Sunlight Guest Hotel – Palawan

After getting our luggages, John and I wondered how to go to the hotel. There are no taxis in Puerto Princesa , you see. The options are: a) tricycle , from the looks of it, it’s so small John would hit his head everytime there’s a bump. Plus we had 2 luggages I don’t know where to put them. We’re just too big for it. haha .. Then b) rent a van, which would then be very big for what we need. Dilemma, dilemma…

So we went out of the airport still thinking. And then I saw a sign that said Sunlight Guest Hotel. I walked to the guy holding it, and voila.. my name is in it! My booking didn’t say free airport transfer. So it was really a nice surprise! 🙂

There were 6 of us in the van, including the 4 korean guests they also picked up. Believe it or not, there are 24 local and international flights arriving in Puerto Princesa everyday . That’s how good the tourism industry in their city is.

After 10 mins or so, we arrived at the hotel. From the picture online, I thought it was a tall building. But no it was only 4 stories with rooftop in it. The check in was fast but when we were brought to our booked room, we didn’t like it because there were no windows. There was a sliding door that opens to a garden supposedly. But since there are no plants or any landscaping done, we would only be staring at the wall.. That’s so sad right? lol So if that bothers you too, then don’t book the superior room.

So we upgraded and transferred to their Deluxe room. I’m glad we did because the view was fantastic.  The room reminded me  of Somadevi Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap, where we stayed at last year. We overlooked the swimming pool with sunken bar then. But this time, we’re overlooking the mountains and Puerto Princesa bay. It looked so peaceful and relaxing.

The view from our room at Sunlight Guest Hotel.

The Room:

It was spacious and nicely furnished. The bathroom was big and had glass panel. I loved it because even if you’re inside, you can still see the panoramic view outside. If you open the curtains that is…

Our room.

The bathroom.

The staff comes in everyday to clean the room. So we liked that a lot. The towels were also replaced on a daily basis.


Our booking came with free breakfast. We stayed there for 5 nights. So every morning, we just proceeded to the restaurant for their buffet. It consisted of Bacon, Ham and Sausages. Plus other menus. On our first day, there was an octopus in the buffet table. I thought who would eat that during breakfast? Err.. papa cooks a delicious octopus meal but not early in the morning. lol .. One time there was, pinakbet too. I love pinakbet but that’s just not a breakfast food right?

Anyways, there are cereals. Several choices of bread. An egg counter where you can request how you want it done. Dessert. Free coffee and juice. 🙂 And of course, rice. hehe

Ham, Bacon and Tocino.

The egg counter.

More bread.

We opted to eat most of our dinner at the hotel. After the tours, it’s kinda tiring to change and eat out. I remember, I like their Pork Bagoong. They served the pork on top of the grilled eggplant and everything just tasted yummy.

Pork Bagoong served on top of an eggplant. 🙂 It was yummy!

While John said that the Breaded Fish Fillet is good. He ordered french fries as a side dish.

Breaded Fish Fillet.

Fried Potatoes.

The Food and Beverage Manager came to us one morning and asked what we could say about the food. I told him, please add more western food. 🙂 I saw a lot of foreigners in the hotel. And not all of them would eat Filipino food always. Right? I love our local dishes but then again , I’m a Filipino. So the other food on the buffet table was so foreign to them. It remained untouched. hehe

Chito, the Manager, said that they are actually changing the menus. 🙂 So hopefully, the food will have more choices next time. John would not get hungry. And yes, we will stay there again the next time we go back to Palawan.


Because of the Location:

It is convenient because it’s easy to roam around. There are tricycles anywhere since it’s near the market. Plus the first 3 floors of the building have malls and a supermarket. It’s easy to buy the things you need while you’re there.

Plus of course, it’s the only hotel in downtown Puerto Princesa that has a seaview. There are other hotels / resorts that have beachlines but they’re far from downtown. That’s difficult if you want to eat somewhere else right? Or if you want to visit the gift areas.

On the 3rd floor of the building, there are salon and spa. I liked May Regulacion Spa because they have a good balinese massage there.

There are other shops which you can walk through during night time. I found some nice shoes there that came from thailand.


Service wise, the staff were always so nice and helpful. You see them smiling all the time. I liked Melody and Rose. 🙂 They serve you with a smile. The staff are so courteous too.


The Bar Counter.

On our last night at the hotel, John and I went up to the rooftop for some night cap. It’s nice up there with the open sky, cool fresh air coupled with a can of beer. 🙂

The Restaurant.

The view from the dining area. 🙂

One of the Receiving Areas at the hotel.

The Receiving Area at the Ground floor.

The view at the roof top. It’s nice here at nights, specially when there are stars. 🙂

So would I recommend it?

Yes , I would. And given the chance , we will stay there again when we go back to Palawan someday.

I booked through . I find it easier and cheaper. 🙂

Thank you Sunlight Guest Hotel and to all their staff for making our stay beautiful!

Lea C. Walker


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4 Responses to Sunlight Guest Hotel – Palawan

  1. Glenn Valle says:

    Thank you Ma’am Lea for your good review of Sunlight Guest Hotel.It was a pleasure serving you and Sir John.


  2. Marian says:

    Hi, thanks for this. I’m thinking if should I choose GO Hotels Palawan, did you have any experience in that hotel? Looking forward for your answer.:D


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