Christmas Reflections

December 24, 2018


This season is not about gifts, given nor received.

It is about God sending his son on earth to save humans from sin. It is about God’s love for all human kind. Regardless of race, religion, status in life, achievements, etc. It is about Jesus’ obedience to his father. It is about Mary’s obedience to the will of God and giving birth to her son, Jesus Christ.

It is about Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice because of his love for us.

And it is about sharing that love to each other. True, this is easier said than done. But it does not change nor twist the fact that the call is there. For all of us to love one another, no matter how difficult it might be.

It is more than enough to try. God sees our hearts. Not Santa. But God. And he forgives our shortcomings, not because we are good or we have been good. But because he is the epitome of love. He cannot help himself but love us. Unconditionally.

Today, I thank God for the gift of wisdom. For a heart full of gratitude. As I celebrate Jesus’ birth, I pray that I may forgive more.I pray too that I may be forgiven. And that I may love more. It is hard dealing with difficult people, yes. But I pray for his grace. That I will look into other people’s eyes through God’s loving eyes.

Thank you Father in Heaven. If not for you sending your son, there is no Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone! May God’s grace and blessings be upon us this holy season….



Lea C. Walker


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Businesswoman. Realtor. Photographer. Traveler. Blogger.
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