Hey, it was Araw ng Dabaw yesterday! 🙂 So we had a special holiday.
For the past 10 years, my family and I usually watch the parade. And give away fliers at the same time. But this year, I opted not to. Migraine and heat don’t go together. I found the sun too bright yesterday, so I just couldn’t do it..
But to celebrate with the rest of the Dabawenyo’s, we went to Boyd’s along Palma Gil St., Davao City. They had an “Eat All YOu Can” promo on pasta and pizza for P199.00 per head. 🙂
My nephew, Blaire, was so happy! haha.. His father, Ruben , joked that Blaire’s side A and side B were both full…

Pasta with white sauce, chicken and mushroom .

Johanne’s Pizza.
John, Pearlie and Mama.
          Mama isn’t into pizza and pasta. So I ordered “porkloin with Java rice” for her.
The chef and owner of Boyd’s is a Filipino who trained in New York. And he’s really good. So even if there’s no promo, John and I make it a point to have lunch or dinner there. My usual order consist of fried dumplings and porkloin with Java Rice. While John loves their Meaty Jeff pizza, (it consist of ham, bacon, beef, mushroom, etc.).
Their BBQ sandwich is really yummy too!
Also, their spaghetti with white sauce coupled with a freshly baked garlic bread. It’s out of this world! 🙂
So if you’re in Davao, never miss Boyd’s.
Boyd’s is located in Palma Gil St., Davao City. From Gaisano Mall in Bajada, turn right at the first corner, going to Obrero. It’s the 2nd bldg, on the left. It’s so easy to find, you won’t get lost.
(PS. To all the waiters, thank you for being so nice. Always. )
                                                                     Lea C. Walker

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3 Responses to Boyd’s

  1. How many pizza and pasta do they have for their buffet pizza and pasta? We are planning to go here this Friday! Thanks


  2. Lea says:

    There were several choices. 🙂 But please note that they only have buffet on special occasions – Araw ng Dabaw, etc. Normally, you just choose from their menu. Thank you.


  3. I regret to inform you that as of January 2013, Boyd’s closed their Davao restaurant. It saddened me because they really have good food for a cheap price. I believe that their location wasn’t viable for the business. 😦 Thank you.


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