Universal Studios

On the second day of our 2011 Singapore trip, part of the tour was a visit to the Universal Studios in Sentosa.

The last time I was in Singapore, Universal Studios wasn’t there yet.

So I “sort of” wondered what’s in store for me when I get there. Of course, I searched online about the place. 🙂 And so somehow, it gave me an idea that there’s Hollywood, Jurassic Park, Battlestar Galactica (which I love, except the last part of the series – it became a little O.A. for me..) , Ancient Egypt , the Land of Far, Far Away, Madagascar , etc.

But reading and experiencing them were so  different. So I hope my photos would show you how much fun was it. 🙂


Ahh.. the world of entertainment! I loved watching their shows. The actors, actresses and their singers are commendable. It’s like watching “That’s Entertainment” (the show I watched from our neighbor’s TV when I was growing up. We were so poor back then that we had no tv. ) 226 singapore, universal studios

102 092 046

singapore, universal studios

This Sci-Fi show will always be a classic one for me. Who would ever forget the battle between the humans and the cylons? That’s what the 2 roller coasters at the BG station represent. One for the humans and one for the cylons (the robot enemy of the humans, for those who haven’t watched Battlestar Galactica…)

077 battlestar galactica, universal studios, singapore

battlestar galactica, universal studios, singapore


The statues they built here are awesome! Reminds me of “Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis”. lol


107 104





JURASSIC PARK  – consist mostly of children’s ride. This would be perfect for the kids! 🙂

112 110

174 168


THE LAND OF FAR, FAR AWAY: For those who love SHREK, you will like this too!

181 180



A) Waterworld – the cast of this live show is amazing. It was like watching the movie , less Kevin Costner, all over again. 🙂

157 137 134 124 122 119

 B) Hurricane – this show mostly is about the technical aspect of the movie. It showcases the sound effect and pyrotechnics in a scene. And how an ordinary day turns into a terrible one due to nature.

059 053 049

It has been a really tiring day. It was hot and humid. But we all had fun. It was such a beautiful experience that I hope to bring my nephews there someday. 🙂


For more details , please check their website here –



Have fun everyone! 🙂







Lea C. Walker



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