Riley Simon – Grilled Burger and Ribs

John and I always see this place when we go to downtown Davao. But since we’re working, it’s difficult to stop and check it out.

Last night, we had the chance to stop and try their specialties – Grilled Burger and Ribs. 🙂

The place was small but it was 80% full.  Not bad on an early Friday night. So I thought, food must be good…

Ten minutes later, our food was delivered to our table. Service is fast. And when you’re hungry, that means a lot. hehe

I was stunned when I saw the burger. It was huge! Almost double than the burgers you usually order at any burger places in Davao. And it tasted better than most.

RS Burger is big! hehe..

The ribs is tender and also good. One serving is also big.

My nephew matt with his grilled ribs. At Riley Simon. 🙂

John and I, attacking our food.



Ohh..this tastes good! Choco fudge with vanilla icecream.

If you like dessert, you should try their Choco Fudge with Vanilla Ice Cream. It’s really good but will mess with your diet. LOL

RS Grilled Burger and Ribs is located in Mabini St., Marfori Subdivision, Davao City.


Lea C. Walker



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3 Responses to Riley Simon – Grilled Burger and Ribs

  1. I think you have observed some very interesting details , thanks for the post.


  2. I regret to inform you that Riley Simon along Mabini St., Marfori Subdivision, closed already. I feel sad because this place is one of our favorites. 😦 Really good food with great pricing. I guess, they were just in a bad location. Sayang…


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