Claw Daddy

A few days ago, John and I had lunch at Claw Daddy located in SM Lanang Premier.

He ordered the beef and chicken ribs.

While I ordered this..

claw daddy

…. a king crab.

And yes, it tasted as good as it looks in the picture! 🙂

I believe that the crab was steamed. Then sauteed it with olive oil and a lot of fried garlic. The mixture of the crab meat , olive oil and the fried garlic was so delicious. It has given me a reason to come back!  Despite the price. ha ha

At P100.00 per gram, that gets expensive right? Specially if its size is really big. And specially if it’s just for one person. But I tell you, it is worth every centavo you spend.

John’s beef ribs was tender and mouth-watering. The chicken, was just so-so. Sorry claw daddy. hehe.. His order came with free 2 side dishes. He chose mashed potato and coleslaw. Ok, the mashed potato tasted really good. I’ll try doing that at home. 🙂  But the coleslaw, we both didn’t like it. We’re spoiled, you see. I make a really good coleslaw. So that paled compared to mine. And yes, I am bragging. LOL

Lunchtime on a weekday was not crowded. It was quiet the whole time we were there.

I like to eat in peace. That may sound weird but John and I hate listening to blaring sound when we’re eating in a restaurant. I mean think about it, what are we,  deaf?!  We’re not that old yet, we can still hear, you know. ha ha

Claw Daddy and New Orleans are connected to each other. In fact, they share one bathroom. I think it has the same owner. We went to New Orleans before, but we didn’t like the food and and it was so noisy, we never enjoyed our dinner there. That’s why I never bothered to write about it.   By the time we were done eating, we both had headache. So I vowed to never come back. And it came highly recommended by our friend. Sad..

Our waitress was very attentive. Even when the people started coming in and they got busy with their orders, she would refill our ice tea immediately.

That’s important to me. When a restaurant offers bottomless ice tea, and then they forget to refill your glass, isn’t that rude? lol I always thought that waiters are trained to notice this stuff? I don’t know, I may be wrong…

So our verdict? We would definitely come back. 🙂 But then again, I already said that. ha ha..

For those who love seafoods and ribs, try Claw Daddy. You won’t regret the experience!

We left Claw Daddy happy and… very full. 🙂

Lea C. Walker


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