Road Trip 2017 – Charleston , South Carolina

I went to  take a one week  Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) course, at the Trident Charleston Association of Realtors  in Charleston , South Carolina on October 2017.

Hence the reason for this road trip.

This was a 9 hour drive coming from Mississippi, U.S.A.  So we left home early in the morning to ensure that we  will arrive at the hotel in Charleston before dark.

DAY 1. 

Sunrise was beautiful that morning. I loved the sky and its colors. It isn’t crowded from where we live. And there are no tall buildings to cover the horizon. So we could see the sky for miles.

Sunrise in Mississippi is amazing….

We stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast.   Mine consisted of Country Ham , eggs, biscuits, corngrits and a yummy  apple dessert.  While John’s order consisted of Ham and Eggs. Plus hash brown and biscuits with gravy.  I love Cracker Barrel because their locations are very convenient. Plus their food is great. Perfect for those who are on the go. And for those who are traveling.

Try Cracker Barrel’s country ham. It’s so good, you will be back for more. 🙂 

I just wish that they will put Rice Pilaf again on their menu. 😦  Tsk..tsk… I don’t know why they stopped serving it. But please Cracker Barrel, think of your Asian clients too. Thank you.


In lieu of rice, I had corngrits.  

We proceeded with our trip after that sumptuous breakfast.  

On our way to Birmingham, Alabama here.

Birmingham, Alabama skyline.

I like Birmingham. But I don’t like their traffic there. It’s crazy sometimes. ha ha

Following East 20 , on our way to Atlanta, Georgia.

Beautiful lakeside resort , along the way. The weather couldn’t decide that day. In some portion, it was cloudy.  Then we found some blue skies. And then it rained on us in some parts.

This was when we had pretty blue skies…. 

Still on Interstate 20. This portion was under repair.

The signage says – SPEEDING FINES DOUBLED.

Yes, that’s how strict the government is,  in protecting the highway workers. They have to. Imagine getting hit at  60-70 miles / 96 to 112 kilometers per hour. Scary right?

For the third time, I made it to Georgia. 🙂 I love this beautiful state. But gee… I hate Atlanta’s traffic.  It felt like everyone’s flying. Really.  And you have to keep up with it or you can cause an accident if you’re not paying attention.

We stopped to rest for a few minutes at this Welcome Center. 🙂

I don’t know where exactly in Georgia  was this taken, but I found it beautiful.

Finally, we could see Atlanta’s skyline from a distance.

Toyota in Georgia.

Don’t throw your trash on the highway. That just isn’t right. And well, there’s a $1,200.00 fine! 

Beautiful highway despite the overcast sky.

South Carolina, yehey!!! 🙂

And it rained on us…  😦

When you’re running at 60 or 70 miles an hour and it is raining, it’s scary. Sometimes it fogs. And it is difficult to see the road.

Found some beautiful farm land and sceneries along South 39. The sky was still dark but at least there was no more rain. 🙂

Rustic town with a railroad.

Finally, we have arrived.  Our home for the week is the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Tanger Outlet Boulevard, North Charleston.

Why? Well, because it’s very near the  Trident Charleston Association of Realtors Building, where I will be schooling in the next few days.

Plus , it’s surrounded by restaurants, so food isn’t gonna be a problem. And then there’s the outlet mall. 🙂

To give you an idea where we’ve been, below is the google map showing our route. We were mostly on Interstate 20 and then Highway 39.


This portion of the map will show you our hotel location and its surroundings.

Okay, so this is the Day 1 of our Carolina Road Trip.  I will continue the next installment of this blog soon. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed traveling with us. Thank you again for reading my blog!




Lea C. Walker