Christmas in Davao City

I love Christmas. 🙂 Specially when it’s spent with family. Our family tradition is that, we spend it with mama and papa. So we go to their house and bring food, in addition to what they’ve prepared. Ahh.. my sisters and I have been very lucky. My parents are really great cooks. So food was always yummy with both of them around.
December 24 – after work, I prepared my specialty. Bought some slabs of baby back ribs. And baked it with Hunts BBQ sauce and some butter. Err.. before I forget, of course I boiled them ribs first with salt. 🙂 So they’re tender when it’s cooked. Heavenly… hehe
Then my younger sister, Pearlie, made pork bola-bola and  spaghetti (Filipino style as John calls it). Meaning, it’s sweet. LOL .  
And here comes mama with great tasting crabs, sauteed with garlic and onion. Then tomato sauce and sprite. Yes, I meant the softdrink. 🙂 Who would have thought of it right? I got the recipe from my friend Marlic and shared it with her.  Mama’s pork bbq, is out of this world.
So yes, I forgot my diet this christmas. 🙂
                                                With my nephews, Blaire and Marco.
Another tradition we have is having our midnight prayer. Year after year, that’s how we greet Jesus happy birthday. It’s such a simple celebration but I would not miss it for the world. 🙂
The next day, December 25. Mayor Sara posted in facebook saying that there is a low pressure area in Mindanao. Initially, the whole family thought of strolling and just enjoy the view outside Davao. But the rain won’t budge. 😦 We had to cancel it and opted to stay home.
Which worked perfectly for me because I had to email back and forth to clients whom I’m about to close a big sale with the following day.
One special thing that I’ll cherish forever is when I told John, I have no gift for him except a hug and a kiss. And he said that it’s all he needs. 🙂 Cheesy huh? lol But what is christmas if not spent with someone you love…

December 26 – it’s still raining.. Cold and miserable. Specially when you need to work. Good news is that I closed a P16M deal. Hard work does pay off. So I didn’t mind working even if I had to run from the rain. hehe… John was with me, but he didn’t hit me with an umbrella. ha ha ha

Ok, so I am officially tired of the rain. Don’t get me wrong, I love the coolness it brings, specially when there’s fog. Awesome right? 🙂  But 3 days of non-stop slow rain is already getting on my nerves.
Dec. 27 – it looks cloudy today. But at least it’s not raining anymore. I hope it will stop finally because some part of Mindanao may have another flashflood due to non-stop raining. God forbid. 😦 What happened to Cagayan and Iligan was enough…

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