Toyozu Mountain Resort

Toyozu Mountain Resort is located in Nabunturan, the capital of Compostela Valley. The region’s main income is derived from mining of gold, silver and copper. Travel time from Davao City is about 3 hours.
The whole family and I went there sometime in 2006. I am so glad I found some photos through my flickr album because it reminded me how much we loved the place.
From Davao City, we passed by Panabo , Davao del Norte. Then, Tagum City and Mawab, before reaching Nabunturan. From the main town, we travelled about 30mins , on the way to the resort. I remember seeing a “lemonsito” farm. I thought that maybe, that’s where the lemons in Davao City come from. 🙂 It was a comfortable ride because the roads were mostly concrete. Plus the lush green scenery of the mountains and the forests was such a beauty to behold. You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize that Mindanao is indeed a gem.
We, Mindanaoans, are blessed with hotspring, coldspring, waterfalls, spectacular mountain ranges, beautiful lakes. And the beaches, specially in the East Coast, wow… I simply have no words for it. And then of course, let’s not forget the rich minerals that thrive underground. Bottomline – when God gave away blessings, He remembered us. :)We just have to take the time to enjoy these things. Dip in the hot and cold springs. Paddle our boats in the lakes. Fish in our mighty river and seas. Walk in the sand. Be excited with the adventure to the unknown. And have fun, in the process…

I had my first van in 2002, a Mitsubishi L300, which was awarded to me by my previous boss. Since then, my family and I , have been to places that most people would not go because it’s tiring. 🙂 It does not bother us though. My oldest nephews, Matt and Blaire,  who are now 12 years old started travelling when they were 3. Blaire was diagnosed of slow development. He got sick when he was 6 months old and the antibiotics left a mark in his brain. 😦 But if you see him, you would not know that he has a problem. He can’t speak well and has difficulty in writing, but other than those, he’s intelligent and caring. He grew up to be as normal as any kid in the block because we treated him that way. He can swim better than I do. haha… He’s a great basketball player. And he’s more adventurous than we are! 🙂 So if you meet my nephews, they can be your local tour guide. I am not kidding. 🙂 Matt tells me often that he’s bored. I guess, that’s our fault. Because they’re so used to going anywhere since we take them wherever we go. But then again, that’s pretty normal for ordinary families in the Philippines. Our motto – walang iwanan. 🙂

So we finally arrived at the resort. The fee was very minimal. It was only P30.00 per head. Maybe it’s a little bit higher now. We paid for a cottage also – Php150.00 . And a private jacuzzi type pool for P500.00 . They have a bigger swimming pool and everybody uses it for free. Of course, it’s better when you have your own right? Enjoy the hotspring without the noise of other people. 🙂

This is how it works. From the main source, the owner of the resort put up some small concrete canals that goes directly to each of the pool. It can be adjusted by closing the canals that has hot water. If it gets really hot, then you can use the hose that contains cold water to make it cooler.  It’s very ingenous if you ask me. 🙂

Then, there’s the Natural Steam Bath. I loved it! 🙂 It’s supposed to eliminate toxins from our body. Well, I tried it hoping that it would burn my fats away… ha ha ha. I got soaked with perspiration. So I think it worked. LOL


One of the water sources. 🙂

Dandan, Marjun and Matt. 🙂

Marco,  at 1 year old! He’s 7 now. With Adette. 🙂

Pearlie and Marco.

Papa, John, Nanay Ligaya and Mama.

Neighborhood kid (left side),  Matt (in green) and Blaire (Blue) @ 6yrs old. 🙂 With papa, Marco,   Pearlie and Ruben.  🙂

Thank you for saving these photos. 🙂

Lea C. Walker



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