Street Photography

Model :  Ms. Ruby Bernardo Photographer: Ms. Jojie Alcantara

Model : Ms. Ruby Bernardo
Photographer: Ms. Jojie Alcantara

I learned about Ms. Jojie Alcantara through a friend of mine. Beng, as fondly called by friends, is very beautiful. But with Ms. Jojie’s talent and skills, she looked like an ethereal goddess.

So since then, I’ve been “stalking” on her works.. ha ha.

Through her blog, I found out that she will be giving a one day street photography workshop. So of course, I enrolled. Delegated my work to my assistant and made sure that I arrived at the venue on time.

When I finally met her, I was so amazed how down to earth she was. I mean you know, her photos have been published in several national and international magazines. One would think that she may have an attitude or something.  But she showed up wearing shorts and shirt. Looking very cool and casual. I guess, that’s her way of making us, her students, feel comfortable around her. 🙂

And so the lessons started. I am not going to bore you with that, unless you force me. LOL

Seriously though, I learned a lot of technicalities in photography, which I hope would help me when I take photos in the future.

After teaching us some techniques, we were allowed to roam the streets of Davao to implement what was discussed.

Let me show you some of my works that day. 🙂

This was the first picture I took. According to the owner, this dog is half spanish. I forgot the breed, sorry.

street photography (5)

Oblivious to what’s going on around him, this kid was busy playing with bubbles. This picture was taken infront of San Pedro Church in San Pedro Street.

street photography (3)

Same little boy, playing with the doves. 🙂

street photography (1)

Black and white capture of a normal life in San Pedro Street.  The “manicurista” was probably wondering why this crazy lady (meaning me), was taking picture of her. ha ha

street photography (2)

And my best output of the day is this blind beggar beautifully playing the guitar.

This photo was chosen by Ms. Jojie as the 2nd place winner among the entries submitted by all the participants. I am still in shock until now. 🙂  Being recognized by one of the best photographers in the industry is such a nice feeling.

street photography (4)

Ms. Jojie Alcantara presented her choices at the end of the day.

The 1st prize winner was Mr. Tomas Inigo of Davao Camera Club. His photo showed that of an old woman and a child selling candles outside the church.

street photography 6

Yours truly with Ms. Jojie Alcantara and Mr. Inigo. 🙂

street photography 7

And of course, the workshop will not be complete without the Street Walkers right? 🙂


Saying that I had fun is an understatement!  The day of street walking was such a blast. 🙂

Thank you Ms. Jojie Alcantara for sharing your knowledge and skills with us.

Thank you also to Chippens for  a delicious buffet lunch. To Aromacology Sensi for the giveaways and for the venue. To ABS-CBN for the giveaways. To 7107 Islands Magazine for the giveaways.  And To Canon for the printer.

For those who wish to learn more about photography , you may contact Ms. Jojie Alcantara through:

Or you can follow her blog –

Once again, thank you Ms. Jojie for a wonderful day! 🙂

Lea C. Walker


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4 Responses to Street Photography

  1. That is so sweet of you to blog about our session. And for featuring my good friend, gorgeous Beng (well, you can place her anywhere and wearing a sack, and she will still shine)! I am very glad you learned a lot from my sessions. So sorry I came in with my very comfortable outfit (minus the Michael Jackson shirt this time!), but I wanted to be informal with you guys. Haha! I do hope you will put to good use my pointers and shine from here on. Thank you for “stalking” me and finally coming out to become my friend. I may need you in the near future. 🙂 Hugs!


  2. Reblogged this on Scene Stealer and commented:
    Lea Walker talks about our street photography workshop and her experience during my session. Thanks, Ms. Walker!


  3. I really had fun. 🙂 Thank you. And you were so funny, I still laugh everytime I remember your picture with the doves and the other guy at San Pedro church.. haha I just didn’t expect na you’re so nice and kenkoy pala. ha ha ha..

    Yes, I agree about Beng. She shines because she’s beautiful inside-out. 🙂

    I’m hoping I will remember everything you taught us. hehe That would really come in handy when we’re travelling.

    Thank you again.


  4. Thank you for all the likes. 🙂


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