Road Trip Day 6 – (Calbayog, Samar to Sogod, Leyte)

Day 6 of our road trip would have been shorter if Tacloban wasn’t hit with Typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda (local name) on November 2013. Almost all of the resorts and hotels were not available when I booked for this trip. And other than in Calbayog City, there weren’t any nice hotels along the way. Tacloban City, our first option for that day’s stop over, was totally devastated at that time.

I am glad that my research paid off because we loved Ciriaco Hotel and Spa Resort. The rooms were spacious, the bed was comfortable, the view of the sea is beautiful and the food was good. There were some rowdy tourists but they got quiet when it was time to sleep. So we were happy with our stay there.

The Hotel:


IMG_5156 IMG_5166

The King Room, where the hubby and I stayed.



Our bookings came with  free breakfast which consisted of ham, hotdogs, beefsteak and garlic rice. There was an egg counter and dessert bar as well.

IMG_5179 IMG_5174

We continued with our road trip after breakfast. The day got gloomy and rained in some parts  as we traveled towards Leyte.


San Juanico Bridge.  IMG_5207 IMG_5205 IMG_5202

San Juanico Bridge photos, taken on 2010:

I don’t know why, but I am so fascinated with bridges and interstates. San Juanico Bridge reminded me of the Causeway Bridge in Lake Ponchartrain, Louisiana, U.SA.  Of course, San Juanico Bridge is just a baby (2.16 kms) compared to the causeway bridge (42.6 kms.) But still, this is a major achievement for the Philippines considering the corruption in our country.

Moving on, I just have to say this – the Philippines is so beautiful. So go out and enjoy our country , my friends! 🙂




We had our lunch in Tacloban City 30 minutes later, before we continued with our road trip.

Typhoon Haiyan hit Leyte on November 2013. Six months later,  we could still see the devastating effect of that typhoon. 😦

IMG_5214 IMG_5260 IMG_5257 IMG_5227

I got scared for these children. They shouldn’t be driving a motorcycle at all! Specially on a National Highway. Geee…


Finally, we have reached our destination.

calbayog to sogod

Villa Catalina Manor and Beach Resort is our home for the night. It’s not high end but it was clean and safe. The staff were very nice and helpful as well.

I will write more of this resort on the next installment of this blog.

IMG_5314 IMG_5315



Lea C. Walker