Crabs and Ribs Buffet at Claw Daddy

I wrote about Claw Daddy earlier this year. –

I thought that I’d write about this restaurant once again because we found out that they have a new promo which will be running on Saturdays and Sundays. They will be serving the Crabs and Ribs Buffet from breakfast to dinner at Php500.00 per head.

So last night, John and I , went to visit them again.

The buffet consisted of  soup, salad bar, pasta counter, seafood fried rice, fish and pork menu.  And of course, the main course being the crabs and ribs.

I found that perfect because John loves ribs. While I love crabs. 🙂 Claw Daddy (1)

This Singaporean Crab menu tasted spicy and oh so good…

Claw Daddy (2)

Sorry, I forgot the name of this one. But I will call this the “seafood goodness”. haha.. I loved the combination of crabs, clams and shrimps in this menu.

Claw Daddy (3)

Diablo riblets and Kansas City ribs were both good. The latter being hot and spicy. John ate them with mashed potatoes and mac & cheese. 🙂

Claw Daddy (4)

The pasta station. Maybe I’ll try this next time. I concentrated mostly with the crabs and other seafood dishes.  Those really ruined my diet. ha ha

Claw Daddy (5)

Yep, Claw Daddy had a wide selection of food that complemented the main course of crabs and ribs.

Dessert was an option of fruits, brownies and carrot cake.

Claw Daddy is located at the ground floor of SM Lanang Premier, on the way to the fountain court.

Lea C. Walker


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1 Response to Crabs and Ribs Buffet at Claw Daddy

  1. I regret to inform you all that Claw Daddy closed their SM Lanang branch. From what I understand, they moved to Cebu recently. I feel bad because they had good food…


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