Davao – Bukidnon Road Trip

You’ve heard of Buda right? 🙂

For those who haven’t, that’s short for Bukidnon-Davao. Referring to the road connecting Davao City to the Province of Bukidnon and Cagayan.

Recently, we had another road trip.

If you’re planning on going to Cagayan De Oro City via Bukidnon, I suggest that you give ample time for the travel itself. With the road repairs in Quezon and the bumper to bumper traffic in Valencia, it took us forever to reach our point of destination – Malaybalay.

Let me show you what to expect when travelling via Buda, these days through my photos. 🙂

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (1)

We left Davao around 2pm. We were supposed to leave early but well, work happened. So there goes our plan. 🙂 I love going to Buda because it’s a lot cooler than downtown Davao. So most of the trip, I just open my side of the window to feel its cool breeze. Before reaching the boundary, we stopped at the Coffee Shop beside Seagull Mountain Resort for some coffee. I would have ordered “tsokolate with suman” if I saw it earlier. Too bad, I thought. But there’s always a next time…. I’ll make sure to order it then because the “tsokalate” smelled so good!

The Coffee Shop, beside Seagull Mountain Resort.

The Coffee Shop, beside Seagull Mountain Resort.

The winding road in Buda. I can't say it enough, I love the place!

The winding road in Buda. I can’t say it enough, I love the place!

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (4)Pitcher Plant Farm, where we stayed at, is past Malaybalay City. Going back to Davao, that’s the welcome sign you will see upon entering the city proper. They have a Gaisano Mall there now. 🙂

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (5)Bukidnon is famous for their pineapple plantations. So you’ll find pineapple displays beside the road. And they’re cheap too! I bought the big ones for P25 / each. Perfect for the new year huh! 🙂

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (6)These pictures (above and below) were taken in Valencia, Bukidnon. Beautiful right? It’s never boring to do a roadtrip in this province because you will be entertained with spectacular landscape and mountain views.

NOTE: There’s Roadhouse in Valencia. So if you get hungry in that area, Roadhouse offers really good food. Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (7)

You’ll find this limestone mountain in between Maramag and Valencia. There are nice resorts in Maramag. But among them, I like RR Spring Resort.  (I wrote about it here –  https://leawalkerblog.com/2011/10/05/maramag-bukidnon/ )

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (8)

One way lane in Quezon. So you will need to stop for about 10 to 15 mins, each time. They’re doing several repair works so give an allowance of at least an hour when you plan your trip. This is far from being over, so I guess my suggestion applies until next year. 🙂

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (10)

Interesting mode of transportation in Bukidnon. I took this particular picture somewhere in Quezon. 🙂

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (11)

After a tiring trip in Quezon, Bukidnon I am happy to be back in Davao again. 🙂 This is the view you will see in Buda – on Davao side of the trip. I love watching the valleys and the people taking care of their farms.

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (12)

Lunch at Seagull Steak House.

We reached this side of Buda past 1pm already. We were actually looking forward to their coleslaw. But they said that they ran out of vegetables. I said, “I have a cabbage. Can you fix it for us?” Of course, we will pay the same price as their menu. But they won’t do it. That made us really sad. We skipped Roadhouse because of the coleslaw in Seagull. Can’t believe they ran out of vegetables when there are vendors beside the road nearby…  😦

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (15)

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (14)

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (13)

John ordered Fish Fillet. It’s made of cream dory, which I find bland and tasteless. 😦  French call it Pangasius. So if you’re wondering if they’re the same, the answer is yes it is.

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (16)

While I ordered the unhealthy but yummy, Lechon Kawali. hehe..

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (17)

Pinetrees in Buda.. 🙂

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (18)

John saw this plant on the way to Malaybalay. So on our way back to Davao, we kept looking beside the road for it. Until we found this garden beside the road. I asked Manong, the owner , what its name is. He said “uhhmm.. paper rose?” He sounded unsure but I said, ok. Since I had no idea what it was. hehe…

And then he mentioned, it was used as paper in egypt. In fact, the scrolls were made from these plants. That’s when John said – ahhh.. papyrus!

To cut a long story short, we bought some for our house and for our farm. 🙂

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (19)

Thanks to Bing for this clearer picture.

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (20)Clean river in Lorega, Buda. 🙂

Davao - Bukidnon Roadtrip (21)Ahh.. back to traffic again. Taken in Calinan, Davao City.

Like I said, it was a tiring trip. But it was worth it. We ended up buying several pitcher plants at Pitcher Plant Farm. Pineapples in Bukidnon. Vegetables and plants in Buda. hehe

So that’s why, we like roadtrips…. 🙂

Lea C. Walker



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12 Responses to Davao – Bukidnon Road Trip

  1. stormer says:

    Nice blog. My cousin now resides in Davao. He’s originally from Bulacan, but maybe he fell in love with this paradise called Mindanao. I would definitely love to LIVE also in Mindanao..


    • Hello stormer,

      Thank you for dropping by my blog. 🙂

      Mindanao is beautiful. You should come visit. And maybe, like your cousin, you will fall inlove with the place too. 🙂

      Thanks again.



  2. Wan says:

    Hi Lea, I enjoyed reading your blog. Incidentally I’m thinking to self-drive from Davao to Dahilayan. Do u think a 600 cc small auto car can take the stress of the long winding & uphill route ? Your better judgment and advice appreciated.


  3. rose marie says:

    hi may I know roughly how many hours from Davao city going to bukidnon? thanks


    • Hello Rosemarie,

      These are my estimates:

      Davao to Maramag, Bukidnon= 3 hrs
      Davao to Malaybalay = 4 hrs
      Davao to Manolo Fortich = 6 hrs

      We take our time when we are traveling in the area because of the winding road. Plus it is scenic. Sometimes, there are delays as well, due to road repairs.

      Thank you.

      Lea C. Walker


  4. We did have a road trip from Davao to Cagayan de Oro. It was fun and the food we ate was tasty. My husband who had never been to these tow provinces enjoyed the trip. I used to travle with my older brother who was a lawyer in Davao City, friend of Mayor Duterte, the only thing is my brother is gone, passed at age 63. Preident Duterte was very nice to our family, that is why I have to go visit Davao to thank him in person. Very humble and down to earth. I always pray for him that he will finish his project to clean up the graft and corruption in the Philippines..


    • Hello Ms. Priscilla,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Like you, most of us have the same prayer. A cleaner government devoid of graft and corruption. A safe nation where we can all live peacefully and harmoniously.

      Please say hello when you visit Davao po.

      Thank you.



  5. Jestoni says:

    Hi Ms. Lea;

    We are planning with my girlfriend to go to Bemwa Farm. May I ask you some information, may landmarks or anything since your really familiar with the area, to guide us to reached to the farm?
    May I know also the approximate time of travel from davao to Bemwa?

    Thank you a lot.


    • Hello Jestoni,

      Sorry for the late reply. I am now traveling, that’s why.

      I have not been to Bemwa Farm yet. We plan on going there when I go back to Davao. 🙂

      I know though that it’s less than 2 hours from Davao, before reaching Seagull Mountain Resort.

      Thank you.



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