Chiropractor in Davao

A couple of years ago, a government dump truck hit the back of our van twice, while we were in an intersection waiting for the green light.

He explained that he lost the brake that’s why he couldn’t stop it. The back door of course, got smashed. But I felt ok. My client , a Judge here in Mindanao, who was with me that day had fever afterwards.

But I felt fine. Until several months later. I started having a tingling feeling on my right arm. I felt like I had needles pricking under my skin.

When I talked to Dr. Snow about it, I was told that whiplash does that to you. In my case, the problem was in my neck. With that in mind  plus my hectic schedule, my neck, shoulder and back gets affected.

I am so glad that Davao Pain Clinic exists.

Their theraphy and Dr. Snow’s adjustments have helped me a lot. I cannot say, thank you enough! It’s been a lifesaver to me and John.

If you have any of these problems –  Headaches – Back Pain – High Blood Pressure – Dizziness – Colic – Jaw Pain or Popping – Neck Stiffness, or Pain – Shoulder, and Arm Pain – Elbow, Hand, and Wrist Pain – Chest Pain – Hypertension – Stomach Pains – Painful Menstrual Cycle – Middle Back Pain – Lower Back Pain – Hip, Leg, and Foot Pains, or Numbness – Sciatica – Arthritis – Muscle Pains –  Rheumatism – Joint Pains – Nerve Pains – Musculoskeletal Pain – Spinal Curvature  – Scoliosis – Vertebral Subluxation.

then maybe you should try visiting a chiropractor.

Hopefully, it will help you like it helped me.

Their address is:

Davao Chiropractic Clinic                                                                                                                  2nd Floor, Door 1, Grace Bldg.
Ulas, Davao City, 8000 Philippines
Call:+63-82-296-2783  –  0908-885-8770

Lea C. Walker


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6 Responses to Chiropractor in Davao

  1. veniza joy macaraeg says:

    Hi. I’ve read your blog and I’m also interested having myself checked by a chiropractor. Lately I’ve been experiencing jaw pain and popping, wrist pain, and pain in my right foot when walking. I’d like to ask how much is their check up and therapy. Thanks for your blog though 🙂


    • Hello Ms. Joy,

      We pay P800.00 per session. That includes theraphy and the adjustment by the chiropractor afterwards.

      I hope you will feel better after you visit DPC. 🙂

      Thank you for dropping by my blog!



  2. joseph says:

    I have a spine curvature. May I know how much it cost ?


    • Good morning Joseph,

      They have increased the price when we visited earlier this year. I think we paid P1,500.00 per person for therapy and adjustment.

      I suggest that you contact their office directly through these numbers: 082 2717060 or +639088858770

      Thank you for dropping by my blog.



  3. Rena forti says:

    Hello gud eve im rena i had suffer severe neckpain or stiffneck how the therapy for this…?thanksJ


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