Apple French Toast

I got tired of eating lugaw (congee) and fish soup. This thing called “soft diet” isn’t working well for me. lol But well, it’s  doctor’s order so I have to follow right? Right.. ( in my imaginary world , that is.) ha ha

Truthfully though, I couldn’t stand one more day of not eating something better. So I raided the ref and found me some interesting stuff, ie: apples, butter, milk , cheese. Hmmn.. I wondered what possibly could I make out of these things. I didn’t want to eat just an apple, you see.

Then I saw the bread on the table. Ok, so I’ve made a decision. 🙂

I soaked the sliced bread in eggs and milk. Got me another bowl.  And poured the melted butter into it. Then added the sliced apples. Poured some brown sugar.  Added the bread on top of the mixture. Then grated the cheese on top of it.

It looks good , I thought. So this should taste good too. I wondered?!

After 30mins or so of baking, I got my answer. Of course, it tasted good. 🙂 I am happy.

Apple French Toast

It’s sinfully yummy… lol

Too late when I realized that apples, butter ,  milk and ulcers don’t go together. So don’t eat this if you’re still under medication for ulcers and gallbladder post laparoscopic operation.

Otherwise, like I said, it’s sinfully yummy… 🙂

Happy eating!


Lea C. Walker





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