BPI Family Bank’s Brokers Circle

The soft spoken, Sir TJ, president of BPI Family Bank.

The soft spoken, Sir TJ, president of BPI Family Bank.

I was invited to BPI’s Brokers Circle Event held at the Waterfront Insular Hotel.

It was a night of fun with good food  in the company of broker friends and the officers of our country’s leading bank, the Bank of Philippine Islands.  I was happy to be acknowledged as a runner up in one of their prestigious awards.

But more than that, I am glad that in 2012 I was able to help a lot of clients purchase their homes through bank financing.  You know, that feeling is indescribable. As a broker, I feel like I am a part of its history.  And that even if I am already gone, that legacy will never be forgotten. 🙂

To those who are reading this and have intentions of buying a property in the Philippines, BPI offers great service and low interest at this point in time. With a minimum of 6% per annum for a loan period of 1 year. And a maximum of 11.5% per annum for a 20 year loan period.

You know, that’s good news. Because the minimum rate before is 9% per annum. This means that the Philippine economy is doing great in general. The banks have a lot of money to lend. Hence, the lower rates.

Not just that, you can now avail also a maximum of 90% approval of your housing loan provided that:

1) the developer has a tie up with the bank

2) your income is more than sufficient to pay off the monthly amortization.

In Davao City, these are the properties you can use as collateral.

A) La Vista Montehttp://www.davaoproperties.com/house-for-sale/hfs-381

The Total Price is Php3,751,000.00 . Its downpayment then is only P375,100.00 (10%) , payable in 30 days to a maximum of 3 months. The 90% balance will then be financed by the Bank.   Monthly Amortizations are as follows:

5 years term – P72,144.00

10 years term –   46,503.00

15 years term      38,902.00

20 years term     36,002.00

B) Condominium:  (Palmetto Residences)

You can move in with 5-10% equity. Seriously. 🙂

A two bedroom unit costs a minimum of P3,100,000.00 more or less. So with P155,000.00 , you can move in to your new condo unit already. The monthly amortizations are the following:

5 years term            P62,935.00

10 years term              40,567.00

15 years term              33,937.00

20 years term             31,406.00

If you need assistance, email me through lea@davaoproperties.com and I’ll gladly assist you. Let’s discuss what you need and the required documents to ensure your approval.

To my existing clients, thank you for doing business with me. May God bless you in your new homes.

And to BPI, thank you for making it so easy for me to assist my clients. 🙂

Lea C. Walker



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