Prestige Homes Awards Night

The past weeks have been really, really busy. But I will not complain. Because no matter how tired I am, it means that business is great. Thank God. 🙂

I had the chance to have a relaxing night though last Friday. The hubby and I were invited to the Awards Night of Prestige Homes Realty Dev. Corporation, the developer of Granville.

It is definitely nice to play dress up once in a while! he he…


Granville           granvillegranville

My date and I… 🙂


Two of my Licensed Sales Agents, Tadeo and Rey. They take care of our NCCC Mall booth.



So this was me, during the Awards Night at the Apo View Hotel on August 16, 2014.

Thank you Prax of Hairzone Salon, Victoria Plaza for the hair and make up. 🙂

Thank you Prestige Homes for a beautiful celebration!

May we all be blessed always….






Lea C. Walker






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