Northern Mindanao Road Trip 2013 – Day 1

I booked the tickets for  Cebu months ago. The plan was for us to spend the Holy Week there. But as the time drew near, I had this feeling of uneasiness about it. So Saturday, 23 March 2013, came and gone. But we stayed home instead of flying to Cebu.

It has proven us well several times that when I had these kind of feelings and followed my instinct, we were protected from possible harm.

So Holy Wednesday came, we still have not decided on what to do. Then John said, why don’t we do the loop? I agreed. Of course, lol. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d  know by now  that I like to travel every chance I get. 🙂 So yeah, I said yes!

The loop for us means Butuan City – Cagayan De Oro City – Bukidnon provinces – then back to Davao. That’s a total of 800 kilometers,  (497 miles),  more or less. Tiring huh? Not really. 🙂 We’re stopping in several resorts after all, so we’re ok…

March 28 – Thursday:

We left around 8am. In the Nissan, were my sister Pearlie, my brother inlaw, 3 nephews, our cousin Samson, Kim (my youngest nephew’s yaya) and Dandan, (he’s been with the family for 8 years now. So he’s more like a brother than a driver. )

In the starex, were John and me. With mama and papa. 🙂 Yes, holy week is a family affair for us. Remember last year, we rented a beach resort exclusively for our family plus employees and their families? I wrote about it in April 2012. Just check my archive if you want to see Samal. 🙂

So let me share with you the photos I took.

Mama and Papa. :)

Mama and Papa. 🙂

We stopped in Agusan Del Sur to check the wood works being sold along the highway. :)

We stopped in Agusan Del Sur to check the wood works being sold along the highway. 🙂

John liked this.. :)

John liked this.. 🙂

Habal habal.. Cool huh? I find it dangerous though, specially if it's in the highway...

Habal habal.. Cool huh? I find it dangerous though, specially if it’s in the highway…

Prosperidad River. This has always been my favorite. I like the view. :)

Prosperidad River. This has always been my favorite. I like the view. 🙂

When lunchtime came, we stopped in Bayugan and parked in a shaded area. Pearlie prepared beefsteak and fried chicken for lunch. We do roadtrips a lot so have evolved. LOL . We bring paper plates , plastic cups, etc. Yes, we’re very prepared. haha  John had beefsteak sandwich. While the rest of us ate with rice. 🙂

From Bayugan, we travelled more than an hour to Butuan. We arrived at the hotel around 2pm already. As usual, check in at Almont Inland Resort is never a problem. Plus the fact that they remembered us from previous stays, helped. They led us to our “home for the night”  immediately.

The Executive Suite

The Executive Suite

Almont Inland Resort

The Executive suite is very spacious. It comes with a porch overlooking the swimming pool. A large bathroom with a tub. A small living area with sala set. Options are 1 kingsize bed or 2 queen beds. 🙂

My nephews  loved the pool. 🙂


My nephews at the swimming pool. :)

Blaire at the swimming pool. 🙂

Almont Inland Resort

John having a merienda of Almont’s clubhouse sandwich.. 🙂

Almont Inland Resort

Almont Inland Resort

Yours truly. :) Thanks John for this picture!

Yours truly. 🙂 Thanks John for this picture!

You know, I was so happy that we spent the night in Butuan City. We were able to invite to dinner our long time friend, Manong Danny and his wife, Annalyn.

Almont Inland Resort , ( )  offers an extensive buffet dinner.

For, P450 per head, I think it was cheap. Considering that I attacked their shrimps. ha ha ha..

We had fun reminiscing the good old days. A tear fell when I remembered some things in the past. I just thank God that all of those hardships were replaced with blessings, a million times over.

John and I went swimming after dinner. That was good for our backs. We both agreed before going to bed that we will build a swimming pool when we construct our rest house in Samal Island in the future. Soon, I hope… 🙂

So this is how the first day of our Holy Week 2013 Roadtrip went. 🙂

I’ll write about the next installment soon. Have you ever heard of Duka Bay? If you want to know more about it, please come back because that’s where we stayed on our second day.

Happy Easter everyone!

Lea C. Walker



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