Davao River Flashflood

Davao River

A month ago, we went to Compostela to give relief goods to the  flood victims. Little did I know that one month later, I will be doing the same again. But this time, to someone close to me.

Davao River, when we were kids – about 30 or so ago,  was called Bankerohan River. We swam there everytime we visited my grandmother. Let me correct that, my cousins swam. While I stood at the shallowest part of the river. he he  Oh, we had so much fun… 🙂 Back then, Bankerohan River was very clean. Playing with my cousins during low tide was one big treat for me.

Now,  it’s a different story… With the place getting crowded and the river being dirty, I cannot see myself touching its waters anymore. 😦

Looking at Google map, Davao River has several tributaries. Most of those come from Bukidnon. But some came from Agusan.  With the forests becoming bald as time went by, it cannot sustain all the rainwater anymore. Hence, the flashflood that happened in Davao City recently.

Like I said, someone close to me was affected.

Let me tell you about Ate Nena. She’s just a few years older than me. But her difficult life is clearly etched on her face. Her husband left her for another woman a long time ago. So she raised their 3 children on her own by buying and selling  of flowers. Her house got flooded before. If she had a choice, I’m sure she would have left Madapo Hills. But she has none. So she stayed.

She told mama and me that they all got surprised when the river swelled up. There wasn’t much rain, you see. They thought, it was just an ordinary rain. So no it will not flood.  Or so they thought. At first, it was just ankle deep. And then a few minutes later, the water were as high as a person’s neck. That’s more or less 4ft deep. And it kept on rising. It’s a good thing that they immediately moved out.  And was already at a shelter when the flashflood reached its heights.

The water finally subsided after 2 days. She went home with her children and of course, it was what she expected. Everything was covered with mud. 😦  She’s been cleaning her house since Tuesday and it’s still dirty she said.

But even if she looked tired, she still had a big smile for us. 🙂  Ate Nena said – “at least, we’re alive”…

I  am writing about this because of  two realizations .  That I should always count my blessings. And that I should never forget to say thank you.

Yes, life is hard. True. And everything does not come in a silver platter. For someone like me who grew up to be really, really poor. I had to work hard for everything that I have now.

Sometimes, life is unfair. Check. But then again, there isn’t much we can do about it. So yeah, get over it. 🙂

But the point is that, in all these things, God provides. Always. And sometimes, more than what we expect for.

I pray that, as the government and non-government units help the flood victims, my co- Davaoenos will fully recover what they have lost.

Mabuhay ka , Dabaw…


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