I had an interesting day yesterday. 🙂 John and I visited Secdea Beach Resort in Samal Island. We were looking at properties nearby so we thought that we’d stop by and check the place.

The resort is huge. From the main gate, we saw this vast space planted with mango trees. We followed the winding road going down and there’s another entrance with a guard house. After checking our vehicle, the guard let us in.

Upon entering, the first thing we saw was their fishing lagoon. You all know that I love to fish. 🙂 And it made me happy when I realized that the lagoon has bangus as well. Yes, there are tilapias, which is what’s common in most fish ponds in Davao resorts.

The Fishing Lagoon.

The Fishing Lagoon.

The whole clubhouse area was composed of :  a small but very nice lobby with a tiny bridge connecting to the game rooms. Under this bridge is a mini pond which isn’t done yet. There’s water but no fish as the moment. And the Infinity Restaurant. It is called as such because it overlooks the huge infinity pool which opens to the beach and the view of Davao City and its mountains. Beautiful is an understatement. 🙂 Believe me!

The Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse.

The Lobby.

The Lobby.

The Infinity Restaurant.

The Infinity Restaurant.

I wasn’t kidding when I said that the pool area is beautiful. 🙂

IMG_6882 - Copy IMG_6881

The Infinity Pool.

The Infinity Pool.

Oh I so loved the panoramic vista infront of me. It seemed endless and very therapeutic. I loved the cabana and the open cottages scattered all over the place. On the far distance, I saw small and big Ligid islands. And of course, the mangrove area. They put up a wooden bridge so people can walk around or  enjoy wading their feet in sea water. And at the same time, see the fishes and other creatures lurking/growing in the mangroves. Just the thought of that is amazing right? 🙂 Imagine, doing so!

Staying there would not be boring. Part of their amenities are: tennis and basketball courts. And for those who want extreme adventure, you can try  rappelling and wall climbing.

For day tours, the entrance fee is P650.00 per head. But that includes lunch already.

For those who wish to stay, there are sea side cottages for couples. Lodges for a family of four. And Villas for bigger groups or families, that can accommodate 12 people.

The Seaside Cottages cost P3,500.00 . Breakfast isn’t included, which costs P200.00 per head. It can be Filipino or Western breakfast – (with ham/bacon or hotdog).

The Seaside Cottages.

The Seaside Cottages.

The Villa is priced at P12,000.00 per night. But like I said, can accommodate 12 persons.

The Villa.

The Villa.

For meetings or seminars, they have really nice function rooms near the beach.

The functions halls at Secdea Beach Resort. Nice right? :)

The functions halls at Secdea Beach Resort. Nice right? 🙂

I know, I know.. Summer is over.  But like I always say, Samal Island is just a few minutes away from Davao. 🙂 So going there isn’t a hassle at all!

How to go to SECDEA:

From Babak, travel time is about 30mins. It is only 10kms away but as of now, they are concreting the road. That’s about 50% done already. So expect rough roads. Hence, the 30mins travel time.

Head towards Brgy. San Isidro. You won’t get lost. Just follow the signages on the road. 🙂

For more details, Secdea can be contacted through:

Tel No.  (082) 305-2774 or (082) 305-4028

This is an on-going development still. But the place has very comfortable accommodations that are cheaper than most. Not to mention the amenities and the view … Yes , it is worth visiting for, if you ask me. 🙂

Secdea Beach Resort

So, this is us bumming around. he he….

Secdea Beach Resort

Before I forget, thanks to the staff of Secdea for accommodating us. And to Jerry, for showing us the properties.

I had a great day! 🙂



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  1. Aura Azarcon says:

    Considering a day tour here instead of Pearl Farm. Any chance you know the kind of lunch included in the P650? 🙂


  2. Kimaii says:

    Hi! What about the entrance fee if you want to stay over night? Are all the amenities free of charge?


  3. trisha de nava says:

    hi! is the cottage and pool included in the day tour? 🙂


  4. nicole says:

    magkano po ang cottage na good for 13 person ? tapus hindi po overnight


    • Hello Nicole,

      The fee per head for day tours is P650.00 pesos. But you need to inform them because that includes lunch. That way, they can prepare for your group. Use of the swimming pool is also free with it. You can use the day time cottages there na also for free.

      To be sure, please double check with their office at these numbers: 082-3052774 and 082-3054028.

      Hope this helps.

      Thank you for dropping by my blog!



  5. jenette says:

    hi nicole its me again.. for the 12 persons overnight booking which cost 12 thousand do we still have to pay 650 per head? meaning 12 thou plus 650 each …sorry for the ignorance. ive bin trying to give them a ring but to no avail.


    • Hello again Jenette,

      If you have an overnight booking/s, the entrance fee is free.

      Please try their facebook page. Maybe they will answer. Kindly check with them the present rate. Please note that the link I sent you in my previous reply happened a year ago. 🙂

      Thank you.



  6. renz says:

    hi i just want to ask if the overnight stay with room is already included the entrance fee? thank you


  7. Mario says:

    Hi, nice pictures of the cottages and pools. The name say Sacdea Beach Resort, where’s the beach? Post some pictures of the beach front.


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