A Day In Pearl Farm – Part 1

One week ago, Jay of East West Bank, called up. He asked me to block off my Friday (July 27) for their Broker’s Event. I was told that EWB will be focusing on Consumer and Business Loans. Hence the invite, for them to introduce their products to us.

Of course, being the stingy me, I asked if they will give us a good rate. 🙂 I deal with loans for my clients often. So getting a lower rate for them is a big help. I was glad when Jay said yes because this means that I will be able to refer my clients to them. I’ve known their group (originally from BPI)  for almost a decade now and it was always great and easy doing business with them. I’d be happy to do the same once again. This time with them at  East West Bank.

I was shocked when he told me that it will be in Pearl Farm! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy. hehe.. Think about it, a free trip to Pearl Farm? No one who loves the beach would say no to that! Right?

Fast forward, John and I arrived at the marina by 7:15am. We knew we were early. But that’s better than being late, we thought. Plus of course, you get a good parking space when you’re the 1st one to arrive. hehe… A few minutes later, Jay in his hawaiian ensemble, arrived. 🙂 We talked for awhile until he got busy entertaining the other guests.

To pass the time, I started taking pictures.

The waiting area at Pearl Farm Marina in Lanang, Davao City.

The beachview.

Harvesting coconut wine. This is turned into vinegar as well. 🙂 

Worry not if you haven’t had breakfast yet. They serve breakfast too. 🙂

The restaurant at the Pearl Farm Marina in Lanang.

DMCI group headed by Mrs. Leonora Gutierrez.

Friends from Filinvest Land, Inc.

So now you know why Pearl Farm is expensive. From the start, they make it a beautiful experience for those who visit them. The cliche that “you get what you pay for” is absolutely right in this aspect.

We waited for awhile for the latecomers, but with the comfortable accomodation , the nice view and the chance to chat with colleagues in the business, we didn’t get bored at all. 🙂

Infact, it started the day just right….

Stay tuned for my next blog. 🙂


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