Tracy Arm Fjord



September 9, 2019.  Our second day in Juneau, Alaska.

From our hotel, we walked for about 15 minutes to the office of Adventure Bound Alaska,  after breakfast.

We checked in for the Tracy Arm Fjord Tour at exactly 8am. While waiting for the other guests, I went outside and took photos of the seagulls and other birds.

Thirty minutes later, we were ready to depart. Our trip consisted of less than 20 people. Our captain that day was Capt. Steve,  assisted by John.

The Tracy Arm Fjord Tour is a whole day trip. We were lucky that the sea was mostly calm that day. With the small yacht, I am sure we would feel the wave if the weather was bad. I was kinda apprehensive about that. Because of what happened to us in Kingston, Canada during our 1000 Islands Tour. But I am so glad that I booked the tracy arm tour because we had an awesome experience. ❤

On our way to the fjord, we saw bald eagles and more seagulls. Halfway there, several whales came out. Seeing them rolling and blowing water was surreal. It was my first time to see such. So to say that I was enthralled, is an understatement.

And then we reached the fjords. High mountains covered in glaciers and snow surrounded us. The temperature got colder. But I did not mind it. We came prepared. Three layers of clothes, plus coat , hat and mittens shielded us from the chilly weather.

As we moved on, ice floes and ice bergs were scattered all over the place. Capt. Steve knew where to go and how to avoid them as he has been doing this job for at least 20yrs.  We could also see several waterfalls flowing from the mountain top to the sea.

If you only have a few days to spare in Alaska, take this tour. It is worth the cost, the effort and time. And prepare to be amazed…. I cannot exactly explain how I felt that time. Alaska is overwhelming. And this is one of those moments that overwhelmed me very much.

Moving on, when we reached the end of the fjord, we were introduced to Sawyer Glacier. Carved a million years ago by nature, this was another surreal experience. I am glad that I saw it. But sad at the same time because it is melting fast. It is continuously calving.

We saw several huge chunks calved. The sound is scary and loud. And it caused a ripple on the water once the ice reached the sea. Our yacht swayed with the wave. I did not like that. At all.

It’s a good thing that there were about a hundred seals chilling on top of the icebergs. They kept us entertained. ❤❤❤ Apparently, the seals stay in this area because Orcas and other killer whales will not come nearby because of the icy cold water. So they stay here to give birth and grow their pups. Look at my photos below, you will see how cute they are…. 😁

Capt. Steve also explained that we were at a safe distance. So there was nothing to worry about.

Here are some of the photos I took. These do not represent the real beauty of the place. But I hope that it will somehow give you a glimpse of what I saw.

For more details about this trip, check the website of Adventure Bound Alaska here –

I would like to express my gratitude to Capt. Steve for a wonderful trip. Thank you for bringing us back to port safe and sound. Thank you also to his Assistant , John , for all the details he gave us and for providing meals in the boat.

By the way, there’s food available in the boat for a small fee. There’s hot choco, coffee, noodles, sandwiches, etc. So you will not get hungry. Or you have the option to bring your own.

Make sure that you are properly dressed for this trip so you will enjoy the day. It is nice to stay outside, specially if you love photography. But you need to be prepared for the cold and the wind.

Don’t forget to bring extra batteries for your camera. Most wildlife will be at a distance, so bring your long lens camera. That way, you will be able to take photos as much as you want.

I mentuoned earlier that the Tracy Arm Fjord Tour is a whole day trip. And true enough, yes it was. We got back to Juneau past 5pm that day.

So think about that. You will be on the water for about eight hours. If you have motion sickness concerns ,  take dramamine or the likes.

I hope you had fun reading my blog. Thank you.

Bye for now. Till next time! ❤


Lea C. Walker




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