Washington, D.C. – Day 3 (National Botanical Garden, US Capitol, etc.)

After breakfast, we started walking towards the U.S. Capitol building. That’s a long walk , but it’s okay. We needed our exercise anyway. 🙂 The news said it’s going to rain at 12:00 noon that day.

I remember saying – wow, they know exactly when it’s gonna rain huh?! Which the hubby replied with “D.C. has the most accurate weather system in the country”. I said, “hmmm… we will find out later”. I did not sound skeptical right? ha ha

Look at the map below.  What we walked through was far. So if you ever go to Washington, D.C. , make sure to wear a really comfortable shoes. Believe me, I am so happy that I was right when I chose Aldo boots. It helps with the cold. And it’s very comfortable on the feet.

google map

Okay, so let me start with the street photography. 🙂

First thing I noticed was the $250.00 fine. haha  That’s P11,000.00 pesos! Filipinos out there, pay attention! 🙂


We stopped at this building to visit the Ford Post Office. They have a passport renewal facility. And if you pay for rush processing, you will get the renewed passport in less than 7 days. Delivered at your doorstep. Awesome right?

I have to mention that the lady who assisted us that day was super nice. Thank you very much for your assistance. 🙂

That was  one of the reasons why we came to D.C.  To renew the hubby’s passport. I found it so convenient. A hassle free processing for about 15 minutes and then you’re done. Why can we not do that here in our country?!  Seriously, right? Processing of any paperworks in the Philippines seem to be complicated always. And the waiting time takes forever! 🙂


Moving on… 🙂

A mile or so away from the Ford building, is the Bartholdi Park. It can be found behind the National Botanic Garden.  That’s just for people to stop and admire its landscape. Or one can sit in one of the benches and relax.

Behind me is the National Botanic Garden and the U.S. Capitol.


IMG_2053 IMG_2058 IMG_2057

A few steps from the Bartholdi Park is America’s National Botanic Garden.  I love the space and chairs / benches provided outside for visitors.


I was so surprised when I saw the plants that are considered rare and endangered species. You can find most of them in the Philippines. 🙂


Anthuriums. I even have that in our backyard. 🙂


John was pointing at a plant that we believed we saw in Buda. 🙂


Sugarcane as shown in the arrow on the photo below.  If you come to the Philippines, visit the sugarcane plantations in Bukidnon and Negros. 🙂


Orchids. 🙂 Ahh I buy them all the time during Kadayawan and Araw ng Dabaw. And they… always die. I’m not so lucky with orchids. hu hu

IMG_2101 IMG_2100

Vanda Sanderiana. We have so many varities and colors in Davao.  Infact, our city is famous for its cutflowers. 🙂


Photo op. At the seed center. 🙂


Here’s the map of the Botanic Garden.

And you can read more about them here – http://www.usbg.gov/


From the botanic garden, we proceeded to the U.S. Capitol Building.  The dome is still under repair so you will see a lot of scaffolding in my pictures.




Standing infront of the US Capitol, the view of the Washington Monument , the National Mall and the nearby pond looks fantastic.

IMG_2150 IMG_2130 IMG_2129 IMG_2127 IMG_2125

IMG_8712 IMG_8711

This was almost noon time. The sky started to get dark,  so John said let’s go. Or we will get soaked in the rain. I said, so it’s really going to rain at 12:00 noon huh?! His short reply was, YES.

I just find that so cool. Like he said, D.C. has the most accurate weather system. And it’s starting to show that it will really rain.

So we walked towards the National Air and Space Museum. That’s a couple of blocks away. But everyone walked faster towards there. My husband is a geek. So you know, the air and space museum is perfect if we’re gonna be stuck inside for a few hours. Plus they have a restaurant there! 🙂

Took this photo as we were walking away from the Capitol. See, the ducks don’t care. ha ha


The park infront of the Capitol Building.


Passed by all these bike stop. You can rent bicycles here by paying with a card. 🙂


We have arrived. 🙂


I am going to make a separate entry in my blog for the National Air and Space Museum. It deserves its own space! Believe me the place is amazing…

And it is free. Yep, no entrance fee. At all. It is up to you if you want to donate or not.

I love the Smithsonian’s. 🙂


Oh.. and did it rain?


At exactly 12:00 noon at that. 🙂 When the rain poured as we were trying to decide if we will have lunch first or not, John and I looked at each other. I said, you’re right. ha ha

He just gave me that smug but cute smile of his… 🙂

Lea C. Walker



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