Road Trip – Oklahoma

I haven’t spent much time in Oklahoma really. Except during a road trip from Colorado in 2013.

Coming from Colorado Springs, we took Highway 400 on our way to Mississippi, passing through Dodge City and Wichita, Kansas. From there, we went down through Highway 35 to Oklahoma City.

We found a rest stop along the way which I found really nice. 🙂 Yes, this is common in the U.S.  But to a Filipino , I was so amazed and still am to date, how convenient this is for travelers. I wish that someday we will have the same facility in my country when we travel.

The incharge in this rest stop was very helpful. She gave me a lot of travel brochures too. 🙂

There’s a clean bathroom inside and a small park where you can stretch your legs and walk around.

Like I said , I didn’t see much of Oklahoma. But I noticed that there are lots of oil wells in the area.

And the speed limit is crazy. ha ha.  It wasn’t scary though considering that the highway was wide and it wasn’t crowded at all.

Okay , so 75 miles per hour is equivalent to 120 kilometers per hour.

Can’t do that in my country. Driving that fast, that is.  Someone will have an accident because there are houses beside the road. That means, there are people walking along the highway. Not to mention the motorcycle drivers or the tricycles that come out of nowhere.

Thanks Oklahoma for your rest area and for your staff’s hospitality. Hope to see you again someday. 🙂



Lea C. Walker