Tinuy-An Falls

Tinuy-an Falls is located in Bislig , Surigao Del Sur. It can be reached by bus or passenger vans from Davao City via Compostela Valley and Agusan. The trip takes at least 6 hours. But in our case, it took us a day to reach Mangagoy because we went through the whole East Coast first. I blogged about it here –https://leawalkerblog.com/2011/06/27/davao-east-coast/
This majestic waterfalls is more or less 15kms away from Mangagoy, the town center where hotels and other commercial establishments can be found. The road to the falls isn’t concrete but it is well-maintained by the local government since it is their main tourist attraction in the area.
The trip to Tinuy-an, for me , is already a treat. Mainly because of the view. Ricefields abound with giant trees all around. The lake and the river, on a rainy day looked foggy but enchanting and mystical..
The falls is enveloped by a thick forest with century old trees, making it a wonderful sight to behold.

John, Ruben, Pearlie and Matthew – when the rain stopped. 🙂

I trekked towards the main waterfall on a wet and slippery pathway. Then, the rain started again. But it didn’t stop me from taking another picture of it.  I stood in awe for awhile, thanking God for this magnificent beauty.
Tinuy-an Falls, tagged as the Niagara Falls of the Philippines , has a 55 meter height and 95 meter width. There are at least 3 cascades from the top to bottom which gives ample space for swimming in between.  Entrance Fee: P20.00 per head.
How To Go There:
From Mangagoy, there are tricycles or motorcycles, going to the area. It’s better if you have your own car though if you’re in a group. Our nissan van comes in handy during road trips because it can accomodate at least 12 people.
Where To Stay:
There are so many hotels and inns in Mangagoy. But make sure that you have a booking, specially if you go there on a holy week. It’s packed with tourists during that time. So it’s all fully booked.
     Paper Country Inn
     Address : Post I, Tabon, Mangagoy, Bislig City

Telephone : +63 (086) 853-3079

* PCI is a little expensive but it’s a comfortable place to sleep in.

Shiela’s Pensionne House
     Espirito Street, Mangagoy, Bislig City
Telephone +63 (086) 853-1510

St. Francis Pension House
     Espiritu Street, Mangagoy, Bislig City.
     (086) 853-2106 and 628-2107

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