Banana Beach Resort

We learned about Banana Beach Resortwhen my sister Pearlie and my nephew, Matt tried to look for other places to visit nearby. Yes, it runs in the blood. Obviously our family got hit by the bug called travelling. Hence, the need to get away from time to time.

It seemed like life is dead when you leave us in one corner, doing the same thing over and over again, everyday .
I call that, suffocation. So you might as well kill me if that is how life’s going to be.

Okay, enough with the drama. lol

Banana Beach Resort is located in Madaum , Tagum City.  The resort is within a vast banana plantation. Thus, the name. The entrance fee is P500.00 per head including kids above 3 years old. You’d think, it’s expensive. But I’d say it’s not.
The P500.00 entrance fee includes food. Yes, you can order from their restaurant or “harvest” bangus, talakitok, etc. from their fishing village, have it cooked and voila , you get a delicious and sumptous meal chargeable to the fee you paid earlier.
See the long table? It’s like that for us. No one’s left behind, if possible. 🙂
The view from the restaurant.
That beats bringing “baon” anytime. No more preparation and cooking hassle. And more time for fun.
No, this is not a paid advertisement of the resort. This is just how I show my appreciation to the manager and staff of Banana Beach. They’re very helpful and friendly. Makes you feel important when you go there.
Another thing I like about it is that they do not allow karaoke in the resort. So you do not hear people who believe they can sing when you and I know,  they cannot. 🙂 No offense meant, okay? hehe
That makes it more relaxing for me. Watching the calm sea, Samal island and Davao Oriental from afar, enjoying the sound of the birds and waves… Or my nephews’ laughter while frolicking in the beach.
Chillin’ out with a can of beer…
Or let’s  try relaxing, John’s way…  🙂
Kayaking. Wikipedia describes it as the “use of kayak for moving across water”. Duh. haha…
Well, it’s a first time for me. We had nothing like this when we were growing up, you know. 🙂
Yes, we made it to the middle. LOL
Pearlie and Ruben.
It was fun! 🙂
Ruben, my brother in law. With my nephews Matt and Blaire, in the background.
Grinning from ear to ear. The after shock. 🙂
Fishing.   The difference between other resorts and Banana Fishing Village is that,  BFV is full of Bangus and other salt water fish. Unlike the usual Hito and Tilapia in most of the resorts we’ve been to. There’s nothing wrong with those, except that I don’t eat them. 😦 That’s why I like fishing in Banana better . I love Bangus and talakitok, you see. Grilling Bangus filled with tomatoes, onion and garlic  is simply yummy!

The Fishing Village.
Papa and Mama, while waiting for the day’s harvest. hehe..
Into the wild.  This is one commendable act and should be promoted more. Banana Beach has preserved 60 hectares of forest planted with different kinds of trees, bamboo, mangrove, etc. It follows then that animals thrive in it. For the first time, I have seen a family of wild boars. 🙂 They have monkeys too. They came out when we started throwing bananas on the road. The experience was fun! 🙂 John and I played with a bird. I have no idea how it looked like. But when he sings, I mimicked its sound. Then, it answers back. That was awesome!
Infinity Pool and Sunken Bar. This is their latest addition to the resort.
The famous V sign, from Marco.
Matt, Blaire and Pearlie.
I think the pictures said it all… And so I rest my case. 🙂
Lea C. Walker

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