Niagara Falls – Day 1


Coming from Toronto, travel time to Niagara Falls is about 2 hours only. Without traffic, 1.5 hours is easy. That’s from all the readings I’ve made prior to this road trip.

Since that’s a short trip, the hubby and I , decided to linger a little while at the Radisson Harbourfront Hotel in Toronto.  We enjoyed their buffet breakfast, which came free with our booking. I loved it. So I am saying this again, if you are in Toronto, the Radisson Admiral Hotel – Harbourfront  is a good choice. The price is just right for what we got.  And the harbor view is really beautiful. Other than that, there are several restaurants and coffee shops nearby. The Swiss Chalet across the street has good food.

We checked out around 9am. And headed towards the main reason of our Canada Roadtrip, the Niagara Falls. We could have taken the shorter route and just proceeded to the New York side of the falls, since we came from Manhattan anyway.  But everything I’ve read said that the Canadian side is better. Hence, the longer route we took. If you’ve been following this blog, you would know by now the Lake George – Montreal – Toronto route we followed. It took us days  but we had fun. 🙂

True enough, the travel time didn’t take long. We found ourselves infront of The Marriott Fallsview and Spa Hotel, just before lunchtime. We were immediately greeted by the valet who parked the rental car for us, after someone brought our luggage inside. Note: valet parking is 30 CAD per day. So plan your trip accordingly.

Check in was fast. And I was so happy to talk to a Filipina who assisted us at the counter. She told me that I was different. When I asked her what she meant, she said that I “talked” to her.  That’s when I realized that maybe some Filipinos who’ve visited them were snobs. If I am right, then let me say this,  don’t be snooty guys. We’re all the same,  ya know! 🙂

Anyway, after I said my thanks, the hubby and I went to our room at the 14th floor. Believe me, the cost was worth it. Being on the  top floor, facing Niagara Falls, was breathtaking. The view left me speechless and awed. How did I get so lucky to be able to see such wonder in my lifetime, I asked myself. I should correct my statement, it wasn’t just luck. It is a blessing. I dreamt, yes. But never have I thought that such dream will be granted. Never. So I will thank God for the rest of my life for this wonderful experience.

So let me take you down memory lane. 🙂

The famous Niagara Falls, as seen from our room.


On the far left behind me is the American side of the falls. Across the bridge, that’s America already.  The building below is the tourist center. There are restaurants, souvenir shops, etc. inside. The WEGO bus terminal is there as well.



This overpass is at the back of the Marriott Hotel.  We walked this way to familiarize ourselves with the location.

It was funny because one of the hotel staff ran after us to give us 2 WEGO cards. He explained that we can use it in all the WEGO Bus lines. That was so cool of him. Thank you!

To those who are planning to visit Niagara Falls, here’s the WEGO website –



Ok, so there was no direct route going down. We thought that there are stairs that will take us to the falls directly. But well, we were wrong. We had to walk farther and follow the “tourist route”. lol



Found the Niagara Fallsview Casino. Do not leave Niagara until you’ve tried the buffet overlooking the falls, inside this casino. The food is really good. 🙂



The Skylon Tower from a distance.


Still a long way to the falls… ha ha

We should have just waited for the bus infront of the hotel.  Oh well, we needed the exercise anyway. 🙂


Finally, the Welcome Center…. 🙂



THE NIAGARA FALLS UPCLOSE: (click on the photos to enlarge)

The American side of the waterfalls.

IMG_0831 IMG_0839 IMG_0837 IMG_0833

The Canadian side of the Waterfalls:

Volume of the water goes down the Canadian side. That’s why it creates a mist oftentimes. The tour boats (hornblower and maid of the mist) go near there. So if you want a really upclose experience, get the WEGO package – bus ticket for 2 days plus the boat tour. I think that’s 40 CAD.

We didn’t try that of course. Our Kingston experience was still so fresh in our minds, that being in the water is out of the question yet. he he


The view is fantastic from above huh?! 🙂

Sometimes, one gets lucky and get a picture of the falls and a rainbow. 🙂



Amazing ….   Made me appreciate our nature even more.



And we had to pose, of course. ha ha…. Thanks to the good person who offered to take this picture.


Moving on, as we were leaving the falls, I took this photo of the hotels above us. The wide one is where we are staying, the Marriott Fallsview and Spa Hotel. Behind it is the Tower Hotel. And on the right side is the Embassy Suites Hotel.


Time to ride the WEGO bus. 🙂


And check the Casino Mall.

Yep, it’s always Christmas in Niagara Falls. ha ha That’s the name of their store! Maybe because tourists have the “shopping feeling” while on vacation.

The Mall looks so nice. Ka sosyal na lang!

Check the chocolate shoes below too. 🙂

IMG_0915 IMG_0913 IMG_0912

Oh sorry… They are called “shoecolates” rather…   I stand corrected. ha ha


After checking out the mall, we rode the bus again and stopped near this Flying Saucer Restaurant.

Cool huh?! 🙂

IMG_0924 IMG_0922

Spent from our afternoon activities, we headed back to the hotel for an early dinner. As we were settling down in our room an hour or so later, we were so surprised when the falls were illuminated with different colors.

Both the US and Canadian side waterfalls glistened as the lights hit them. With the bright moon as its backdrop, everything just looked so beautiful. I can’t explain the awesome feeling I had at that moment. 🙂



As if that wasn’t enough, the fireworks started….


IMG_1049 IMG_1048 IMG_1047 IMG_1043 IMG_1039 IMG_1024 IMG_1016 IMG_1013 IMG_1007 IMG_1001

And yes, I heart you too…. 🙂


I know, Niagara Falls is a tourist trap. 🙂

The fact remains though that it is one of most powerful waterfalls I have ever seen. Its beauty is magnificent. So if you are planning to go , then go! No excuses… It is worth it.

I remember sitting on the couch watching the illuminated falls and the full moon, thanking God for having brought me there on the eve of my birthday. How awesome is that?


I am certainly not perfect. But I have an awesome God who loves me. Thank you Lord for everything….

Oh , before I forget , the locals pronounce the word Niagara as “nayagra“. I’ve heard some of us pronounce it as ni-ya-ga-ra or nayagara falls. That is wrong. 🙂



Lea C. Walker







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