Recognition Night @ Top of the Apo

No, we’re not in Mt. Apo. 🙂

We’re on Top of the Apo, the famous function hall cum restaurant of the Apo View Hotel in Davao. The view is astounding! When you’re in Davao, I would really recommend visiting the place. Since it’s on the 9th floor, you will see the glimmering lights of Davao City at nights. And Mt. Apo on broad daylight.

At Top of the Apo, 9th floor of Apo View Hotel in Davao City.

It was our Recognition Night, given by Santos Land Development Corporation. 🙂 I told you we don’t usually go out at nights right? So I welcome events like this. It’s a nice excuse to socialize and mingle with friends and colleagues in the business.

So let me share with you the photos I took that night.

Opening Remarks by Mrs. Estela B. Aguiluz, our Marketing Head.

Our President, Mr. Tony Boy Domingo.

With the officers of SLDC. Mama, Pearlie and Me. Yes, this is a family affair. LOL

With Mama. Check the view behind us!

With John at the dinner table. 🙂

Pearlie and Mama.

The solid team of Santos Land, headed by our Marketing Head, Mrs. Estela B. Aguiluz.

Ric Liangco with the 2 singers. 🙂

Mama and Pearlie.

The watermelon looked so white. I thought it probably fell. haha.. You got the joke right? LOL

I love the eclair and the Brazo De Mercedes!

The closing remarks by Ms. Nelia.

Dinner was composed of soup, beef with sauce and mashed potatoe as its side dish, chicken , seafood , vegetables, fresh fruits, eclairs and some cakes for dessert. Of course, a party is not complete without Lechon. 🙂

Being serenaded by really good singers while having dinner is sweet! I soooo loved it.. 🙂

There were several twists that night. Mrs. Estela B. Aguiluz , our Marketing Head, gave the Opening Remarks. And Ms. Nelia, gave the closing remarks. Then we found ourselves clapping and dancing when a colleague, Ric Liangco, sang. That was fun. ha ha…

Our President, Mr. Tony Boy Domingo, gave a very inspiring speech about housing developments in Davao. And yes, we have more projects coming up. 🙂

I am grateful for the many blessings in my life. And this is another achievement that I’m thanking God for. If not for him, I will not be where I am today. 🙂 Thank you Lord.

To Santos Land, thank you for recognizing us and the rest of the producers.

See you at the 3rd Quarter Recognition’s Night sometime in October. I am looking forward to that.

Another beautiful night with great people, ahhh… what a way to celebrate my birthday too. 🙂 I can’t ask for more!

Lea C. Walker


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