Shiloh National Military Park

Shiloh National Park

I had the chance to visit this park last year. I was so amazed how clean and well-maintained it was, considering the land area. It was perfect for walking or biking. But well, we drove in mommy’s car. he he

The visit started with a short movie showing the Battle of Shiloh. I got teary eyed after viewing such. The death of 24,000 people , (young and old alike), was really sad. 😦

I’m just glad that their memories were preserved through the works the government has done in the park to honor them.

Shiloh National Park

Shiloh National Park

Shiloh National Park

Who would have thought that centuries ago, this place was a battlefield? If not for the cemetery and the other mounds I’ve seen, I would think that this is just another beautiful park in America.

As we drove towards the rest of the park,  sights like these can be found everywhere.

Shiloh National Park


Since I was there during autumn, everything just seemed really gorgeous to me…

Shiloh National Park

For a free park, check how beautiful that is! 🙂

Shiloh National Park

Shiloh National Park

This pool of water is called the “Bloody Pond” since the soldiers came here to drink and bathe their wounds. According to the brochure, both men and horses died in this pond. Hence, their blood staining its waters…

We stayed here for a long time. Mommy and John were talking. While I just sat and played with my camera.

Shiloh National Park

A few feet away from us, I saw this little guy.. He looked cute right? I had to walk slowly because this squirrel didn’t like me following him around. lol

Shiloh National Park

Shiloh National Park

We don’t have squirrels in the Philippines, so this was my first time to see one. I heard John laughed as I continue to stalk him. ha ha… I wish I had a better zoom lens though.

As we went out of the park, I saw another animals which made my day. 🙂

Shiloh National Park

A group of deer. 🙂 Amazing right? They’re just walking freely in the woods.. How great is that!

You know, it’s been 3 months since I got back in Davao. But when I look  at the photos I took when we were in the US, I would remember how happy our visit was. I miss going to the woods and seeing cute animals.. 🙂

Yeah, I know.. I’m not your normal city girl. 🙂 I long for a quiet time in the wilderness rather than shopping in the malls.

For those who plan on going to Tennessee, you will find more details of Shiloh National Park here –



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