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Taken at the Stingless Jelly Fish Sanctuary in Bucas Grande Island, Sohoton , Surigao del Norte.

Taken at the Stingless Jelly Fish Sanctuary in Bucas Grande Island, Sohoton , Surigao del Norte.


Join me in my journey.

See the awesome places I have visited,  through my lens and experiences.

And bear with me when I speak my mind. 🙂


This is my life, which is believe is Just A Speck On Earth….



Lea C. Walker


8 Responses to Meet The Blogger

  1. Gerardo says:

    hello! i really enjoy reidnag your posts.question does sta. cruz wharf near isla reta offer regular boat rides to kaputian any time of the day?**im planning to stay at isla reta and do a side-trip to hagimit falls (the following day, before checking out) but i am a bit hesitant because i might miss the last trip of the boat from the resort (isla reta) going back to sta. ana wharf. i am just concerned about the it better to visit hagimit falls in the afternoon during our first day or go there in the morning the following day?


    • Hello Gerardo,

      Sorry for the late reply. I have been travelling, that’s why.

      Coming from Sta. Ana Wharf in Davao City, there’s one trip every morning. But you need to rent a boat going to Kaputian from Talicud Island where Isla Reta is. Once you reach Kaputian, ride a bus going to Brgy. Cawag to go to Hagimit Falls. Just tell the bus driver or conductor so you won’t miss the entrance to the falls.

      Isla Reta and Hagimit Falls are in 2 different islands. And unless you pay the P500 boat fare (pakyaw basis) from Talicud to Kaputian, it will be difficult for you to go back and forth from one place to the other.

      Hope this helps.

      Thank you for dropping by my blog! 🙂



  2. Jouarie says:

    Hi Lea. Just by reading your blog, I know you’ve been to a lot of places (beautiful places actually). And I envy you so much. Anyways, my boyfriend and I are gonna have our 2nd anniversary this July. I badly need your help as to what would be one of the best places to spend an anniversary. I was thinking somewhere in Mindanao ‘coz we’re from CDO. Or I’d also love to go to Ilo-ilo if you have any suggestions there. Hehe. Looking forward to what you have to say.



    • Hello Jouarie,

      Thank you for reading my blog. 🙂 I am thankful to God for the many blessings.

      First we need to consider what are your interests? Do you and your boyfriend like the mountains or the sea?

      If it’s the sea, we love Duka Bay Resort in Misamis Oriental. That’s just near you. If you want farther, Surigao del Norte – Bucas Grande Islands, Sohoton Bay are two of the most amazing places I’ve visited. 🙂 Or you two can explore Camiguin Island.

      If it’s the mountains, then the only option, is Bukidnon. I would recommend Dahilayan but it is kinda noisy there. And the food is not really that good. If those don’t bother you both, then get a forest view room. We loved it. 🙂

      Re: Iloilo, I’ve been there mostly for work. So I was never able to explore the city that much. Bacolod is nice though. If Negros Navigation is still in Cagayan, they have an overnight ferry that goes there. You can explore Bacolod. Then take a bus to Dumaguete, another beautiful place in Visayas. You can get the dolphin tour there. From Dumaguete, you can take a fast craft to Tagbilaran , for the chocolate hills and the tarsier. Or go to Cebu City. I’d say, you need at least 2 weeks to visit those places.

      Thank you and have fun! 🙂



  3. cecile lopez says:

    i envy u coz u can travel much…i love reading ur blogs


    • Hello Cecile,

      Thank you for reading my blog. 🙂

      I worked all my life. And I’m so glad that God has blessed me with the chance to travel. Forever grateful for it.

      I’m praying that you too will, someday! 🙂

      Thanks again!



  4. geno says:

    Great blog! I’m surprised with your many travels you have not went to the Bay Area in California. More so popular among tourist as San Francisco Bay Area! I’m sure one day you will, but I was just surprised with the many places you already been to, you didn’t cross off SF much earlier. I’m sure you will enjoy it here. Keep blogging!


    • Good morning Geno,

      Thank you for reading my blog.

      A roadtrip starting in San Francisco is part of our future schedule. I want to see the seals at the pier. 🙂 And the Golden Gate as well.

      That was actually our original plan for this year’s travel. But we decided to go for the Icefield Parkway and the Canadian Rockies in the end. Hence the Seattle arrival. 🙂 I wanted to stand on a glacier, that’s why. –

      Thank you again!



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