Mindanao – Highway 955

Highway 955  came as a surprise to us. I never even knew that it existed, if not for our GPS.

The hubby plotted a route to Cagayan De Oro City,  after my meeting in Gingoog  last month. Google showed a shorter route compared to that of AH (Asian Highway) 26 . And so we took it, not knowing that we will be traversing on a mountain road all the way to CDO.

Gory picture reminding motorists to travel with their helmets on. Photo was taken at the Boundary of Gingoog , coming from Butuan. 


Gingoog City Proper.


Leaving the City of Gingoog, we followed their Diversion Road.

Diversion Road View.

The weather couldn’t decide that day. It was hot in the morning. And rained in the late afternoon. Hence, the thick fog in the picture.

Mt. Balatukan. from a distance.

A few minutes later, we reached a military checkpoint so we stopped. One of the soldiers asked us where we were going. So I replied. And asked him back, if it is safe to go this way. Which he quickly quipped, yes. Very safe.

With that in mind, we continued with our trip.

And then we started ascending, in a zig-zag manner. Like the “intestine road” in Buda.

At 900 meters above sea level, we could see the tip of one of the foggy mountains.

I remember the hubby asking, when will we reach the top?

The place was very beautiful. But since it was my first time in the area, I had some apprehensions.

Well the news make it sound like Mindanao is a war zone.  So I guess, it’s normal to have some paranoid thoughts about safety.

When I saw several people walking beside the road, I realized that it might be okay. They wouldn’t be walking there if it isn’t,  right? 🙂

The fog got thicker as we arrived on top.

Now, we’re sharing the road with a motorcycle rider. 🙂  If we were on AH 26 (the National Highway), buses and trucks ply that route among others. So yeah, the word “crowded” is an understatement.

At least this way, there’s no traffic. Plus with that view infront of us, this has just become our favorite route.

Despite the remoteness, we saw some houses or nipa huts along the way. There were children coming back from school I believe.

Beautiful , isn’t it?

From what I saw, the main transportation mode in the area are motorcycles. So if you have none,  then you will have to walk for miles.

Honestly, this is one of our prettiest drives. It still amazes me how beautiful the valleys and the mountains are. Plus, it is so clean.

I prefer being with nature, than going to the malls. So this drive,  is an extra treat to me.

Oh another car on the road. 🙂 This vehicle made me smile actually.  It’s like, finally! Another traveler on the road, that’s not a local. ha ha

I am so used to empty highways  in America when we are road tripping. The hubby and I have an inside joke about serial killer committing suicide because of boredom. He’s out of luck if he’s waiting for a victim. lol

But not in the Philippines.

With a concrete highway and the panoramic views,  this should be crowded too. Not to mention the time saved using this route.. There is a difference of an hour compared to here and AH 26.  So it’s a no brainer, really. So I don’t know why only a few,  uses this road.

The questions that came to mind were – are we brave? Or are we stupid for following the GPS? ha ha

My opinion – a little of both maybe? ha ha

The hubby said it’s an adventure. 🙂


The Municipal Hall in Claveria, Misamis Oriental.

We left Gingoog City past 4:00 in the afternoon.

We were hoping to be in Cagayan De Oro before dark. But with the sunset in the horizon, we realized that it will get dark on us while we are on the road.

The sky got dark again. And the fog got thicker over the mountains.

As we continued with our trip, the sky turned more pink.

Dusk is stunning in this part of Mindanao.  Being on top, I felt like the sky was so near.

The view below is that of Macalajar Bay as we started our descent from Claveria  to the town of Villanueva, Misamis Oriental.

We arrived Cagayan De Oro City almost around 7:00 in the evening already, due to traffic.

Yes, we are back in the city , where traffic and road congestion is the norm. 🙂

And the temperature? 30′ celsius.  It was 10’c lower while we were up the mountains.

At 1,100 meters above sea level , the temperature was only 20’c . 

Our final destination for the night is The Limketkai Luxe Hotel. But I will blog about that next time.

For now, the hubby and I will just chill and have dinner in their restaurant before retiring to our room. It has been a very long and tiring day. But I thank God for the safe travels and successful business trip. Thank you Lord.

Now , it is time to enjoy my watermelon daiquiri. 🙂

See you next time guys! Ciao for now. 🙂




Lea C. Walker











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