Typhoon Bopha

As of this writing, Typhoon Bopha has wreaked havoc in the Philippines. It landed on Tuesday at Banganga, Davao Oriental. And has been all over the country since then. Leaving millions of damages and at least a hundred casualties in Mindanao, specifically the East Coast (Cateel and Banganga in Davao Oriental) and in Compostela Valley.

PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) reported as of 4pm today that  Bopha’s eye is in Northwest Roxas, Northern Palawan. I pray that it will no longer hurt anyone until it leaves the country on Friday. 😦

My family and I did an East Coast trip on the holy week of 2011. I took some pictures then which I treasure until now. The place looked so beautiful, I can’t believe it’s in ruins now.


Taken in Manay, Davao Oriental on April, 2011.

Taken in Manay, Davao Oriental on April, 2011.

Manay, Davao OrientalBanganga , Davao Oriental223558_204909116208955_510821_n[1]                                  This is considered a very small wave in Banganga. 🙂


The mountains in Davao Oriental.



AFTER BOPHA: (Courtesy of Davao Oriental Facebook Page by Ms. Cynthia Rodriguez.)

197945_3914096061814_1783011782_n[1] 74215_3918425290042_577060598_n[1] 31564_10151176181877266_1007558673_n[1]

These are just partial photos of Bopha’s result in Davao Oriental. 😦

We are going to Compostela Valley soon to give relief goods. Hopefully, I will be able to give you a better perspective after that.

For now, I am asking all of you my online friends to please pray for the Philippines. Specially for the victims and to those who have lost their loved ones. 😦

Lea C. Walker



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4 Responses to Typhoon Bopha

  1. Michael Kindred says:

    Thank you for posting. Searching very hard for any information. We are half a world away and we pray for our families that we are unable to contact in Surigao Del Sur,


  2. Hello Michael,

    Have you heard from your family already? I hope that they are fine. It’s been such a tragedy for the people of Surigao, Davao Oriental and Compostela. 😦

    Thanks for dropping by.



    • Michael Kindred says:

      Hi Lea,
      The family survived unharmed, one member was able to get word out by switching cell providers. It will be a struggle for many, at the very least problems with electricity, water and communications will linger for a long time. My relations are fortunate to have only suffered some roof damage and inconveniences of the aftermath. Because of the locations of the most serious damages the world doesnt know nor seems overly concerned. May God bless and carry the survivors through recoveries!
      Thank you for your reply and concern,


  3. Hello Michael,

    I am glad that your family is ok. I have a friend whose cousin died. 😦 Some lost their houses and have not eaten well since the typhoon. Relief goods are slowly getting to the affected places already.

    Yes, may God bless and carry the survivors through recoveries indeed!

    Thank you.



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