for us. If the investors monies will go a long way in a country, that’s where the investors go. It’s business my friends. Cheaper peso means better chances of getting international investors.

So no, let us not be afraid of what’s going on in the currency/stock trading world now. The correction is bound to happen. And it will bring us more good than harm.

To our importer friends, just hold on. You have been enjoying a cheaper US Dollar for quite sometime already. So let us be happy for our exporters for a few months. I just hope that you paid your US dollar debts already because if not, then that means more Philippine Pesos out of your pocket these days.

There’s a lot of resistance on the P49/dollar level. So it may have a difficult time breaking that. If it does, then we will be looking at the 2007 high of P50 per us dollar.

Honestly, I don’t like that because when I go to the US, my shopping money has lesser value there.

But you know, the world doesn’t revolve around me. 🙂 So that’s fine.

What’s important is that our OFW’s and Exporters are happy. Plus when the peace and order is better, Investors will come by the volumes.

I learned all these things when I worked as a Licensed Currency Trader. So yes, I know what I am talking about.

To all my Realtor friends, this means more investments from our OFW’s. I am excited!

And to our overseas workers and everyone earning in US dollar, enjoy! 🙂







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Marco Polo Revisited

Marco Polo is the nearest hotel to the September 2nd blast in our City. And so with the long weekend ahead , the hubby and I decided to stay there. That’s mostly to prove to ourselves that despite what happened, Davao is fine. We may have fallen for one night, but our City stood up the day after.

We checked in past 4:00 pm. Prior to that, as we were entering the hotel’s vicinity, security was tight. But then again, The Marco Polo has always been that way. We didn’t mind it because it means that whether we eat or stay at the hotel, we know we are safe.

The check in itself  was painless. Since our stay was prepaid, the staff told me that she won’t get my card anymore. We can just pay at the restaurant, etc. with cash as we go along. Which was fine by me.

I found the room nice and spacious. Well it is a 32 square meter room after all. Including the bathroom which came with a tub.


But we had minor problems like : some channels on their TV didn’t have pictures in them but we could hear the people talking, there was no TV guide and most importantly, there were no towels. These little things would not have mattered if we’re staying in a 2-3 star hotel. But when you claim to be a 5 star hotel, that’s not acceptable. Sorry.

After a short conversation with the home keeping staff, everything was fixed, except the pictures on their TV. I guess that was the cable connection’s problem. I just found it weird because we can hear some of the channels, but there’s nothing to see. ha ha

We went down to the Lobby Lounge after an hour or so to chill while waiting for dinner at Cafe Marco.

The Lobby Lounge serves international cuisine. They offer an all day menu of light snacks, desserts and beverages, complete with live entertainment to enliven the relaxing atmosphere. Perfect start to a “de-stressing”  night. 🙂

After a bottle of San Mig Light and a photo op for me under their cute lanterns, we proceeded to Cafe Marco on the second floor.

The Restaurant:

Cafe Marco’s Dinner Buffet starts at 6:00pm. Their food is always delicious. The dessert, mouthwatering.

The main course that night consisted of several seafood delicacies. And a wide array of beef , chicken and pork dishes.


I loved the fresh salad and fresh  meat counter where one has an option to have it grilled or fried.


These are just few of the delectable dessert. I would have wanted to eat more, but you know at my age, that is no longer a wise action and/or decision. 🙂


More than the food, I commend their staff for such impeccable service. And to Aldon, thank you for preparing a fruit platter for us. Even if we did not ask for it, we appreciate your action very much.  Your simple gesture was amazing.

One of the best things about Davao – abundant supply of fruits all year round.

This platter is composed of fresh watermelon, sweet pineapple, sweet mangoes, pomelo and mangosteen.


Here’s to another relaxing memory. Thank you Lord. 🙂


Our plan that night was to walk across the street and visit Aldevinco Shopping Center. And farther ahead, at the Night Market, where the bombing happened.  But it got stormy that night. So we didn’t brave the rain. We decided to proceed to their amenity floor instead after dinner.

At the 4th floor of the hotel, you will find Polo Bistro. This outdoor restaurant offers Inter-Continental Ala Carte Food. We didn’t try their food there though because we just had a sumptuous dinner.

I found the swimming pool outside Polo Bistro perfect for exercising. I would have probably waded there if , again, it wasn’t raining.  Maybe, next time….

Another place that caught my attention was their Lazuli Spa.



We did not try their spa this time. But it is something to look forward to, sometime in the future. It would be nice to indulge in their spa and pamper yourself after a hard day’s work.

For more details of Lazuli Spa, please check this link –

The rest of the night was a blur. I slept like a log and woke up almost 7 in the morning already. I never do that. I always, and I mean always wake up at 5:00am or a little over that. But never 7am. Ever. I must have been really exhausted. Work has been tiring, I know. I just didn’t realize how burnt out I was until that night.

I took the picture below after breakfast. It was cloudy but I could see Davao Gulf from a distance. Right in front of our window though was the night market area. It looked so quiet during day time. But once the night market starts , I tell you, it has a life of its own.


As I write this article, I am thankful to God that Davaoenos are okay. My city is very resilient. And so are the people living here. Business is back to normal. Infact , Cafe Marco’s breakfast buffet, was full packed. It was a complete opposite from the relaxing ambiance the previous night. 🙂

Marco Polo Davao is located in C.M. Recto Street, Davao City. For bookings or reservations, please check their website –














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An Example of Philippine Journalism

Recently, President Duterte was bashed once again, for supposedly saying that President Barack Obama is “bastos”, which means “rude” in English.

I have read so many comments on social media, for and against our President. I have Filipino friends from the US who also commented negatively about what happened.

In the interest of fairness and to also set the record straight, please read the apology of the anchorman who read the wrong content on his breaking news. Therefore, creating a sensationalized news which of course, got printed in the mainstream media both local and abroad.

Full story can be found here –

The Anchorman, Mr. Ed Lingao, issued a public apology through his Facebook page , saying:


I am not going to bash Mr. Lingao because a) that is not who I am and b) we all make mistakes. Cast the first stone to those who have not as Jesus said in the bible. 

But this is my take on the matter…

I have always wanted to become a journalist. Even if I took a different course in college, the love for writing never really faded. Hence, this blog. I always thought journalism is a noble profession. But since the campaign period this year, the mainstream media in our country has shown so many lies by cutting off the real message. And normally  prints the provocative words or phrase to create a bigger and more sensationalized news.

The dictionary’s definition of the word sensationalize says this:sensationalized

With what has been happening and what has happened this time,  the inaccuracy of the news created unjust trouble to the Philippine President.

So I am hoping that all our journalists will double check their information first and be responsible in what they present to the public. There are children all over the world who look up to you. As in my case when I was a lot younger. My admiration to the industry is the reason why I fell in love with writing. And it hurts me to see that the news these days are out for sensationalism and not the truth.

I may be naive in saying this, but I pray that one day, everything will change. We may not be able to see good news all the time. But at least , we know that what we are reading is the truth.

To all my friends and readers of this blog, let us try to promote more love. Our world has bigger problems than this. So instead of sowing hatred, let us first try to understand what happened and let us always search for the truth before we condemn and judge.

Thank you.

And oh.. this is what President Obama’s response to the above mentioned inaccurate report:


Now, that’s what I call professionalism in action.




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Pensacola Beach

We arrived in Pensacola Beach around dusk. I could see the sky turning yellow and orange. As much as I wanted to run to the beach for the sunset picture, I had to take care of our “home”…

Source: Pensacola Beach

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Roadtrip 2015 – MS to Florida

DAY 1: After days of rain and being stuck at home, the hubby and I decided to drive to Florida. Yes, we both got bored. 🙂 We’re not used to sitting around you see. We run a business back in …

Source: Roadtrip 2015 – MS to Florida

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REPOST: From Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano

Please share until it reaches President Obama. Thank you.

Alan Peter Cayetano
1 hr ·

An Open Letter To President Obama. With A Prayer for a successful meeting between him and President Duterte.

Dear President Obama,

As a Citizen of the world and a believer in Change, allow me to write you an open letter to attempt to articulate the audacity of the Filipino people to hope for a better future and to aspire for a nation that is secure,peaceful,law abiding and prosperous.

While we are still mourning and recovering from the Davao Bombing, while our law enforcers are sacrificing and doing their duty everyday to reclaim communities from narcotics and criminality (many police officers have died in the line of duty), while our President is pursuing peace and fighting corruption, powerful forces are working against us (locally and internationally).

I write to you because more than any other person, you know how it feels to have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

To have the burden of fixing the problems of your own country but having to constantly live up to the expectations of the entire world.

To be called on, and depended on but at the same time to be hated and cursed at.

To be pulled and torn in every direction and at every crossroad.

I ask myself where does President Obama get the strength to see this through? It can only have come from the grace of GOD and a deep love of one’s people and of all humanity.

Despite all the challenges, you have persevered and have accomplished so much.

Now it is our turn. Our turn to experience Change we can believe in.

We finally have a President who has faith in GOD, who has a deep love for our people, who is willing to sacrifice even his life and honor to see that change comes to all Filipinos.

President Duterte and our entire nation is now fighting 3 wars simultaneously.

1. The War against poverty (which includes leveling a playing field that by and large only oligarchs grow and prosper while the greater majority struggles just to survive);

2. The War against crime, illegal drugs and corruption, and;

3. The War on war. The quest for a just and inclusive peace and an end to the decades-long communist insurgency as well as other rebellions in our country.

After decades of hopelessness and up to 10 million Filipinos leaving our country to find work in foreign lands and after an entire generation exposed to the perils of illegal drugs, we finally have a President who is trying to get the country back on the right track.

Mr President, how many times have you been misjudged, prejudged or judged unjustly because of your nationality, Party affiliation, stand on issues or even your skin color?

Yet despite all these, you persevered. You never gave up! If there were mistakes along the way, you learned from those mistakes and you spawned an entire generation of people around the world saying “Yes We Can!”

Will you now allow us to lose hope and fail? Will the West deny us the “Change we can believe in?” Just because some people have misjudged our beloved President based on how he speaks. Aggrevated by an obvious misinformation campaign about the human rights situation in the country.

Does he not deserve to be judged on his record and his actions? On facts and not manipulated statistics? On where he wants to bring the country rather than his sometimes politically incorrect words?

We Filipinos will always be your brothers and sisters. Your allies and friends. But we also deserve our own national identity and a chance for an independent foreign policy.

A foreign policy for Filipinos by Filipinos. A balanced friendship with our oldest ally and big brother the United States of America on one hand and a friendship of mutual respect with our neighbor China on the other.

You have tried at every turn to avoid war and done everything for peace! Can’t we work on a win win win situation for the U.S.A, Philippines and China?

Over the last 7 years you have patiently addressed concerns of pessimists, critics and hardliners and pushed your peoples agenda forward inch by inch.

Well now the pessimists, critics and hardliners in the West, the United Nations, and the Philippines want us to continue to bicker and disagree. To let disagreements escalate into fights. And for what? So that no one wins?

Hardliners fear the Philippine government will make peace with the communist rebels.

Critics Fear that CHRISTians and Muslims can’t build communities and a Nation together?

Pessimists say that we can’t be a drug free Country.

Will we let the pessimists and hardliners win Mr President? Or will we persevere and try to understand each other, so we can wake up one day to a peaceful, prosperous and progressive Philippines.

Can’t we give the Philippines and President Duterte a Chance?

As We Pray that GOD Blesses America, We ask The Americans to be used by GOD To Bless The Philippines.

GOD Bless You President “Yes We Can” Obama!

GOD Bless President Rody Duterte!

GOD Bless The Philippines!


Senator Alan Peter S. Cayetano

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