Christmas Eve

We finished work around 7pm last night. On our way home, we passed by Mana Davao and I saw the glittering lights. Of course, like the photo addict that I am (ha..ha..) , I took pictures again! What I can,  that is…  While the van was slowly moving due to the traffic. Believe me, people flock to that place every christmas because the lights look magical and joyful…
I’ve been meaning to go there for quite sometime now but it just wasn’t possible. By the time we’re done with work, we’re so exhausted, we just want to go home and rest. I guess, that’s how it is when you’re getting old..  I’m speaking for myself of course! ha ha…
Christmas makes me mushy. It always reminds me  that  night when I was a kid. We were very poor back then. Our house didn’t even have a floor, it   just had hardened soil. But it always looked nice because my mother is a very wonderful homemaker. Our house, inspite of its poverty, was always clean and tidy.
I remember, I was outside our house, just watching everyone pass by. Then our neighbor, Manong Ladie, came and gave me a peso as his christmas gift. 🙂 That was such a big thing for me that it left a mark in my heart. I remember running towards mama and showing off my gift. 🙂 You know , a simple act of kindness goes a long way…. specially on christmas.
I am crying as I write this, because  it made me realize once again, how lucky and blessed I am. I could still be back in the province, with a hand to mouth existence. But God has brought me to places I’ve never expected to reach. And has given me more than I need.
So with a thankful heart I give back all the honor to God, for sending his son Jesus Christ. The reason why the whole world is celebrating christmas. 🙂
Amidst the shimmering lights and the beautiful gifts, I pray that I will always remember the true meaning of christmas. The gift of love from a father to his children. 
I also pray that he will continue to bless me so I can help more people on christmas day and when it is needed.
Thank you My God for this very special gift.

Happy Birthday Jesus. And Merry Christmas to all of us!


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